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MIS603 Microservices Architecture Research Report Sample

Assessment Task

This research paper should be approximately 2500 words (+/- 10%) excluding cover page, references and appendix. In this assessment, you need to present the different issues that have been previously documented on the topic using a variety of research articles and industry examples. Please make sure your discussion matches the stated purpose of the report and include the cases study throughout. Discuss and support any conclusions that can be reached using the evidence provided by the research articles you have found. Details about the different industry cases studies should NOT be a standalone section of the paper.

Task Instructions (the scenario)

You suppose to work for your selected organization (in assessment 2) and have read reports of other organisations leveraging the MSA application in three areas (innovation, augmented reality and supply chain). Accordingly, you need to prepare a research report for management on how the MSA application can be used to deliver benefits in these areas as well as how and why organisational culture can influence the successful implementation of an MSA. Use at least 2 different case study examples for showing the benefits can be achieved by organisations.

The report should consist of the following structure:

A title page with subject code and name, assignment title, student’s name, student number, and lecturer’s name.

The introduction (250–300 words) that will also serve as your statement of purpose for the proposal—this means that you will tell the reader what you are going to cover in your proposal.

You will need to inform the reader of:

a) Your area of research and its context

b) The key elements you will be addressing

c) What the reader can expect to find in the body of the report

The body of the report (1900–2000 words) will need to focus on these three areas (innovation, augmented reality and supply chain) also organisational culture to develop your research paper. Particularly, you need to prepare a research report for management on how the MSA application can be used to deliver benefits in different organisational environments- cultures.

The conclusion (250–300 words) will summarise any findings or recommendations



The study is going to introduce the underdosing of microservices that develop better business processes in Netflix. In this study, Netflix is considered in this proposal to present an implementation plan of MSA for the business processes. Netflix is the online Network platform that is presenting digital entertainment. For Assignment Help, It also increases productivity with developing the business processes. The study also demonstrated the important undressing of developing customer satisfaction and productivity. A different model of business also develops the innovation system of Netflix like the Subscription-based business model. Moreover, the real-life data also presents a better understanding of this business process with the development of the MSA.

The Proposal also focused on the development of the revolution and the transformation which involved developing the research properly. The use of MSA also helps for developing closer communication. The culture of the organization also interacts with the internal and external context. In this context, the MSA application helps to develop the entire study on a current business operation to develop the organization's growth. Moreover, the implantation of a data management system and the infrastructure of the cloud also develop future studies.

The area of the study also highlighted the important key elements which will also address proper research on the selection of an organization. Moreover, the global concept also recognizes that Netflix is a total entertainment company which is also demonstrated with the micro services of global media cloud-based streaming services. Netflix is also improving the technologies by developing machine learning, artificial intelligence and IoT. It is a software-based technology that also helps improve the performance of Netflix. Moreover, it is increasing the business capacity with developing the business productivity including the use of modern technology. On the other hand, Netflix is the storage management system that is exposed with open source on the data management.

Main body


Reflecting the creation with innovation in business processes or business model

Subscription-based Business Model

Netflix also introduced a subscription-based business model which makes money with a different simple plan including basic standard and the premium. This plan is getting access to the streaming series, shows and movies (Kukkamallaet al. 2021). The company also gains profit from this plan that is slow with a positive cash flow with growth in the content of original production. The streaming content is also specialized with the entertainment of subscribers in July 2021 with 72 million users from the Canada and United States. Netflix has their own offices in Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and South Korea.


Figure 1: Subscription business model
(Source:Duggan nMurphy&Dabalsa, 2021)

It is the member of the motion association picture that is distributed and produces the content from different countries over glow. In order to think of this company, it was founded in 1997 by Marc Rudolph and Reed Hastings (Martinez, 2014). It is also known for providing our best services that are used by people for renting some movies which they wanted to see in DVD format. It is the service of the internet that is making a sure journey with the business model.

The business model develops with a profitable run with the original content of productivity by the organization of Netflix. These models also described that they are the subscribers who are also able for Internet services where the company rents the movies and the online shows. The subscription is the base that is incorporated with the company that is considered huge that is also helpful when it comes through the Netflix business model.

The work of Netflix business model

To define Netflix, it has been stated that it is the basic provider of content that is used online for properly developing online TV shows and movies along with some documentaries. Online streaming is the site that is an application that is mood applicable for the connection of devices (). So, it has been stated that it is providing a better service to the people with their needs.

Netflix also defines the business model as subscription-based which is the opposite of a generating model revenue in the specific level of title(DuggannMurphy&Dabalsa, 2021). The continent assets are likely produced and licensed with the review that has an operating segment on the circumstances. It is also indicating all changes with expected usefulness.


Figure 2: Netflix business model
(Source:Ulin,, 2013)

American media services are the provider as well as and production company where the business model of Netflix revolves with the subscription base of learning. It consists of online streaming with the library forms and the TV programs which are also included with the films and produced in the house (Ulin,, 2013). The user also has a surety about monthly subscription where the services are used by paying money e that is provided by the people with the name-based online process. What different content also provides online streaming with the site and access of clients that make a better platform.

Transformation of The Organization Internal Environments

The transformation of Netflix also developed the internal environment of organization business by modifying the business tools, strategy, policy, infrastructure structure and culture. They are the most relevant reasons also included with changing the organization technology, new market conditions and the customer demand (Hinssen,, 2015). Moreover, the organizational changes also enable the Netflix component to develop a scope in the digital platform. Thereafter the organization also embraced the technological changes to adjust the digital concept (Braun& Latham, 2012). The organizational changes also assist with the development company which is replacing the old system with new strategies to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Changes Example in Netflix

Netflix is an important example of the change of an organization that has the best scope in the new context. As an example, the Netflix organization also changed with real-life examples including changes in the business model of Lewin's (McDonald& Smith-Rowsey, 2016). The organization also changes with a different stage that is completing the whole process including the significant factors of culture, the environment and technology. It is also simulated with the organizational change including the new strategies in the current situation (De Oliveira, 2018). So, it is always proved that Netflix is the best example for an organization and change where the different software companies accept the organizational changes as Netflix to achieve all the competitive advantage.

Augmented Reality

Reflecting the superimposing images in the revolution of Netflix
Netflix has great goals to help the members with developing the context to enjoy the discovering. Personalization is the important pillar that allows Netflix to help each member with the different content views. The adapt has the best interest on the content which is present over time expands on this (Curtin,Holt &Sanson, 2014). Each kind of experience is personalized with the different dimensions where the videos have suggested the ranking. The videos are the way that the all-advanced work plays that have a unique address on the member's needs.


Figure 3: Revolution of Netflix
(Source: Stawski& Brown, 2019)

Personalization is the start with the homepage which is extended with the products beyond. It is keeping an informed engagement on the reality that is picking a growing form of development in the original content. Netflix also uses the multimedia mechanism in the learning and the recommended algorithm which has a running scale on the personalization. It presents better research on personalization with developing the all-continuous improvements of the online experiments (Stawski& Brown, 2019). The organization also works through all improvements in the development areas by looking through the new opportunities for making better-personalized experiences. Revolution is the best part for developing online context with improving the personalized homepage experiences.

Netflix also seeks the offering of TV shows and movies that also shows the relevant concept with joy. The artwork of personalization also represents each video where machine learning is the crucial piece. Including the new alignments of collaboration, natural and online. The movements also recognize the best concept with developing the best connectivity in the online processes. It is presenting a great watch on the development of online series and movies with proper opportunities.
The real object for developing the study

Search of Algorithm

Search leverages the combination of the processing of natural languages, machine learning, text analytics and collaborative filtering. It is the member of Netflix to discover a new connection between the textual queries and the titles of the catalogue (McDonald& Smith-Rowsey , 2016)It is also struck with simplicity with the Netflix members by minimizing all the numbers including the interactions of member needs for making a search interface.


Figure 4: Netflix algorithm
(Source:Springer, 2014)

Moreover, it is present a search interface to look for the algorithms which also handle the catalogue and queries to span with the languages including many countries. The search also develops with good coverage what each title and each query get the best shot (Springer, 2014). Whenever the little title appears with the member homepage, the search algorithm also ensures that every title has a chance to lead a play surface.

Marketing Personalization

It is the main site of the product interface where Netflix applies the personalization algorithm with many types of critical areas in order to provide a base experience to the member. Moreover, the different areas also provide the best future for the members to connect with the personalized algorithm (Ulin,2013). For achieving this Netflix also reaches the members with new recommendations with notification and emails. The delivery of a billion messages in a year also worked with a personalized algorithm. On the other hand, this algorithm aims to optimize the member's joy by creating a mind full volume on the messages. Additionally, it is invested with a heavy growth that is retaining the members with the base of programmatic advertising.


Figure 5: Marketing personalization
(Source: Weinman, 2015)

In order to promote the services in the original contract, Netflix also developed the budget system allocation algorithm which decides the advertisement. Both also determine the algorithm's delicate balance with the incremental and cost to reward (Weinman, 2015). Different types of machine learning algorithms as well as statistical techniques like natural networks, casual models and collaboration are also diverse with the set of a product and business. These business patterns also solve the business need and the complex product with the use of Netflix expertise.

Supply Chain

Effectiveness of MSA in Closer Communication

MSA also defines the experimental and the mathematical methods that determine a variation of the amount which exist with the measurement process. A variation in the development of the measurement process has directly contributed to the overall variability. So, MSA is also used for certifying the system of measurement with evaluating the development accuracy, stability and precision (FarmakiSpanou, & Christou,2021). Fortunately, they are the different adaptation of micro services also sharing all expertise that has an open spirit on the different sources. Netflix is the best example where the transition form of Netflix has a traditional model plan on the development of DVD rental applications.

It is the micro service architecture that is responsible with a small team to create an end-to-end development on the micro services. It is developing the communication with streaming the digital entertainment for millions of Netflix customers (López Jiménez&Ouariachi, 2021). Now the technology is fellow on the Cockcroft which is prominent for micro services as well as the architecture of cloud-native.

Effectiveness of MSA application in the benefits of organization environments and culture

The revolution of Netflix also presents an effective application of MSA that has benefited the organizational culture and the environment that is using radical data. At the same time, the Netflix business including innovating and old fashion is transport with the town-to-town country. The postal services of the governments in the oldest departments also apply with the rental distribution of video. It is presenting an innovative approach to the Netflix industry which is entirely based on a brick-and-mortar concept.

The balance between old fashion and innovation is the master of influence in the culture of organization Netflix. The necklace is successful in the evolution of pre-existing content elements which has a distribution on the medical advancement. Netflix also took a pre-existing DVD in the film as well as the television that also gives the customer a new way for receiving them with television all storytelling distribution method (Shaughnessy,, 2018). It is the part of an innovation that maintains the structure of pre-existing whenever it has a comprehension with the usability of different models.

Engagement and Interactivity Among the Important external or internal entities

The transition of multi challenge places an engagement and interactivity with the internal and external concept of Netflix. It is the type of field that is involved in the technological innovation that increases the control, programs office taxation and the viewer’s choice. In the internal and external concept, the changes of the technology have also measured the technique that is capable of developing the revolution with viewing the television including distribution of narrative structure. The translation of this multichannel also drives channel proliferation. In the year of 1986, it premiered with the complete concept of the broadcast network (Olivier, 2020). All through the presentation of cables is specialized with the offerings of different formats of economics including the outstanding status of FCC regulation.
It has an important concept in the long-lasting television industry which is important to develop the technologies. This technology is also helping to remove the control of normalized concepts where the drivers also increase the control program. On the other hand, the VCR also gives the viewers control over the recording program(Olivier, 2020). The advanced concept of the audience is also presented in measurement technique which allows for determining the concept of television including specification and accuracy.

Conclusion and recommendation

Netflix is the company that is presenting a constant flow which is made with the streaming product that is corporate with the philosophy. Netflix also uses the analytic tool which is recommended for the videos. Netflix is the 90-second window that helps the weavers to find TV shows or movies. It is also presenting an understanding of the customer needs which is belonging through the movies, web series, advertisements and videos. The researcher also finds the best creation of the innovation in this business process through the subscription business model. And the supply chain processes will present a close communication including the MSA application. This application is also highlighted within this study for developing the organization culture and the environment as well as engaging the interactivity e with important entities of external and internal.

This proposal also creates a developed understanding of the implementation and the benefits of MSA business operation. Moreover, it is present in top scope to create a strong network on the MSA data center which helps the Netflix organization for gaining a better market criterion. The organization also helps to improve the work performance issues by developing the understanding of company capacity. In this context, the management system of data is presented as a based action on the business operation which is used for developing customer data with a proper demand. Moreover, the data management system also in Hindi company productivity with the working capacity. It is presenting a transformation in the structure of MSA that is led with the proper changes which increase the satisfaction of the customer. MSA also developed opportunities for the company to expand their market system with the development of continuous improvement in Netflix.


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