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MBA631 Digital Marketing and Communication Report Sample

Your task

Using the same company that you were assigned with in the first assessment, individually, you are required to prepare an Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM) plan and present it as a 2000 word report. Please note that If you focus on any other company than the one your workshop facilitator provides at the beginning of this subject, your submission will receive a grade of zero.

Assessment Description

In this assessment, students will be given the opportunity to create strategies on how to overcome risks in digital marketing and communication. There will also be an opportunity to plan, implement and evaluate digital marketing strategies as a standalone strategy and integrate with more traditional marketing strategies. In addition, students will be given an opportunity to compare e-marketing with traditional and blended methods to identify future opportunities for business growth.

Assessment Instructions

Using the findings from your first assessment, you are required to review the company’s digital marketing problems by developing an Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM) plan in an attempt to solve these problems with the use of digital marketing knowledge you have learned from this subject. Your key objective is to integrate your subject knowledge by focusing on the set of digital marketing models and frameworks, strategies and tactics, to generate a personalised and successful IDM plan for your company. Your plan must attempt to raise awareness and generate interest in your company’s product/service to a target segment. You must include tools to monitor your campaign and to measure its digital impact, e.g., YouTube subscribers, Instagram likes, Facebook comments,

Twitter retweets, blog mentions, and so on. The recommendations provided should showcase your creativity while still being feasible.



a. company analysis:

Business mission:

Betty's burger & Concrete Co. is one of the largest burger chains in Australia. Founded by David Hales in 2014, the brand was initially inspired by the Australian burger shack of 1950s (Bettyburgers.com.au 2021). For Assignment Help With the mission to serve freshest, mouth-watering burgers in Australia, the brand has dedicated range of burger recipes to enjoy.

Strategy and operations:

Betty's burger & Concrete Co. has 36 restaurants in major cities of Australia like New South Wales, Southern Australia, Victoria and Queensland. Over the next few years, it is expected to expand its business to 150 restaurants within different cities of Australia (Bettyburgers.com.au 2021). With the in house made ice cream and name of concrete it demonstrates to its consumer that the products from Betty's burger & Concrete Co. are superior than other and has touch of home.

Industry of operation:

Burger industry is subpart of the fast food industry and over the past decade it has been mainly driven by the consumer demand for high quality burgers with fresh ingredients. In present time, post pandemic, hygiene and the safety of the foods from contamination is the major factor that drives the industry operation. It is expected that as the markets are opening up around the Australia post pandemic, it will result in better demand situation as a whole for the burger industry.

Industry trend:

Fast food and burger shops in Australia has been facing changing consumer behaviour over the past few years. With shifting focus towards the healthier food options, burger and oil rich products are being avoided by most of the consumers. However, as per the ibisworld.com (2021), the fast food and burger market in Australia has annualised growth rate of 0.7% during 2021-2022 and the market size is expected to be $8.9 billion.
Major competitors:

As the major competitors of the Betty's burger & Concrete Co., following names can be mentioned:

• Burger lounge
• Burger bar
• Nose express
• NordBurger

Strengths and weakness:

As the strengths of the Betty's burger & Concrete Co., its home-made product and fresh halal products can be mentioned. All these allow the Betty's burger & Concrete Co. to capture attention of people from different religion as well as well different class. Lower pricing strategy and better service has made the brand to become where it is not (Li et al. 2021).

As the weakness it can be mentioned that the brand has lack of exposure to the market and it has limited stores which are present mainly in the large cities of Australia.

Macroenvironmental threats and opportunities:

As the major macroenvironmental threat market shocks can be mentioned. Due to the market shock, if the demand falls, business of Betty's burger & Concrete Co. is supposed to hamper (Bettyburgers.com.au 2021).

Current digital presence:

Betty's burger & Concrete Co. has digital presence through the dedicated app and social media channels in different social media platform. However, the amount of service is provided by the dedicated app is limited and it lacks tracking facilities.

b. company market strategy:

Current product offerings:

As the offered products by the Betty's burger & Concrete Co., following can be mentioned:

• Burgers
• Sides
• Nippers
• Ice cream
• Salads
• Sauce
• Soft drinks
• Thick shakes
• Alcohol

Target market:

As the target market Betty's burger & Concrete Co. considers major cities of Australia as of now. However, the brand aims to expand its business with 150 more stores spread across different cities in Australia (Assimakopoulos et al. 2017).

Customer segmentation:

Betty's burger & Concrete Co. does not differentiate among the customer based on the social or economic status. However, brand charges different prices in different place based on the availability of raw materials and the cost of transportation.

Value proposition:

The brand creates value through providing best burger in the Australian cities and through community engagement. With diverse range of employees in the workforce, the brand produces job and creates value for the society (Bettyburgers.com.au 2021).

Positioning strategy:

Betty's burger & Concrete Co. places its stores in major cities of Australia. As of now, 36 restaurants in major cities of Australia like New South Wales, Southern Australia, Victoria and Queensland aids the brand to produce all the sales.

Integrated marketing strategy:

Underpinning the market audit of Betty's burger & Concrete Co., it has been observed that the brand has limited reach to consumers. Moreover, the digital marketing exposure of the brand is very low and to achieve higher exposure, the brand has now come in agreement with TripAdvisor (Bettyburgers.com.au 2021). Moreover, it has launched its dedicated mobile app for better customer reach; however, due to the shifting business scenario during Covid19 pandemic, higher online order resulted in fall in performance of the app. Integration of the digital marketing strategy with the business process of the firm is not yet fully done that has resulted in fall in the business (Grégoireet al. 2015). Following are the suggestions that can be considered to bring in change in marketing strategy for the Betty's burger & Concrete Co.

Connecting with the consumers directly through social media – Social media stage assists the business with straightforwardly interfacing with each type of worldwide crowd independent income level, age or gender. At the point when the business perceives the crowd viably it will empower them to convey more esteemed substance to them through social media. The substance is custom-made to the crowd advantages and likings, accordingly, bringing about better commitment on its page and with the general business (Quinn et al. 2016). Moreover, an immediate connection with the clients through social media will allow Betty's burger and Concrete Co. to address issues and questions rapidly. The crowd can be addressed expressly prompting more hopeful light simultaneously.

Organic content promotion through social media channel and blogs – The capacity to posting organic content over the social media platform and blogs channels gives an unimaginable benefit of online media for the business. This prompts a few chances for Betty's burger and Concrete Co. to associate with valued leads at no expense and it's the best explanation these organisations utilise online media stages (Grégoire, Salle and Tripp 2015). The stages likewise assist them with sharing pictures, recordings and stories dependent on the web-based media organisation. This is perhaps the most ideal way these organisations use the brand to the crowd to accomplish greater perceivability (Vinerean 2017).

Brand promotion using conventional media – Social media doesn't give for the time being results if the business doesn't advance themselves well. Betty's burger and Concrete Co. should continually make appealing substance to keep up to date with its adversaries and draw in with its crowd conveniently. The significant detriment of online media is tedious for the business. The showcasing and imaginative group should allot sufficient opportunity to painstakingly plan and post substance, screen them often, answer clients rapidly and measure the effect creation. For the purpose of the conventional marketing strategy, traditional print media and television ad campaign can be considered (Potvin et al. 2019). Through this mass marketing approach, the firm can reach to new customers with a grate pace.

Digital marketing plan:

To address the challenge and opportunities for the firm with the news marketing strategy, following matrix can be used:

Underpinning the strategies to overcome the threats and weakness while absorbing the strength and opportunities, following suggestion can be made that will result in changing marketing strategy for the Betty's burger & Concrete Co.:

Digital smart objectives

After performing digital audit and creating the TOWS matrix for Betty's burger & Concrete Co. two important digital marketing objectives have been created. Both are aligned to the overall strategic business objective of Betty's burger & Concrete Co.

Objective 1: To increase the social media conversion rate from 26% to 32% (20% average increase)

Objective 2: To surge the return customer visits by creating more appealing YouTube videos and add online loyalty points based on number room nights.

Proposed plan:

In order to achieve the said smart objective and implementing the strategies, firm should be considering the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social media marketing, content marketing and conventional media marketing.

Use of SEO - With the help of the SEO marketing Betty's burger & Concrete Co. can develop appealing content that can aid the firm to produce higher traffic to their website through the organic search engine results. Besides, with the SEO webpage, on every search, Betty's burger & Concrete Co. can generate higher leads by ranking their page higher against each search (Baldwin et al. 2018).

Use of Social media marketing – with the social media marketing, brands has now become able to reach to netizens quite easily. As the Australia has 86.5% internet penetration rate, thus with the social media marketing via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, brand can promote their brands (Yao et al. 2019). Through providing quality images and value creation model, firm can provide much needed inside information to enhance consumer preference towards it.

Use of content marketing – in 21st century content is the king as it can turn the consumer behaviour. With the content via social media and conational media, Betty's burger & Concrete Co. can enhance their brand awareness. In new market, Betty's burger & Concrete Co. can consider the content marketing as it is a mass marketing mechanism at cheap cost (Seo and Park 2018).

Conventional marketing – with the help of the conventional marketing, print media and television publication will allow the Betty's burger & Concrete Co. to reach to new prospect consumers. As the Australia has 100% digital media penetration, thus conventional media will generate good response for the Betty's burger & Concrete Co (Seo and Park 2018).

Metrics and Resources Requirement

The 5M's measurements will be utilised for surveying the advanced promoting system of Betty's burger and Concrete Co. The following are the five measurements that could be applied for Betty's burger and Concrete Co.:

Labour (Human asset): This alludes to labour group utilised in carrying out the current advertising methodology or another arrangement. The group is additionally separated into more modest gatherings in executing various exercises of the arrangement. Model, one group for making on the web substance, one more to work intimately with an Ad office and the outreach group to chip away at client inquiries and securing of new possibilities and properties (Seo and Park 2018).

Materials (Product/Content): A different group is apportioned to deal with making new substance/online materials to draw client consideration. Recurrence and media of notices are concentrated completely and examined to help the general advertising technique in satisfying authoritative goals. This is a vital capacity as content goes about as an anchor to draw client's consideration and in upgrading new preliminaries/enrolments (Seo and Park 2018).

Apparatus: This signifies every one of the actual resources utilised by an association to carry out the showcasing methodology. On account of Betty's burger and Concrete Co. since the association works utilising web-based media for their item constructing exercises and client enrolments, they ought to have extremely hearty data innovation gear and servers set up. The availability speed and data transfer capacity utilised should be of a high request to empower fast slide progress speed and generally consumer loyalty (Wawrowski and Otola 2020). All specialised tangles should be every now and again checked and eliminated for ideal execution and client experience.

Time: Time is the most critical factor as the advancement/content planned should be dispatched inside the given time span to attract client's consideration and to expand booking rates, for instance, all special substance for Christmas should be arranged four to five months and should go inhabit least three months earlier.
Cash: The finishing up component of the 5M model is the money which needs to evaluate the current vital returns that Betty's burger and Concrete Co. will build through computerised advertising and make back the initial investment level that will be achieved.


Underpinning the finding of the analysis, it can be seen that Betty's burger and Concrete Co. is one of the promising burgers and fast food chain in Australia. With aim to become the largest burger chain in Australia the brand focuses on providing best quality service. The brand has vision to become the market leader in the burger food chain in Australia and eventually expand its business over the different places in the world. With core mission to serve best burger in Australia, Betty's burger & Concrete Co. aims to provide excellent service quality to its consumers. With the strategy of low pricing and better servicing, Betty's burger & Concrete Co. operates in the market with aim to become the market leader in burger industry in Australia. Due to rising concern of the population regarding weight gain and deteriorating physical condition, demand of the fast food and burger industry has not grown to a great amount during last few years. Changing consumer behaviour as well as entrance of the new brand can lead to threat for Betty's burger & Concrete Co. As the opportunity of the business, its fast ability to expand in different cities of Australia can be mentioned. As of now the brand has 36 stores across Australia and it is aimed to open 150 stores in coming year in different cities in Australia. Market trend demonstrates that the market situation is not very enticing, however, market post covid19 pandemic is expected to face moderate growth. As per the macroenvironmental analysis, it can be seen that brand has good market presence, however, social media presence as of now is limited. Betty's burger and Concrete Co. though have dedicated social media application, yet it is not suitable to comply with the required standard. As the strategic change, it has been suggested that the brand should focus on the social media content promotion SEO, and conventional media marketing.


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