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MIS603 Microservices Architecture Assignment Sample


Assessment Task This research paper should be approximately 2500 words (+/- 10%) excluding cover page, references and appendix. In this assessment, you need to present the different issues that have been previously documented on the topic using a variety of research articles and industry examples. Please make sure your discussion matches the stated purpose of the report and include the cases study throughout. Discuss and support any conclusions that can be reached using the evidence provided by the research articles you have found. Details about the different industry cases studies should NOT be a standalone section of the paper.


Microservices is one of the most rapidly expanding architectural paradigms in commercial computing today. It delivers the fundamental benefits of integrating processes, optimization and Instructions delivering efficiency across many areas. These are core benefits expected in any implementation and the MSA is primarily configured to provide the functional business needs. On-the-one-hand, MSA can be leverage to provide further benefits for a business by facilitating:

• Innovation— reflecting the creation of novel or different services or businesses processes, or even disruptive business models.

• Augmented Reality — reflecting the situation where superimposing images and data on real objects allowing people to be better informed.

• Supply chain— reflecting how the MSA enables closer communication, engagement and interactivity amongst important external or internal entities.

On-the-other-hand culture is the totality of socially transmitted behaviour patterns, attitudes, values and beliefs, and it is these predominating values and behaviours that characterize the functioning of an individual, group or organisation. Organizational culture is what makes employees feel like they belong and what encourages them to work collectively to achieve organizational goals. Extant IS implementation studies have adopted culture theory to explain how organisations respond to implement a MSA system in their workplace, and how these responses lead to successful or failed implementations. As a professional, your role will require that you understand the benefits of MSA, especially in these three areas, which are significantly becoming the preferred strategy to achieve competitive advantage for many organisations. The purpose of this report is to engage you in building knowledge about how these benefits achieve in an organisational environment with a specific focus on how and why organisational culture can influence the successful implementation of an MSA within an organisation.

Task Instructions (the scenario)

You suppose to work for your selected organization (in assessment 2) and have read reports of other organisations leveraging the MSA application in three areas (innovation, augmented reality and supply chain). Accordingly, you need to prepare a research report for management on how the MSA application can be used to deliver benefits in these areas as well as how and why organisational culture can influence the successful implementation of an MSA. Use at least 2 different case study examples for showing the benefits can be achieved by organisations.

The report should consist of the following structure: A title page with subject code and name, assignment title, student’s name, student number, and lecturer’s name.

The introduction (250–300 words) that will also serve as your statement of purpose for the proposal—this means that you will tell the reader what you are going to cover in your proposal. You will need to inform the reader of:

a) Your area of research and its context
b) The key elements you will be addressing
c) What the reader can expect to find in the body of the report

The body of the report (1900–2000 words) will need to focus on these three areas (innovation, augmented reality and supply chain) also organisational culture to develop your research paper. Particularly, you need to prepare a research report for management on how the MSA application can be used to deliver benefits in different organisational environments- cultures.

The conclusion (250–300 words) will summarise any findings or recommendations that the report puts forward regarding the concepts covered in the report.



MSA or microservice architecture is an architectural project management approach where the services or features are micro niche-based and specific in terms of usability as well. Nowadays, all the large and small organizations are implementing this architecture to minimize their cost. With several, real-life case studies the use and implementation of MSA can be clear in this report.

The key element is MSA and real-life organizations. The connection between these two elements is essential in this competitive market. There are also some issues with the system, which can be resolved easily with this project management approach.

The report consists of project management aspects and other essential factors. Companies are implementing this concept through their niche bae projects to lower their expenses. It eventually increases the profitability and sustainability of the business as well. System issues can be solved easily with more consumer engagement. System design and use will be specific and certain teams will also be there to support the consumers. In this way, the whole customer base will experience better design and features. This is the basic reason, that companies are planning and developing microservices. In this report, two real-life case studies are taken into consideration. Amazon, a web-based company, have developed two cloud based software, such as amazon music and amazon prime video. Through cloud computing technology they are providing different microservices. The implementation procedure and benefits are discussed ad well. This will eventually show the core features, aspects and significance of MSA or microservice architectural approach through three aspects mainly. innovation, augmented reality and supply chain will be majored or considered in these two organizations with detailed discussion and risk management as well (Wang et al., 2020).

MSA Project Management Approach

MSA project management approach is basically used in small and niche-based projects. Here, all the project components are planned and built into one focus feature. Several organizations like Amazon are using or implementing this approach to build and manage their new projects or products. In this way, the projects are also micro service-based. Every stakeholder can focus on one single project development and improvement. It is also easier for project manager to handle small amount of teams. In that way, he can engage or involve every team equally with the project. The project will be come successful. On other hand, the feedback sorting and organising team can also work on specific number of issues. In this way, the team can also be trained in specific ways. Whole project will experience better efficiency and improvement. Consumers of the system will also experience the results in form of better functionality and engagement.

This management approach has significant impact, several organisational cultures. These organisational cultures are the results of specific scenarios or systems. While implementation of MSA in Amazon products, these cultures have associated with different systems and policies. Three organisational culture scenarios are mentioned here with detailed discussion on MSA implementation.
MSA in Different Organisational Cultures

Several organisations like Amazon are using or implementing this methodology or project management approach. Implementation in two amazon cloud based products will be discussed in terms of innovation, augmented reality and supply chain. Starting from the implementation procedure to the benefits or significance will be mentioned in detail. Through this part of the report, organisational culture can also be derived. Three organisational cultures are discussed here through MSA implementation.

Each of these organisational culture scenarios are made of different systems. Amazon has taken different initiatives to change the workflow and working system inside the organisation. They have developed different workplace environments and work cultures to increase work efficiency and over-all productivity. In this way, different organisational cultures are implemented on employees and other major stakeholders. Implementation results are also very specific. Whole project management becomes efficient. On other hand, time accuracy is also another benefit of these cultures. All the three cultures, which are mentioned here, are discussed through MSA or micro service architectural project management approach.


Boldness is an organisational culture scenario, where all the employees and stakeholders are influenced and motivated to be bold with the maintenance of all the products of s certain organization. MSA is an architectural approach, where a small cloud base project is focused. The organization provides a dedicated team and project manager as well. All these things pr elements allow the stakeholders and employees to be specific and particular in objective. There they can use their specific ideas and scope of development in the project. In this way, the whole project management team becomes bold along with the team manager as well. In this way, the whole project becomes better and efficient. Eventually, the profit growth comes at place and the organizational culture becomes bold and efficient as well. The internal and external structure of the organization goes through certain changes as well. This change in the supply chain is a basic characteristic of this microservice architectural or MSA project management approach. All the organization is segregated with different products here. The boldness of the company becomes higher here with this methodology (Pacheco, 2018).


The organization targets a separate consumer base in different parts with different services and products. One single system is not handling every objective. In this way, MSA is implemented through an organization. Small projects and niche-based software are provided by the teams. In this way, all the products satisfy particular and specific needs of targeted consumers.

All the consumers will experience better and dedicated service from one dedicated team and project managers. The project also becomes better with time. The whole project becomes more customer-centric and specific. It also influences the customer experience. The consumer gets better design in the user interface or UI. A better support system is also provided here because every project gets separate support team management. Here, all the people are experienced and trained for this particular support system (Project Management Institute, 2017).

Here the augmented reality of MSA application or implementation becomes significant. Consumers are the key-stakeholder here, who are going to experience detailed systems and features according to their small needs and requirements as well. In the end, this whole customer-centricity can be well-defined and implemented by this MSA project management approach (Meyer, 2017).


It is also another organizational culture or system, where new innovations take place. From the first place, the significance of MSA implementation is very clear here. The whole concept is based on innovating a new product feature or product component. Innovation comes the basic or primary characteristic of the MSA project management approach. In that case, this character or feature will definitely influence this part of organizational culture (Project Management Institute, 2019).

With this innovative approach, the project manager can achieve so many unexpected results and develop planning accordingly. Market research and analytical reports cannot always show the required features of the consumers. It is the work of the development team and other stakeholders to develop something innovative for a better user experience. With MSA, a dedicated team will work on a specific project, which will appreciate the potential of new innovations as well. It becomes easier to make new system policies or modifications (Atesmen, 2015).

Amazon Success Stories

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world. All the people around the world, are experiencing amazon products for a better lifestyle and exciting features. Amazon is providing best cloud-based software with exciting usability for the last decade. These products are all based on MSA or microservice architectural, project management approach. All those projects are real-life business examples of MSA approach implementation. Those project management and development teams have implemented all the characteristics and features, of the MSA project management approach or methodology. Here two of those success stories will be discussed in detail for a better understanding of MSA implementation.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video is one of the most significant software, which includes one of the major profitability factors as well. This is basically a video streaming software or platform, where web series and movies around the world are uploaded. Some own production projects are also developed here. With prime membership of amazon, this prime video account is offered. People can experience the facilities through the application as well.

This product of the project is also developed with proper implementation of the MSA project management approach. All the primary features of the MSA approach is clearly discussed here through this specific project by amazon.

Firstly, the innovation is implemented particularly in this project. There are so many other video streaming platforms, apart from amazon, such as Netflix. In that case, the project management team has to plan and develop some unique strategies to make this platform profitable and beneficial for the consumers or viewers. The system provides a new collection of contents in the first place. On other hand, the prime membership structure also makes this significant. These modifications have helped this product to stand out in the competitive market. It shows the proper use of innovation here. Another exciting feature is provided as well, which is student membership. Student membership can be bought at lower rates at amazon prime video. That also played a significant role in amazon profitability and growth (Nikolakis et al., 2020).

Innovative cost distribution or plans categorization is also very specific here along with an innovative approach. Several screens are provided by Amazon, where more than one person can enjoy the platform and contents accordingly. It makes the system more exciting and attractive to different consumers around the world.

The next feature of the microservice architectural, project management approach is augmented reality. Here, the consumers are focused. This micro product or project is based on a specific and targeted audience. In that case, the team can modify and develop all the features and modifications accordingly. Amazon prime video has uploaded a separate collection of popular movies and web series for better expenditure. Eventually, consumers get the highest benefit. This is another factor of amazon prime video success and shows the significance of MSA implementation as well (Watts, 2019).

Lastly, the supply chain takes place. Here all the external and internal structures are considered along with team engagement and efficiency. In this case, also, this MSA approach is well-implemented. This approach changes the whole working culture or the environment of the system as well. Here, all the tea is dedicated to one software which is amazon prime video. That is the reason, why team engagement is more efficient. All the stakeholders of the system are well connected through communication and management. It is also easier for the project manager to handle a small and dedicated team (Nadareishvili et al., 2016).

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon prime music is also another cloud-based amazon product that basically presents a broad collection of songs to consumers around the world. Here all the consumers can hear the music with regular ads and exciting features. On other hand, with a subscription, they can also download the songs at a certain level. There are so many music streaming platforms as well, such as YouTube Music and Spotify. In that case, also, this software stands out in this competitive market through this MSA project management method or approach. All the features of this project management approach have built this system or product in a unique way of implementation and profitability.

Firstly, the innovation part takes place, which is the most relevant feature or characteristic of MSA or microservice architectural, project management approach. In this competitive market of music streaming platforms, amazon music also provides some extra features and offerings which holds the business. In this approach, it is easier to do because the whole team is dedicated to that single software or web-based product. In that case, the whole development and management teams focus on those certain developments. For that reason, consumers are also getting bigger benefits as well (Kerzner, 2013).

The second feature is called augmented reality. Here the consumers are the key stakeholder. All these features are implemented to improve the product or the service in a particular way. All the features become better with the system and updates. In this product also, everything is being built according to the customer needs and feedbacks. In the MSA approach, the design is also considered for better user experience and engagement. In this way, all the consumers can experience better facilities along with better project management. The support team is also dedicated to specific problems and technical issues, so the consumers get the solutions easily and efficiently. This whole part shows the significance of MSA implementation in the project of amazon prime music. With a subscription, all the consumers get better plans and experiences which make the whole thing more engaging as well.

Lastly, the supply chain takes place. This is the part, where all the internal and external structure changes of the organization are being discussed according to the MSA Approach. With this approach, the team members and various stakeholders become more engaged with each other and the communication becomes stronger. When all the people are working on a single niche, then it is also easier for the project manager to coordinate with all the segregated teams. In this way, involvement of implementation of MSA or microservice architectural, project management approach, company gets better profitability and growth matrix (McLarty, 2016).



This whole report is based on MSA or microservice architectural, project management method or approach. In this approach, certain things are being considered and those also influence any business model especially cloud-based business. With this approach, organizations can achieve a better success rate with broad cost-efficiency and fewer issues.

All the features and implementation procedures of this approach are discussed throughout the report. After that, all the essential work cultures are mentioned and discussed. This shows certain improvements, which are done by this particular approach. This can be beneficial for any kind of scenario, in different ways. On other hand, the features of the characteristics of MSA, are used differently in different scenarios or cultures. The way of implementation is also different here.

Lastly, the real-life business example has also been taken, which is amazon product-based. Amazon prime music and amazon prime video are the two cloud-based products, where amazon has used or implemented this MSA project management method. The whole project has become more successful and significant in this way. All the three characteristics of this approach, such as innovation, augmented reality and supply chain, are implemented in a proper and particular way. Here, both of the products are discussed in terms of that characteristic implementation ad well. All the factors are majored and evaluated accordingly. This report eventually shows the whole implemented structure of this project management approach. On other hand, how other several companies can implement and use this MSA, is explained here. This also presents all the significance of the system as well. On other hand, this report also present some factors, of this approach as well, which has a large impact on cloud based business model. Every aspect of the business model is also discussed. Organization can assess the business and current situation of the business through this report as well.


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