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MGT502 Business Communication Report Sample

Assessment Task

Select 10 resources on a topic related to communication and write a 1500-word annotated bibliography summarizing the central theme and scope of the resources.

Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Creating an annotated bibliography calls for the application of succinct analytical and reflective skills, as well as informed online and library research. This assessment provides experience and understanding of information literacy and the analysis and synthesis of a range of resources involved in academic research and writing. In doing so, this assessment gives you an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in sourcing books, periodicals and other documents, as well as evaluating the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the materials.


1. A topic related to communication will be given to you by your Learning Facilitator in

Module 1.1. The selected topic will be posted in the Announcements section in Blackboard.

This topic will form the basis for research for Assessment 1 Part A, Assessment 1 Part

B, Assessment 2 and Assessment 3.

2. Apply your research skills to identify, select and analyse resources related to the topic. Locate resources (books, periodicals, white papers and other documents) that may contain useful information and ideas on the issue.

3. Briefly examine and review the resources and select 10 that represent a variety of perspectives on the topic.

4. Write an annotation of 150 words for each resource, summarizing its’ central theme and scope. The annotation should:

• evaluate the authority or background of the author
• comment on the intended audience
• compare and contrast this work with another you have cited
• explain how this work inform your topic

5. Please note that the issue and resources used in Assessment 1 Part A will also form the basis for Assessment 1 Part B.

6. When writing the annotated bibliography, you are required to:

• Include a title page with student details (i.e. student name, ID number, subject code & name, assessment number and title).

• Use at least 1 in-text citation per annotation.

• Adhere to the word limit of 1500 words.

7. You are strongly advised to read the rubric, which is an evaluation guide with criteria for grading your assignment


Managing business and influencing the company performance through the effective management is the primary objective of the business management. Study by Kalogiannidis (2020), demonstrates how communication can be considered as one of the crucial tools for the organisational performance and growth generation. As the targeted audience, the study considers the generic organisations. For Assignment Help The study has demonstrated, effective communication practice is beneficial for every type of business as it greatly influences the employee performance through enhancing the employee satisfaction. The present study is highly crucial for my future study as it will enable me to understand hot effective business communication can be used in order to enhance the performance of the employee. Compared to the study by William (2020), present study demonstrates how to enhance employee’s satisfaction through the different communication channel and how it can influence the managing business.


Communication is an effective skill in business scenario as it enables the managers and employees to share information. Through the communication channel, firms enhance the bonding among the employees of different level and enhance the satisfaction level. As per the study by William (2020) it has been observed that, effective communication is a key factor of business success as it enhance the employee’s satisfaction and brings in loyalty among employees. Apart from this, in the business scenario, effective business communication enhances the sales for the business to business or business to customer type firms as well. Though the study was generic qualitative study, yet it has demonstrated how business communication need to be implemented within different type of organisation. Hence the present study will enhance my ability to represent the use of effective business communication in business management. Compared to the study by Kalogiannidis (2020), present study is well structured to represent how the effective communication practice can be used in different business scenario.


Communication practice is a highly crucial element in every business scenario. However, study by Sanina et al., (2017) discusses the importance of the communication in the business as well as the government entities too. The study was targeted towards the Russian business and government entities where, communication is limited. With the quantitative analysis approach, researchers in the study has demonstrated when communication practice is tried in the specific group of people within the business and government offices, then it enhances the performance. Moreover, inferential statistical analysis has demonstrated that, there is good amount of association between the performance and the communication practice followed by the organisation. The study is very crucial for my future research work as it will enable me to understand how the communication is beneficial for the government and business scenario. Compared to the study by Hargie et al., (2017), present study demonstrates the use of communication practice in case of the government sector.


Communication in business has many forms and they can be differentiated into two major part; formal and informal communication. Study done by Radovic and Salamzadeh (2018), demonstrates how formal and informal communication influence the goal-based approach of the business management to enhance the employee satisfaction and company performance. Compared to the study by the Hargie et al., (2017), present study demonstrates how the formal and non-formal mode of communication can be used in case of the business management. Thus, the study will be very important for my future study as it will guide me to develop understanding regarding the importance of the formal and informal communication channel for business management.

Communication is a crucial business practice as it enables the managers to influence the satisfaction of employees and performance of the business. Through the proper communication channel managers shares information with the employees and two-dimensional approach of the communication aids the managers to gather information regarding the employee need and employees share valuable feedback. As per the study by Hargie et al., (2017), it has been observed that more the communication is, better it is to capture the information from the employees and enhance satisfaction level. Though the study was aimed towards US organisations, however, the outcome of the qualitative study is valid for the organisational which operates in multinational business scenario too. Comparing the finding of the present study with the study by Radovic and Salamzadeh (2018), it can be observed that there is significant difference between the approach of communication channel utilisation. Present study focused on the use of communication channel to achieve the company goal, while study by Radovic and Salamzadeh (2018) demonstrated how two-dimensional communication channel can be used.


The study done by Gurieva et al., (2018), demonstrated how the emotional intelligence and behavioural style in the business communication can be used by the managers. The study is directed towards the middle managers who are engaged with the operation of the firm rather than decision making. Through the study, authors have demonstrated how emotional intelligence is used in business communication to manage the operation of the firm. The study also demonstrates that people who are focused on the actions are less engaged to control the emotions and to enhance the performance and employee satisfaction business communication need to be used backed by emotional intelligence to enhance the loyalty of these specific employees. Compared to the study by Hänninen and Karjaluoto (2017), present study largely focusses on the strategy development for business communication backed by the emotional intelligence. Hence the present study will be beneficial for future study as it will guide me to demonstrate how emotional intelligence need to be used in case of business communication by middle managers.


Study done by Genc (2017) analyses the used of communication channel for influencing the sustainability and develop sustainable strategies of the firm. The study was directed towards the policy makers of the service sector and it provided recommendations for the targeted audience how to develop communication channel for the sustainability of the firm. The study has provided emphasis on the development of the communication channel through external and internal mode as it will guide the managers to understand expectation from the organisation. Compared to the study by Skiltere and Bormane (2018), present study has provided well described ideas to develop communication channel for enhancing sustainability of the firm. Thus, the study will be very useful in my future study as it will guide me to develop conceptual framework to analyse hot business communication is utilised in the management purpose.


Under the present business situation, there has been much amount of ambiguity in the market and increasing uncertainty has resulted in organisational crisis too. Through the study by Marsen (2020), it can be seen that author has focused on utilisation of the communication in case of organisational crisis. The study was targeted towards the generic organisations who faced crisis due to the external as well as internal shocks. As per the study, theories like crisis communication, image repair and situational crisis communication practice enables the firm to overcome the issues it faces due to the certain shocks in the internal and external scenario. This present study will be crucial for my future study as it will guide me to understand different crisis management theory and how communication helps them to be applied within organisational context. Compared to the study by Skltere and Bormane (2018), present study discusses the crisis reasons and then provide theoretical analysis of crisis management in organisational context with the communication.

Study done by Hänninen and Karjaluoto (2017) demonstrates how the marketing communication can boost the business relationship loyalty. As per the finding of the study, it can be seen that marketing communication has both the direct and indirect effect on the customer loyalty. As the study was targeted towards the business to business scenario, hence the finding suggests that channel specific approach of business communication enhance the effectiveness of the marketing communication. Personalised channels in regard to the business to business scenario provides cost effective medium of communication in business. This study will be very helpful in my future study as it will aid me to develop understanding regarding the personalisation in the business communication practice and how it can influence the loyalty of the consumers. Compared to the study done by Gurieva et al., (2018), this study demonstrates the use of personalisation in business communication and how it influences loyalty among customers.

Study done by Skiltere and Bormane (2018) demonstrates the integrated marketing communication channel as a tool of business management and how it influences the sustainable development of the organisation. As the targeted audience of the study, policy makers of the Latvian food and retail chain firms were considered. The study argues regarding that integrated marketing communication is a tool of innovative business management that aids to foster sustainable development. Through creation of the product consumption values and generating feedback through communication enables the firms to understand consumer need and behaviour. This in in turn allows the firm to capture the perspective of the consumer and enable the firm to produce a sustainable business model. Underpinning the finding of the study, in my future research work, I can demonstrate how sustainable business scenario can be made through the communication channel. Compared to the study by Marsen (2020), present study analyses how communication channel can be considered to influence the sustainability of the firm under uncertainty.


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