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PROJ6006 Organisational Behaviour and People Management Assignment Sample

Assessment Brief

Length 1000 words per student (+/-10%)

Task Summary

In this Assessment, you will further analyse the case study that was introduced in Assessment 1 and 2. With an understanding of the leadership styles that seem appropriate for the environment and circumstances, you will now work in groups to develop a 1000 words per student report on Project Human Resource Plan.

This assessment will give you the opportunity to participate in the formal project management practice of developing a plan for managing the work of the diverse individuals that will contribute to a specific project and to practice professional communication within a team environment.

Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Human Resource Management it is the process required to make the most effective use of the people involved with the project. It consists of organisation planning, staff acquisition, team management and development. As part of such, specific strategies are built around defining roles, responsibilities and reporting structures within the project organisation structure and the project team based on the needs of the project; Designing the team and their required skills and competencies for their recruitment; development and management of the team focused on achieving a high performing team through tracking performance, approaching motivation, solving issues, and coordinating changes to enhance project performance.

Part A: Team Management component

You and your team will then address the elements of team management, considering stages and approaches for of team development, plans for managing communication considering the team and engagement of other stakeholders, assessment of work/performance, and improvement of team members and team unity.

a) A staff management plan
b) A communications plan
c) An assessment plan
d) An improvement plan


a) A staff management plan

Identification of human resource

Quasar Communications, Inc needs to have the trained manpower that supports the management of the small and large. The company has 340 people including 200 engineers.

- Project managers
- Vice president
- Line Manager
- Four individuals to handle the twelve large customers
- Five individuals for the thirty to forty small customers
- Three individuals for R&D projects
- One individual for capital equipment projects

These are the valuable human resources in the project context to execute the project and ensure a positive outcome for assignment help.

Recruitment and Selection of The Employee

It is important for Quasar Communications, Inc. (QCI) to have a relevant recruitment and selection policy and Procedure. The aim of the recruitment and selection policy and procedure is to identify the relevant workforce and incorporate the individual to effectively execute the project and achieve project success without any delay and extra cost (Levy, 2018). The project requires one project manager, one marketing manager, a civil engineer and a planner. The diversity management policy and Anti-discrimination policy are to be integrated. The company has only engineers at the top position.

Hierarchy is to be built based on management proficiency as the major position has been occupied by the engineers rather than proper from management degree or background.

Criteria of Selection of The Team Member

- The inclusion of the employee is largely dependent on the relevant skill and experience of the employee.

- It is important to develop a job description for every selection, recruitment and promotion.

- The organization will also need to consider the project management degree and also incorporate a significant and effective criterion within the organizational environment.

Sources of team member selection

- The organization has a large workforce but selected few employees for managing small, and large projects and R&D.

- The organization incorporates the external agency in case of the absence of a proper team in the organization (Richardson & Jackson, 2018). The marketing department is working well but they do not follow the proper code of planning and communication.

- It has been noted that the need for incorporating the external agency is strongly felt.

- The attraction and retention of the employee for managing the project are performed using social media and external agencies that offer job placement (Heldman, 2018).

- Proper advertisement on websites and content marketing help to improve the identification of relevant candidates.
Acquisition of workforce

- The acquisition of the workforce is performed based on the compensation and benefit and the terms and conditions.
- The workforce is acquired using appropriate evaluation programs and the selection and recruitment criteria.


- The employee is provided training to make them capable of being a part of the project.

- It ensures better progress and effectiveness in the context of the project.

- The human resource appraisal plan

- It has been noted that the need for managing the employee is strongly felt in the proper loyalty program and reward system (Chawla et al., 2018).

- The employee is provided with appropriate rewards and compensation.

- A good and hardworking employee is promoted to a more valuable and responsible position.

b) A communication plans

It has been noted that the marketing manager of the organization has interacted with clients for a small and big projects and they have cancelled without proper discussion. It has been noted that there is a major communication gap as there is a lack of formal structure for project management.

c) An assessment plans

Aim and Objective

The purpose of the assessment plan is to identify the effectiveness of the team member and ensure the progress of the project.

- To identify the relevant team managing the small and large projects along with the R&D project and Capital requirement project.

- To explore the effectiveness of the team in the context of the project.

- To identify the progress in the project development.

It is important to establish the proper management of the project. It is important to execute the project within the time and budget (Cooper & Sommer, 2018). It is important to evaluate the progress of the goal of the project according to the project charter.

Goal 1: it is to identify if there is a relevance between the progress of the project and the actual objective.

Goal 2: it is important to measure the project's progress against the milestone and budget of the project.

Goal 3: it is also important to identify the requirement of the team for accomplishing the project within the given time.

d) An improvement plans

Improvement plans need to be executed in the context of the project and the use of appropriate steps could help to identify and ensure the proper process of improvement.


It is important to have a proper work breakdown structure. The process is identified and it is broken down. It helps to manage the breakdown structure from the project manager. The current organization need to integrate the training plan for improving marketing, communication practice and cost-benefit analysis skill.


The steps of the project and milestones are to be clearly defined. It is important to analyse over allocation of resources and avoid the idleness of team members. It is important to track the issues. The analysis of the communication issues is to be done in a proper way.


The counselling session is to be developed within the organizational context. It is important to regularly improve and develop the space for scope improvement. It is important to manage the whole project team and share the management of intimate knowledge. It may develop process improvement and enhance invaluable resources. The schedule is to be changed if the project requires it.


The identification of the problem and appropriate solution needs to be done. It is important to effectively assign those resources to the relevant employee of the organization. It is important to manage the skill and ensure the management of resources mapping the creativity.


The plan is to be executed as it is planned and in case of failure to implement it correctly there is a scope for improvement in the process and procedure of implementation (Nicholas & Steyn, 2020). the creation of relevant project management plan development of breakdown structure and improvement of deliverables ensure a better outcome in the context of workplace management.


It is important for the organization to consistently improve the medium of communication to execute the project without any communication gap as it will ensure the quality of the project in a significant and effective way. It has a negative impact on the organizational process.


The monitoring of the project will support continuous improvement and enhance a better and more effective outcome in the context of the project. The monitoring of the project helps the monitoring team to continue to evaluate and suggest scope for improvement. It is difficult for the organization to maintain the project on a proper track and they are responsible for suggesting the appropriate improvement in the project.


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