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MGT600 Management, People, and Teams Report 3B Sample


This assessment is designed for you to experience the challenges that managers face in thinking strategically, conceptually and analytically to create effective organisations and productive work environments. You will need to clearly communicate your ideas and critique the ideas of others. Assessment 3 is in two parts and this is Part B.

In Part A, the thinking focused on strategic issues from modules five and six in relation to management, people and teams, whilst forcing you to integrate the underlying principles discussed in earlier modules.

Part B requires you to critique the Part A video of another student. Though challenging, this process requires you to consolidate your own understanding of relevant concepts and principles, as well as drawing on your communication skills to provide effective feedback.


Part B

You will be required to review the Part A video presentation of another student. Your facilitator will pair you with another student and you will be provided with a link to view the relevant presentation. You are not required to meet, hold discussions with or provide any feedback to the other student. Your review is submitted to the facilitator only.

This review will be a written response of no more than 1250 words and whilst you will have limited information and understanding of the other student’s context and challenges, you are to provide feedback in the following:

• Consideration of relevant theory and concepts and their application to the issues raised.
• Integration of concepts and appreciation of their implications
• Communication style and effectiveness
• Strengths of the presentation
• Areas for development or further consideration

Your response should take into consideration the key principles discussed in relation to communication and performance management.

A constructive review will require you to have a solid understanding of all topics covered in this subject.

Your review may take a variety of forms but must be within the word limit and include:

• Cover page
• A short introduction
• A review of the presentation including the points mentioned above
• A short conclusion
• Reference list

Your review will be assessed against the learning rubric below taking into consideration the above requirements.



The below assignment is prepared to study the behaviour of the organization and how important it is for the organization to make the employees happy to improve the performance. For Assignment Help, The assignment also includes a peer review of a video that reflects that the organization is facing issues regarding employee retention because employees are not happy as they are working in an unethical manner and includes suggestions for improvement as well.

A review of the presentation:

Relevant theories and concepts:

For every organization, managing its people and team is the biggest task. This is because as globalization is increasing, the demand in the market from consumers is also changing, due to which it is very important to have a diversified workforce. However, this gives rise to conflict and hence, management is required to take strict actions, or use various theories to ensure that the management of the company is successful in managing their people and team. Because it is the workforce of every organization which gives them a competitive advantage because the human force will never thinks alike.

On a review of the video, it has been analyzed that no reference was made to theories or models which can be used in the entity. However, reference to these suggested theories could have made to find better solutions.

Hence, some of the management theories which can be used to manage people and teams are discussed as follows:

1. Scientific theory:

This is the traditional theory of managing people and teams. This is the classic theory that was given by professor Taylor and questions the ways in which the efficiency of the workforce can be improved. The theory states that before understanding the behaviour of employees, it is very important to analyze the efficient way of doing the tasks and then taking measures or train the employees to do the task accordingly. However, in modern times the theory is not applicable, because you cannot expect employees to only work hard to get better results (Pyszczynski, et al, 2021, p45(8)).

2. Administrative theory:

This theory was given by Henry Fayol and works on the principle of giving freedom to employees to nake their own decisions and making the organization flexible to change according to the needs of employees. The theory promotes concepts like dividing the work, taking accountability and responsibility, etc. Hence, if an organization wants employees to improve their efficiency it is very important to value their views and give them a chance to showcase their talent (Liem, et al, 2018, p56(8)). It has been analyzed that he was facing problems in the organization due to unethical practices going on in the organization. He has been working as a service manager and share some responsibilities with the company where the main task is to gain the highest customer satisfaction (Alnoukari, 2020, p12(8)).

Because if my peer is working ethically, other employees in the organization will follow. Hence, it is the responsibility of leaders, and team heads to show ethical behaviour and motivate the employees to make organizational goals their goals (Olden, 2019, p3(8)).

Some other recommendations which were issued in the video was to take steps to build the communication gap with top management and lower staff, as it will bring harmony and it will become easier for top management to understand the problems faced by employees. Also, it is very important to keep the employees and team motivated to work as an entire group, and that performance of one employee impacts the entire team and the organization.

Integration of concepts and application of their implications:

As studied above, it is very important to integrate different concepts in the organization so that the efficiency of the company can be increased. From the above case study, it can be seen that as the company is facing ethical issues it is the responsibility of management to ensure that actions are taken to improve the morale of employees and build the gap between the team members (Odor, et al, 2018, p7(2)).

In the video, recommendations have been given to integrate team work in the company as it can help to gain success and change the unethical behaviour. Hence, it is very important that reference is made to the leaders to showcase their skills to motivate the employees and keep them in line. However, team performance will not be improved automatically and steps are to be taken by the management.

Communication style and effectiveness:

It has been studied that the company of peer is facing issues relating to building a gap between the top management and the employees. Hence, the company should use different communication styles to build the gap. One such form of communication which can be used is assertive communication. Under this, the freedom is given to employees to share their ideas and values, and management tries to implement the same in their working style.

The peer has explained the issue correctly in the video and the problem that the company is facing was clearly understandable. Also, as the video progressed, some suggestions were also made, which can be used to resolve the issue. However, there were three or four suggestions which were made, but no reference was given to theories which can be used to improve the issues. For instance, if unethical behvaiour persists in the company, then what are the steps management is taking to resolve the same, i.e. getting behind the reason for unethical behvaiour etc.

Strengths of presentation:

The presentation was very impactful, it contained all the points which were necessary. The peer had raised the issues effectively and has suggested several methods which can be used to solve the issues. However, some other methods could have been suggested such as what kind of effective communication can be used and what strategies can be used to improve and fill the gap between the management and the employees. Such as taking counselling sessions, etc.

Following are the strengths of presentation:

1. The issues to the case were communicated clearly.

2. It was explained well in the video as how leadership, team work, and giving rewards can help to resolve the issue to a certain extent.

3. The video was short and easily understandable.

Areas for further development:

The areas for further development in the presentation is to make more compelling ideas and though the theories which were used were right, some real-time suggestions can be used to make the argument.

The areas of further development are:

1. No reference were made to the theories which can be used by company to improve people behaviour.

2. No models were used to suggest ways in which problem can be solved, and reference was made to general solutions, and no emphasis was done on a particular issue, or how can one solution, can help to resolve the issue.

3. For instance, one employee left because he or she was not feeling motivated, for which incentive scheme is introduced by the company.


From the above report, it can be concluded that for every organization it is very important that their people are satisfied and working effectively towards the success of the organization. Because the employees decide the future of the company and if the employees are not happy or are working in an unethical manner the performance of the company will not be good. Hence, there are various theories that can be used by management to make the employees satisfied.


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