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PRJ5105 Project Integration and Change Management Assignment Sample

Due date: Week 11
Group/individual: Individual
Word count/Time provided: 3,000 words report (excluding references)
Weighting: 40%
Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO-1, ULO-2, ULO-3, ULO-4 ULO-5

Assessment Detail for Assignment Help

This task will give students an opportunity to practice the subject topics in a real project environment and demonstrate their competencies in using integration management methods. This assessment requires students to analyse a real-life project (either ongoing or completed) to develop and write the Project Plans for Integration Management, Change Management and Configuration Management tailored to the selected real-life project. Student can select project in their field of interest, but project must be aligned with the discipline of project management. This assessment also requires student present their plan using a presentation file (max. 10 mins with no restriction on word count or number of slides in the PowerPoint file). For this purpose, student will need to create Power point presentation slides and use them during “live” delivery. The components of the assessment (word file and PowerPoint file) must be submitted in Canvas using assignment submission link for final marking as per due date specified in Canvas. Word file and PowerPoint file needs to be separately submitted in Canvas.



Sydney metro northwest is a transportation project having a separate car parking that provides transportation across the city that makes it easier for people to travel and transport all the materials easily and effectively. The presented report here discussed the real-life project and hence developed and discussed the plans for the project being made for integration management, change management as well as performing configuration management. This helped in learning about the real-life project in a much better way

Case Project Identification

A project is associated with a certain amount of effort that could lead to the creation of values by using some unique products, processes as well as services associated. It is being seen that certain projects could be used for resolving problems associated. The use of the Sydney metro is one of them that could help people to travel easily from one place to another while leading them to go to places more easily and effectively. Making of Sydney metro project would also lead to providing parking to people and hence parking their cars easily so that they could easily find them whenever required.

The project being selected is the Sydney Metro northwest. This project is known as a transportation-related project that has delivered about 8 railway stations having a large amount of car parking passages that is located in Sydney. The project presented is known to be having great scope for the transportation associated with railways that could make it easier for users to travel and have availability of trains for them. Trains that are associated with the project could be available in 4 minutes maximum while there are about 15 trains present that could be used within an hour. The Sydney metro northwest project is known to be delivering the automated railway system that is present across Australia and the cost is associated to be about $7.3 billion.

Several phases could be associated with the making of the Sydney metro project that includes, including strategic assessment, concept design, making detained design, assessing the environment and making approvals, procurement management, construction and hence the operation. To assess the plan being made for the project and its integration, change management as well as configuration management use of this project is being done while considering different phases associated with it that include, initiation to finalization in the end. The phases that are being included in the strategic assessment could lead to making some of the relevant strategies for the project, making a design for the concept, making a detailed design for the infrastructure as well as making the structure for the entire project, environment and hence making relevant approvals that could ensure an environment being made for the project. This also includes making some legal and governmental-related approvals to make an effective construction. It is also seen that the last phase which is the procurement phase is could be used to plan as well as manage all the materials, equipment and resources associated. The last phase is associated is the construction phase which would include the construction of the entire railway station and hence the operations related to the railway station are being performed.

Integration Management

Project integration management is known as making the coordination of all the elements of a project. Integration management is associated with one that includes several activities like coordinating tasks, stakeholders of the project as well as resources and other related elements of the project that could lead to the making of the project easily. It is being seen that the use of integration management could lead to management of all the conflicts that could arrive while making the project., making the trade-offs to complete the requests and hence evaluation of the resources associated. Integration management is associated as one that could lead to assessing the situation and hence making an informed decision. Integrated project management could lead to ensuring the project is not being managed in isolation. It could take into account all the aspects of the project that are related to each other while considering other parts of the project. Project integration management is associated as a crucial while is success factor that can be associated with project managers. Project integration management is required to be managed by looking at several factors that include, including scheduling, the cost associated, the scope of the project, changes being done, stakeholders associated, quality, resources and risks associated with the project. It is being seen that keeping a track of the project and knowing all the factors could be associated as a challenging aspect to managing a project while if it not being done then it could lead to failure of the project. Integration management is associated as one that could lead to making an increased chance of cutting off people not being required for the job, not going over the budget making the delivery of the project late too. Making an effective decision associated with the project could also lead to an impact on the other projects that are associated with it and the areas of business being associated with it (Arbabi, et.al, 2020).

It is seen that certain processes could be followed to make successful integration management possible that includes, including developing the project charter, making a project management plan, managing the project knowledge, performing the integrated change control and hence managing the knowledge gained from the project. The integration management process that is being associated with is known to occur in the entire lifecycle of the project. This could be associated with this as it could lead to making management of the integration management process an ongoing task which is required to take place continually. It is being seen that project integration management is known as a project management knowledge area that could help any team to work together seamlessly. Integration management could lead to bringing together several processes, methods as well as systems that could lead to making a cohesive kind of strategy indeed (Arbabi, et.al, 2020).

Integration management is associated with making an effective plan for any project that involves knowing the scope of the project, making an effective plan for the project and hence managing the project-related activities. The scope of the project is to make a fully automatic train for the metro which would require a cost of about 7.3 million dollars. The operation of the project and moving of the train would be in a lesser amount of time while the integration being done for the project is being done by making integration of the design while making 8 railway stations as well as using about 15 trains every hour. The entire project is being integrated by making new stations and hence the parking space for several cars too. The plan made for the project management is known to be having several phases associated with it that includes, strategic management, designing of the concept, detaining the design, assessing the environment, procurement, construction as well as lastly considering the operations that could lead to integration the entire project in the end. It is also seen that tools and techniques that could be used for the integrated management of the project include, the process of brainstorming while leading to collecting the data that is associated with the project, monitoring it and hence controlling the entire project in the end.

Integration management is associated with the Sydney metro northwest project is being associated while making integration with all the associated elements that could be used to assign the tasks and hence manage the resources or the equipment that could be used for communication with the associated project stakeholders. The use of this project could lead to making some relevant changes to par the cars easily while making an automated system that could work efficiently (Arbabi, et.al, 2020). Making use of the integration management requires making a specific plan for the management that includes:

• Scope: The Sydney metro project is being planned to make deliveries to about 8 railway stations while could easily provide about 4 thousand car parking passages that are growing in the northwest suburbs of Sydney. The project is known to be having a broader scope associated with the metro system that could lead to integrating the availability of trains within 4 minutes while providing a minimum of 5 trains indeed. The project is known to be having a budget of about $7.3 billion that could be used for delivering an automated railway system for Sydney indeed (Hidalgo, 2019).

• Project management plan: The plan that is being made for the project includes a particular project management lifecycle that includes making the strategic assessments, performing the concept designing, detaining designs, assessing the environment and making approval procurements, making effective construction and hence operations that could help in managing the metro project more easily.

• Managing the project activities: It is being seen that making effective and regular communication and hence making some involvement of the stakeholders of the project could lead to helping the metro project to manage the activities associated with the project.

• Tools and techniques: There are some tools and techniques involved in integration management planning that includes, performing data collection using the brainstorming process and effectively performing meetings for the project (Abyad, 2019).

Change Management Plan

Change management is associated as a process that could be associated with a business and is being used by the business that could help in implementing changes being performed across the organization. Change management plans are known as ones that could typically be used to make a significant or complex change to an organization which requires a strategic-based approach. Change management is associated with one that could lead affect the assets that are essential to the project (Daniel and Daniel, 2018). It is required that an organisational change management plan must be made that is being done sustainably. A change management plan is associated with a basic outline that could serve as a roadmap in defining some of the concrete steps taken by the company to make implementation and execution the change management process. The plans associated with the change management could be adopted by the organization that could embrace and hence encounter changes to achieve their flow of work. It could help in using the tool and processes that are being required to manage people to change the environment indeed. (Dinnik, et.al, 2019).

It could be associated with a basic process that could lead to implementing the change or changes that are being done in a project or across an organization indeed. Thinking of the change management plan is associated with a roadmap that could show up the steps that are being required to process including the identification of change and hence realizing the change in the end. The plan of change management being used could lead to the execution of the change while lead to asking about the impacts being laid by the project or any organization indeed, it could also lead to affecting the workflow and hence alter the relationship with the client or the team associated (Kerzner, 2022).

It is observed that there are some of the best practices that could be used for making the change management process to be implemented easily include:

• Performance of open communication: This kind of communication is performed when people involved in the communication process could easily express all their thoughts as well as associated ideas to each other (Arbabi, et.al, 2020). This could lead to boost productivity and hence perform the work more easily and effectively. This could lead to an increment of engagement that makes an increment of productivity in the end and all the involved people get the right kind of information at right time.

• Engaging and integrating the project management changes: The project management changes involve the management associated with the project that includes changes being done in the entire process, resources associated with the change, a process considered for the change and hence the people being involved in the change management. It is required that the changes that are being made in a project must be engaged and hence integrated so that project could work easily.

• Aligning the resources of change management: When any kind of change management is being processed, it requires some resources that could be used to process that change management. All the resources that are required for the change management must be aligned in a sequenced way that could lead to the use of those resources easily. The use of these resources could be done for change management that could lead to making an effective change to occur (Lee, et. al, 2018).

There is also a requirement for some tools as well as techniques that could be used for making an effective implementation of the project change that includes:

• Process maps: A process map is known as planning as well as a management-related tool that could be used for describing the basic flow of work visually. Process map that could be used effectively includes a flowchart, use of the process chart, functional process chart, process model as well as workflow diagram. This tool could be used for knowing who and what is being involved in the entire process while how this could be used within an organization or business that could lead to revel the areas associated with which process could be improved in an effective way (Kerzner, 2019).

• Lewis change model: Lewis change model is known as a simpler model as well as an easily understandable framework that could lead to making the change management process easily processed. 3 different distinct stages are involved in this process that includes, unfreezing, performing the change and then refreezing. These steps that are being involved could help in planning and hence implementing all the changes that are required to be done. Use of some combination of changes that are being processed while that are associated with change models as well as change management tools could be used to drive employees to make necessary changes in the end.

• Kottler’s 8-step changing model: This changing model is associated with one that could lead to use 8 steps that could be used for bringing a significant change while initiating the change-making process for the project. The eight steps that are being included in the change management process include, an increment in the urgency of the changes, building a team that could help in guiding people, development of a vision for making relevant changes, making relevant communication to make a buy-in, empowering the actions being proposed, creation of the wins that are based on short term only, trying not to give up at the end, while the last change is sticking to the changes being made (So?ta-Dr?czkowska, et.al, 2020).

Configuration Management Plan

Configuration management is known as an application or some set of characteristics that could lead to defining the product that is required to be delivered at the end of the deliverables associated with the project. The specifications that are being included in the configuration management planning include all the functional, as well as physical specifications, use of physical specifications, could include, size, colour, materials and other aspects too. The use of project configuration management is associated with one that could lead to managing the configuration being associated with the products and assets of the project. This could include the end products that are being delivered to the client (Kerzner, 2018).

There are some of the best processes that could be used for making the best configuration management for the project Sydney metro include:

• Initiation of a plan: It is required that a plan must be executed that could lead to making the configuration easier and hence effective to be used in a project. This requires conveying the entire plan to the associated people including the stakeholders, use of relevant technology and use of certain processes indeed.

• Monitoring using the project: It is required that the entire project must be monitored from the start to the end so that its configuration could be done more easily and effectively indeed.

• Covering each project area: It is required that each of the areas of the project must be covered so that configuration could be done more easily and effectively for the project.

Configuration management is known to be consisting of some functions that could be included in it so that configuration of a project could be done more easily and effectively. The functions that could be included in configuration management include, planning and management, configuration identification process, change management process, use of configuration status accounting and making verification and audit of the configuration process (Portny and Portny, 2022).


Project management is associated with using some kind of specified knowledge, skills and techniques that could help in making the delivery of some aspects that could provide value to people. The presented report here discussed the integration management that uses project resources, the timeline being used for making the project, the budget associated with the project and hence the stakeholders of the project. It also discussed the change management that is being processed for the project by considering several factors associated including, risks associated with the project, failures of the project, threats associated with the project and other associated changes required to be present in the project-making process. In the end is also led to know the configuration management being done for the project so that its configuration could be achieved more easily while using the techniques, strategies and resources of the project can then be utilized effectively.


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