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MITS5003 Wireless Networks and Communication Case Study Sample


In this assessment you are required to explore the given case study and provide a solution, employing the latest wireless communication techniques. The assessment will help in developing an understanding of communication in wireless networks and the limitations and challenges.

Case Study: Penrith City Council Unwires

Penrith City Council’s charter is to equitably provide community services and facilities to the city of Penrith in Sydney’s west. To do this, the council employs some 1000 full-time and contract staff, who carry out a wide range of roles. While about half of them fulfil management and administration roles in the head office complex, the remainder do not work in the office and many also work outside of regular business hours; these include road maintenance staff, building inspectors, general repairers, and parking officers. With multiple department buildings, a mobile workforce, and a geographically diverse community to serve, the council was looking to improve their communications network to enable them to operate more efficiently by streamlining communication, lowering costs, and boosting productivity. Faced with a flourishing community, limited budgets and ever-increasing demands for services and information, Penrith City Council realised its existing IT infrastructure was holding them back. At the time, the three buildings to be connected by wireless were connected via ISDN at a 64K data transmission rate. With rapidly growing information needs, these links were proving unworkable due to network connectivity problems, unreliable response and speed issues hampering productivity. To share information between departments across the offices, staff were burning large files onto CDs and manually transferring the data, because sending information via the network or email was unreliable and slow. The decision to move to a wireless network was a strategic one for the council, as Richard Baczelis their IT Manager explains; “Located among thick bushland and separated by a river, networking our office buildings has always been a challenge. To solve this, I saw the huge potential of wireless technology; not only to help us today but also to position us well for the future.”

The scope of this report is to develop a wireless network solution for building 1 of the three buildings. The building structure is given in figure 1. The building already has broadband connectivity installed and the scope of the solution will be constrained. The building contains several wireless devices (Printer, Laptop, CCTV) that require high-speed Internet connectivity.

The proposed solution must consider the following criteria:

• Any area where the employee wishes to use the laptop should be less than 100 meters (almost 300 feet) away from the access point.

• Interference is generated by the cordless phone, CCTV, and microwave.

• The proposed network should be cost-effective and,

• The network should be secure.

• Other users on the office network



The city council of Penrith, which has a staff of 1,000 contractual and permanent staff members, is the main administrative body in charge of carrying out numerous social functions and offering resources to a local. Here, network disruption is a serious threat to GSM online services because it affects the standard of communication, which creates and lowers revenue. For Assignment Help, The city council of Penrith decided to switch to the Wi-Fi network in terms of improving communication between the operational buildings and assure the network's integrity so that information may be transferred safely instead of manually because a requirement for local services grows. Therefore, the goal of the Penrith City Council will be to similarly distribute resources and facilities to the traditional western Sydney of Penrith city. On the other hand, the impact of the Wi-Fi network in the Penrith city council will be discussed. After that, the network design will be developed to modify the existing Penrith city council hardware and site design. However, a critical analysis of the network design will be illustrated properly in this report.

Impact of the Wireless network in the Penrith City Council

The impact of Wi-Fi network infrastructure will undoubtedly assist Penrith's city council with enhancing staff mobility and productivity, two factors that are crucial for effective social service. With the development of a protected Wi-Fi network, that will guarantee the confidentiality of the information transmitted via electronic mail as well as other methods of obtaining the company's database, the second major requirement—the ability to move information among various business units be resolved. The appropriate network improvement also guarantees the capability of the city commission personnel to perform their jobs, since the Wi-Fi network enables a broad range of users to access the network, ensuring a better method of offering the service to the neighborhood [2]. The goal of Penrith City Council will be to allocate equally the goods and services to the municipal govt. of a western Sydney of Penrith. The authority employs roughly 1000 permanent and contractual workers to carry out different responsibilities to achieve this. Since most highway repair staff, safety inspectors, general repairers, as well as registration officials operators are outside of regular business days, only about 50% of staff can do administrative and managerial tasks in the main office building.

Furthermore, due to a developing city, limited financial capabilities, and increasing need for data and support, Penrith City Council realized that its existing IT infrastructure was holding back commerce. The three buildings that would subsequently be linked and already have been attached by ISDN, which operates at a 64K bandwidth for data transmission. In order to offer complex approaches for disturbances control inside the parameters of a 5G connectivity system, it is necessary to analyze the advantages of UE methods and learn about recent advancements in internet information concepts. The challenges and effects of these challenges connected to the execution of the proposed disruption control plan have been investigated, with a focus on the growth of the 5G technology. The suggested Wi-Fi structure will also guarantee a cost-effective as well as productive way to deliver a secure server in addition to more options for the network's upcoming improvement and expansion.

Network Design

A network design is crucial to comprehend to obtain a general understanding of the needs that had to be put in place in terms of establishing a service provider database that wouldn't only safeguard the business resources but also guarantee work performance throughout the existing network. This approach demands to be significantly modified in this part since the unregistered spectrum involves specific implementation expertise and measurement equipment than wireless connections. In order to demonstrate some modifications that may be made to improve the safety of the municipal council network system, the customization of the current network architecture for the city council of Penrith has been shown [1]. By allowing them to effectively interact with one another, the established network structure will allow the administrative team and all the employees who support the city council in performing the social service. There is a network design that illustrates how well the city council of Penrith's system has now been updated as follows:

Figure 1: Modified Network Design
(Source: Author)

Furthermore, to illustrate the change that occurred in the city council's existing network, both a secure and a changed network model have been shown in the following design. The network structure of the city council's complete structure has been depicted in the layout, with the required machines including a gateway, switch, and database systems, as well as the deployment of the firewalls to prevent any data theft—being applied in-depth. The considerations when establishing a Wi-Fi technology. Therefore, Wi-Fi networks experience signal loss when passing via solid surfaces. They may have trouble communicating with each other because of disruption from loud routers. Weather conditions may skew wireless communications. Power issues: Consistent electricity is required for routers to operate effectively.

Critical Analysis

This proposed research conducted a variety of cases based on which it deduced the potential efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed methods. The methods have always been used as a method to solve the relative maximization of non-convex feature problems in the two presented frameworks. The design evaluation is an important step in the creation of a coherent and useful network. The proposed architecture, which would improve the existing network of the city council of Penrith, has already been demonstrated in this study. A firewall has now been incorporated into the network structure to improve data protection and safeguard all equipment from issues with theft and phishing [4]. According to this, firewalls were used in the municipal council tower to control how the networks are distributed throughout each level of the structure, enabling all network-connected devices to operate more easily. It describes developing a decentralized network to achieve power regulation while also effectively developing an equitable technique for system resource efficiency with a confined collaboration amongst flying units. For the integration of the following systems, the first study enhanced the currently used models as well as techniques for network congestion.

The report has highlighted how the chosen designs can influence the evolution of 5G networks as well as the actual challenges associated with their implementation. However, looking at the prospective advantages helps readers comprehend the situations in which the recommended approaches might be helpful. Unfortunately, the paper only employs a few extra studies and focuses on knowledge derived through quantitative information; therefore, there is no proof of the survey's relevance or credibility regarding theories put forth by prior academics. There are staff workers who had to physically carry large files across departments throughout the buildings as well as put them onto CDs while sending data via the internet or e-mails were slow as well as inefficient [5]. These two publications discussed identity verification and innovative system proposals that could help cell network wireless carriers reduce network disruption issues in a communication network. They made a substantial contribution to the advancement of approaches, ideas, and frameworks for network congestion. However, the first component doesn't specifically evaluate the recommended and offered data's relevance and validity to that obtained from previous literary and scientific investigations.

On the other hand, the second section runs multiple models to show the feasibility as well as the relevance of the study's goals and to verify and confirm the information that has been offered. In order to maintain network connectivity for all hardware linked to a similar network or to prevent any conflicts with additional machines that are on the equivalent network, routers including Wi-Fi routers have also been installed on any floors of a city council tower [3]. By adding a Wi-Fi router, the existing network is better able to deliver a variety of network services, which will enable the executive team to handle all the requirements and assist individuals or community leaders in organizing the system of facility provision.


An overview of, "Penrith's City Council Unwires" is the administrative body's responsibility of looking after community assets and rendering numerous functions to the city council of Penrith. Approximately 1000 employees have been employed by Penrith City Council to finish the social service project in this case, with 500 of them being responsible for management-related duties. The city council of Penrith recognized that stronger IT architecture was required to create a better and more efficient network for staff to increase effectiveness as the requirement for community services increased. As a result, Penrith City Council upgraded its network as well as decided to migrate to a Wi-Fi connection to strengthen network connectivity between operational structures and to ensure data protection so that data has been transmitted securely rather than through a manual procedure. This paper has covered the value of Wi-Fi connectivity in securing growth and satisfying city council standards. The categorization of different hardware required for the development, along with a site design to alter the current network architecture used by Penrith's city council, have now been demonstrated in this assessment.


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