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MIS609 Data Management and Analytics Assignment Sample

Assignment Brief

Individual/Group - Individual
Length - 1500 words (+/- 10%)

Learning Outcomes:

The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:

a) Demonstrate an understanding of the broad concepts of data management.
b) Demonstrate how to manage data within organizations, teams and projects. Investigate techniques on how to collect, store, clean and manipulate data.
c) Explore data management techniques and apply when and where applicable.
e) Effectively report and communicate findings to a business audience who are not necessarily IT professionals.

Submission - Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday end of Module 2.2.
Weighting - 25%
Total Marks – 100

Task Summary

For this assignment, you are required to write a 1500-word report proposing data management solutions for the organization presented in the case scenario.


Module 1 and 2 explored the fundamentals of data management. This assignment gives you the opportunity to make use of these concepts and propose a data management solution (a pre proposal) for the organization presented in the case scenario. This assessment is largely inspired from Data Management Maturity (DMM)SM Model by CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration).

Task Instructions

1. For assignment help, please read the attached case scenario.

2. Write a 1500-word data management pre-proposal for the organization.

3. The pre-proposal should not only discuss the technical but also the managerial aspects (cost, manpower, resources, etc.). Please keep in mind that you are writing a pre-proposal and not a detailed proposal.

4. Please ensure that you remain objective when writing the pre-proposal.

5. You are strongly advised to read the rubric, which is an evaluation guide with criteria for grading your assignment. This will give you a clear picture of what a successful pre-proposal looks like. 


It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing here: http://library.laureate.net.au/research_skills/referencing

Submission Instructions

Submit Assessment 1 via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in MIS609 Data
Management and Analytics. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre
in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

Case Scenario

You are a Business Development Manager in a large Information System Support organization that provides data management solution for various clients in Australia. Your organization enjoys a very good repute for its services and is rated exceptionally well in the business community.

You are tasked by your supervisor, Vince Sutter, the president of the organization, and your direct supervisor, to write a service proposal for a new client. The new client of your organization is potentially a large private school that offers online schooling services to students who are at remote locations. This school has almost 2300 registered students from all over Australia from Year 1 to 10. Like your organization, this school also enjoys a very good reputation and is ranked as one of the best online schools based on the students’ and parents’ feedback.

John Brown, the school principal, is a forward-thinking man. He wants to ensure that the school should optimize its operations and keep improving in every way possible. Given the fact that the school has a large number of students and it is continually growing as a market leader, John Brown sees an opportunity for improvement. Brown now wishes that the school staff would focus more and more on learning and teaching, which is the core function of the school. To generate better focus, he and the school’s Board of Directors opt for managed services. They plan to outsource the school’s data management function to a reputed organization that is capable of managing the school’s data. Brown searches for a data management company and comes across your organization. He meets Vince Sutter and asks him to submit a pre-proposal for the school’s complete data management.




The Business Development Manager holds the responsibility of preparing this pre-proposal report as they need to provide optimum data management solutions. This organisation is looking forward to working with the next potential client, which is a large private school well known for its actions so that online education in the distant locations of Australia can be included as well. This pre-proposal report is going to discuss both the technical aspects as well as the managerial aspects like cost, resources etc. This paper shall state the strategy which will help in management and communication of data to meet project objectives. The data of the school that the organisation will have to handle will also need effective ways of management and that will also be discussed in the report.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of this pre-proposal report is to find and analyse certain data management solutions and decide the most effective approach towards managing the data of the large private school, which is the next potential client of the organisation.

? To promote online education in the remote areas of Australia, and thus it is in the best interest of the organisation to get into business with the school as soon as possible.

? Both the Information System Support Organisation and the large private school have quite good reputations and thus keeping the reputations intact is also an objective for the parties and must be kept in mind while planning the project.

? To discuss in detail, the solution that is best suited to the needs of the school and will also have the objective to find out and analyse what improvements can be made in the selected solution.

Project background

The project will address the organisation’s need to find an effective data management solution for the data of the large private school. This will also require the organisation to have a solid project plan which will also be addressed in this pre-proposal. Both the organisation and the school have their reputations to uphold too, so it is of utmost importance that the project be mindful of the quality of the deliverables as well as the deadline.

The Information System Support Organisation must devise a concrete project plan so that the data management system can be efficiently implemented. The school has a total of 2300 registered students from various regions of Australia, and thus the organisation needs to keep in mind the quantity of data to handle and also need to be mindful of the regulations of the various regions (Lacy-Jones et al., 2017).

The project will also need to have a brief idea of what solution the organisation wants to implement before collecting and analysing data on various systems so that they can be compared to find the best suited system to the needs of the large private school (Yang, Zheng & Tang, 2017). For ensuring transparency in the project, the data management plan needs to provide the exact methods and avoid confusion while implementation of the project.


The project plan must aim at establishing and implementing an efficient and effective data management system which will be best suited for the purposes of the large private school. The project must also analyse what are the defects in the system that can be improved further so that the systems of data management can also be improved.




(a) The data management strategy to be used would depend on the objectives of the school and would need strong data processes to be created. It will also require to search for the best technology and to establish governance on the collected data so that privacy can be protected. Finally, it should also include the proper training of the staff of the school so that they possess basic knowledge on how to use the implemented system (Chen, Lv & Song, 2019). Only after proper training has been done can the implemented system be properly executed.

(b) One of the main methods of data communication is through parallel transmission. The parallel transmission shall prove beneficial as it can transmit multiple bits of data simultaneously through different mediums.

(c) An estimate of ten people would form a specialized team which would manage the data of this school. This team would have the staff who had the experience of installing the system thus making it easier for them to communicate with the school (Babar et al., 2019). All the team members will report to the project manager, who will in turn report everything to the president of the organisation, Vince Sutter.

(d) The organisation will manage the general personal information (like names, emergency contact numbers, blood group, date of birth, etc.) of all the 2300 registered students as well as that of the staff of the school. The organisation intends to manage the entirety of the provided data by implementing an effective data management strategy as mentioned in the former part of this subheading.

(e) The school would need to provide resources like working computers and a working and strong enough network connection in the school for administrative and database related activities.

(h) The data management policy would be set by addressing the policy of operation with its focus on managing and governing the assets of the data collected. This policy will be implemented by forming a specific team within the organisation which is filled with people experts on the policy, so that they can effectively and efficiently implement the data management policy and so that they can also communicate the necessary details to the staff of the school.

(i) Tools like Talend Metadata Manager are best examples of ways to manage the metadata.

(j) Having an efficient structure of organisation, a precise definition of what to expect in the aspect of data quality, implementation of audit processes of data profiling and finally correcting errors will help the organisation to manage the quality of the data.

(k) Questions like whether the implemented system is being used to its maximum potential can be answered effectively by implementing a data management audit. The quality of the data can be assessed by comparing it against meta-data.

(l) The organisation also needs to have an open hotline and an online customer service for their client, i.e. the large private school so that they can state any other requirements or queries that they may have.

(m) Cloud model DAMA-DMBOK 2 can be regarded as one of the best techniques that would meet the needs of the school’s data management system.
(n) Legacy data would be taken care of by evaluating the inventory of the applications provided and by identifying the redundancies in them.




Results and analysis

(f) The project aims at delivering a fully working data management system capable of handling the information of all the 2300 students plus the staff of the school. The organisation will also aim to deliver an expert team to be present on the spot to check the safe delivery of the deliverables. One of the innovative ways for better data management operations is to offer a cloud environment (Jia et al., 2019).
(g) The organisation also aims to provide an expert team to guide and train the staff of the school so that they can become self-sufficient in the general data management operations.
(q) There are many threats involved in the data management process and has to be well managed by the expert system. There are risks involved with confidentiality and privacy that has to be managed by the experts in IT (Zheng et al., 2018). (o and p) The school will get benefits like the presence of experts to guide and instruct the staff of the school and to manage any risks that may occur otherwise. The school might also face certain challenges after the installation of the system. These challenges can be the risk of losing data, the risk of technical errors which can hinder the process of education which is the primary aim of the school.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In order to conclude this pre-proposal report, it is seen that the organisation needs to provide an efficient data management system to a large private school who are hoping to increase the rates of education in the remote areas of Australia through online education. It is also seen that to provide the data management system according to the requirements of the school will require the preparation of a detailed and properly analysed project plan (Mokhtar & Eltoweissy, 2017). The project plan needs to address data quality management, legacy data and various other issues.

As seen from this pre-proposal report, certain recommendations can be made like, although the data architecture and framework can be easily decided and confirmed for the needs of the school, there are always advances in technology, which need to be kept in mind and implemented in the data management system of the school as and when required.

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