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MBIS4004 System Design Report Sample

Workshop Session 02

Activity 01:

Trapping a sample:

• Class will be broken in teams of 3-4 students using breakout rooms.

• Access your E-Book on page 174, read and discuss the case to answer (you have 30 min.):

• Each of you must access Discussion Board “Group X: Trapping a sample” to write your answers (you have 30 min.) - 1% Mark.

• It must be done within this given time, otherwise you won’t receive any mark.

Activity 02:


You are hired as a systems analyst by an organization that is planning to redesign its website. Consider the following situations and describe the most appropriate sampling method for each of them.

a. To gauge employee perception towards website redesign, you post a notice on the intranet portal asking the employees to post their opinions.

b. You design a customer survey to find out which website features they wish to see redesigned.

c. You seek customer opinions through forms available at three of the company’s 20 helpdesks.

Explain why the answer to each situation would vary.

• Class will be broken in teams of 3-4 students using breakout rooms.

• Read and discuss the case to answer (you have 30 min.):

• Each of you must access Discussion Board “Group X: Activity 2”


Activity 1

The classes are being segregated into teams of 3 to 4 students each. This division has been done through the process of breakout rooms and they also had been provided with E-books. Meanwhile, every group was provided with Discussion books and regular classes were also being taken so that the students are in touch with their subjects regularly. For Assignment Help, Meanwhile, marks were being strictly distributed by teachers based on metrics, and hence only qualified students were being provided with the degree. Meanwhile, since I was a very serious student so I managed to clear all the exams easily, and hence due to this I am now a qualified system analyst.

Q) Role of System Analyst in Designing Website

Rahmawati et al. (2022) stated that system analysts have some critical challenges from the elicitation of requirements to the delivery of the technical requirements to the development teams so far. The system analyst always tends to look at the design more technically and functionally and human-computer interaction manages it through computer interaction. Sam Pelt is required to rely on software for sampling the opinion of customers and for making the strategic decision of stocking fake furs which have been always real for storing furs. Sam pelt is required to have a separate website for their company as websites have become the most important portal of communication. The business environment is extremely competitive and hence the development of the website has become mandatory.

Q) Designing Customer Survey

The system analyst always tends to serve to optimize user activity with systems and software for employees of an organization to work perfectly on it. Ninci et al. (2021) stated that these professionals always advise employees on which software they are required for implementing, and users are required to ensure for ensuring that the programs function correctly. Therefore, the system analyst employed by SamPelt is required to optimize the system and software so that the organization can perform effectively. Therefore, as a system analyst, I am required to ensure that the computer system, infrastructure, and systems perform effectively. Therefore, I carry the responsibility of researching the problem and finding solutions, and even recommending courses of action. The analyst of the system is required to be conversant in several operating systems, programming languages, hardware platforms, and software.

Q) Role of Customer Opinions in Designing Website

A system analyst is an individual who engages in techniques of design and analysis of engaged systems in solving any problem of business. Gao et al. (2023) reviewed that the analyst of the system is required to keep up to date with modern innovations for improving productivity at every time for the organization. Therefore as s system analyst of Sam Pelt, my main role is to improve productivity at every time of organization. I am going to leave no stone unturned in ensuring to use of a networked computer that supports the packaged software for selecting the mailing list of customers. Moreover, SamPelt is also interested in making a strategic decision that affects the purchasing of goods. Hence, as a system analyst, I am required to play a key role in this step to ensure that Sam Pelt is successful in developing a website for the organization so that it can operate effectively without any hiccups.

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