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MBA401 People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership

Your Task

There are two components to this activity:

1. Develop a draft framework (plan) as a group in-class activity in preparation for the individual report.
2. Use that framework (plan) to create an individual report based on an ASX-listed company’s organisational performance and culture change initiatives.

Assessment Description

PART A (in-class group activity)

In Weeks 4 and 5 during class, groups (of 4 students) will be formed. Each student will need to select an Australian publicly listed company from one of the following industries: Tourism, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Mining, Education and Retail. The list of companies is available via the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX): https://www.asx.com.au/

The choice of industry should be one that interests you for the future.

You should confirm your choice with your facilitator before commencing your assessment.

As part of the in-class activities, you will work within a group to share ideas, discuss your company and arrange how you will develop your report framework using a mind-map or similar tool (that is approved by your facilitator) to assist you in preparing your individual report. Each student will individually submit a copy of their individual framework (developed as part of the in- class group activities) via Moodle.

PART B (individual)

By thoroughly reviewing the company’s website and by sourcing additional insights via credible business publications, journal articles and Annual Reports, address the following:

1. Identify how your selected company is seeking to improve the performance of its workforce. Use at least two (2) performance-related initiatives to discuss the ways in which the company could measure the success of their initiatives.

2. Identify the key components of the company’s corporate culture. Use at least two (2) culture- related initiatives to discuss how the company is trying to improve its culture and the most appropriate measures for determining the success of the initiatives.

Assessment Instructions

- You must use the same company in both Part A and Part B.
- Using a standard report format, include the following components:

- Introduction (150 words)
- Performance-related initiatives (600 words)
- Culture-related initiatives (600 words)
- Conclusion (150 words)

- Reference List (using the Harvard Referencing Convention throughout your report and reference list at the end)

- Refer to at least two (2) theories to support your discussion of the performance-related initiative sand at least two (2) theories to support your discussion of the culture-related initiatives.

- Include a minimum of four (4) references (such as Morningstar, IBISWorld, credible business publications and journal articles). While many of your references will rely on the company’s website, you cannot use this as your only source of information.

- Please refer to the Assessment Marking Guide to assist you in addressing all the assessment criteria


Part A Mind Map

Figure 1: Mind Map for the Report
(Created by Learner)

Purpose of Report

The main aim of this report is to examine as well as to measure Woolworth Group's organisational and cultural performance. The report will focus on culture related as well as performance-related initiatives.

Reason for choosing industry

Retail is wide sector and it has a major impact on Australia because it provides job opportunities to several people. Woolworth Group is selected since it is the leading retail sector company in Australia.

Key points related to performance and culture practices in Woolworth Group

- Work Values
- Decentralized model
- Diverse cultural backgrounds
- Fly in and fly out background

Primary and Secondary Resources

For this report, secondary sources utilise which are information from learning outcomes, literature of scholars, website of the company as well as other data for the retail industry in Australia.

Defining the key terms

Innovation, Culture, Human Resource Management, Employment, Rewards, Customer services, research, and development.

Part B


Organisational culture is simply set of values, expectations as well as practices that guide and inform the actions of team members. In addition to this, great culture exemplifies positive traits which result in enhancing performance, while dysfunctional culture of company results in coming up with qualities that can hinder successful business also (Jacobs, 2018). Moreover, it also impacts all aspects of the business from punctuality as well as tone to contract terms and benefits of staff members. For Assignment Help Business firms need to maintain positive culture because this has wide impact on the production of staff members. This report is based on Woolworths which is an Australian chain supermarket as well as a grocery store that owned by Woolworth Group. It was founded in 1924 as well as according to the data of 2019 Woolworth is Australia's biggest supermarket chain. Furthermore, this report is based on scenario analysis of performance as well as culture-related initiatives within Woolworth Group which is Australian retail sector company.

Performance-related initiatives

Every business form has their own characteristics with defining its performance as well as management of human resources. Organisation performance is based on a complex relationship which includes 7 performance characteristics like effectiveness, efficiency, quality, productivity, work quality, innovation as well as profitability. As per the contingency theory, the organisation should find a fit between its structure, technologies and its requirements (Safari, and Saleh, 2020). Only then the organisation will be able align its organisational goal with the output. Then the productivity will also increase. This performance is highly important which must be focused by the Woolworth group for enhancing their staff members engagement (Brook, 2020). Furthermore, it can be said that appreciation for employees is the best and suitable method for enhancing productivity as well as inhibition. Employee engagement and FIFO method is the technique that help in changing major performance and Woolworth company needs to implement this method for changing the performance of their company. Company can achieve target of reducing cost by implementing this method and it helps in secure success and building unified culture within company. Concerning Woolworth Company up to focus on FIFA approach for appointing employees and enhancing partnership, Such methods are integrated within process to improve and enhance the change management leadership alignment which accelerated Woolworth to accomplish their goals and determine objectives (Frankish, 2021). The condition of the FIFO approach is great for the company as it used for cost reduction-initiated cost of goods sold calculation smoothly. Involvement of such methods regards the fact which oldest product present with inventory of company is sold out first and cost paid for that old one calculation. Such approaches were initiated by following the company for acquiring a true idea of replacement cost and keeping track of its inventory value.

The performance-related initiative which Woolworth Group can adopt

Woolworth Group is largest retail sector company based in Australia as well as it has been observed to have traditionally hedged its market price risks with derivatives. The company according to the system theory need to focus on the arrangements and relations between the parts that connected them into a whole (Sindhuja, 2021). This theory considers that the organisation needs to make changes and adapt itself to those changes to remain competitive in the market. Along with this, it has been analysed that cash flow at risk is major reason related to corporate treasury defining the degree of vulnerability of future receivables as well as payable of company to possible variation in the target market (Odor, 2018). Moreover, with due reference to Cash Flow at Risk model, the facts which diversification impact has been exploited in portfolio content calls for discontinuing its prevarication activities as well as considering numerous performance-related initiatives in relation to same. There are some more effective initiatives which can be taken for further development are mention below:-

- It is important to design and deliver training that is needed for contributing in the development of senior management team capabilities as well as strategies.

- Integrated six-sigma initiative also focus on change management as well as deployment practices. Because implementation of six sigma help in managing performance in better manner and results in gaining effectual outcomes.

- Along with this, company must have to provide extra benefits to their employees because such practices provide better assistance in their development and managing performance.

These strategies will help Woolworth Group in managing their employee’s performance in better manner and also assist in accomplishing desired outcomes (Soboleva and et. al., 2018). Along with this, performance related initiatives can be accomplished when retail company will be able to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants in better manner. Furthermore, utilisation of such initiative assists in measuring performance by exploration as well as production which is required for operation all assets of Woolworth company. All such measures result in enhancing betterment of business and accomplishing desired outcomes.

Culture related initiatives

Organisational culture relies on understanding as well as sharing values of each other’s. Thus, employees are considered as important resources which need to be measured as well as Woolworth Group concentrated on normative culture and long term orientation culture explanation are as follows :-

Inclusive of Woolworth Group

The organisational culture of Woolworth Group is outlined with the development of a vision and meeting the purpose as well as values of the business firm. It is difficult to manage the cultural diversity within the organizational culture. The effective use of inclusive measures improves the cultural development and enhances the cultural development within the context of the organization. The focus of the inclusive cultural growth helps to enhance the organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The use of the concept of cultural diversity helps to improve the organizational effectiveness within the organizational effectiveness. In addition to this, vision statement of following company is brief. Woolworth vision statement is brief as well as comprehensive that communicate the essence of business as well as its future plan for assisting stakeholder understanding its business philosophy and business strategy. Gross, and Wilson (2020)stated that per the normative theory, there are three layers which explain organisation culture. In case of Woolworth, these are Artefacts, values and assumptions. In simple terms it can be said that company focus on their customers as well as employees both because satisfaction of both help in long-term sustainability and a completion desired outcome (Gardasevic, Ciric, and Stanisavljevic, 2021). Along with this company solid foundation which is to work hard and integrity is resolved and companies proud to have down-to-earth culture and this celebrate family friend values. In company most of the senior leaders start their career with them on the shop floor which results in maintaining better relationship with each other. It can be said that company work mainly for values and making their customer and other partner satisfy which results in creating positive culture of company.

Long term orientation culture and connection of people to purpose in Woolworth Group

After some time for better outcome and accomplishing desired results company evaluate within their culture over time as the lead by their customers main purpose behind this is making life customer simpler, easier as well as better. Hofstede in his Cultural dimension theory pointed out the importance of long term orientation culture in the organisation (Beugelsdijk, and Welzel, 2018). They keep their customers at the heart of every decision they make as well as strive to open, honest, fair and transparent in all dealings (Althaus, and O'Faircheallaigh, 2019). Outcome company serving 28 million customers every single week and they are happy family of more than 190000 members which 6500 of them are from 25 year and more than that with them. It can be said that such changes in culture help company not completing their desired outcome by making their customers satisfied which is important for-profit maximization and long-term sustainability in business environment. Customer stakeholder both are important for company and working for them help business in a competition desired results which is necessary for every company to compete with their competitors. The use of transformational leadership will enable to build a strong and effective culture within the organization. It will improve the cultural relationship and enhances the workforce towards a better organization of resources. The leadership will build a good connection of people to purpose and develops transparencyand communication among the employee.

The reason behind such evolution

Changing time results in inflation which also modified the ratio of organisational culture. Moreover, the reason for such cultural changes in Woolworth Group is changing market demand as well as customers’ needs and wants. In addition to this, company should keep the power at a difference place like the Board of directors which rely on the management of skills as well as experience matrix which can manage the efficiency of every staff member. Furthermore, sustainability need increase with the measurement of approach, health, safety of staff, changing environment, tailing the storage facility and many more. This can be local or global, people as well as ethical behaviour. Thus, within every scenario of the business culture favours the progression of experience as well as distribution in same manner.


After going through overall discussion, it has been concluded that initiatives related to performance focus on enhancing strength as well as financial statistics. Whereas, culture related classify measurement of evaluating cultural practices in Woolworth Group. In addition to this, report suggest to enhance performance initiatives which is based on the challenge of developing infrastructure cost-saving and skill management. Along with this, there is requirement of implementing six-sigma performance rule which focus on small objects of cost saving that can assist in long term. Furthermore, recommendation focuses on fly-in fly-out for enhancing performance of Woolworth Group within retail sector. In addition to this, cultural demographics suggest that power culture should see in following company for evaluating need and inflation. Skills development is best practice because it helps in conducting activities within more effective manner and accomplishing desired outcomes.


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