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PRJ6001 Applied Project Assignment Sample

Group/individual: Individual
Word count/Time provided: 3500 Words
Weighting: 40%
Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO1, ULO2, ULO3, ULO4

Assessment Detail for best assignment help – Students prepare a final report, model, or artefact of the research study.

The final report will incorporate key aspects of the applied research and will be presented in a structured and coherent manner which is appropriate for a research report or publication. This will include abstract, introduction, methods, analysis, results, discussion, recommendations, conclusion and appropriate referencing.

The assessment will be marked out of 100 and will be weighted 40% of the total unit mark. The marking criteria and rubric are shown on the following page.




The evolution of digital media platforms is one of the easiest ways for improving the market share globally. Present-day customers are increasingly using the digital platform to stay in connection with brands and enhance their knowledge and stay informed. It offers diverse opportunities to reach potential customers. The use of effective digital marketing strategies enhances awareness and opens opportunities for many businesses to establish their brands. In the restaurant business in Australia, it helps companies to gain brand recognition and generate increased revenue. The market size in terms of revenue generated in the restaurant business in Australia is 13.9 Billion Dollars estimated in 2022 (Marketshare, 2022). The annual revenue amounts to 45 billion dollars from the cafe, restaurants and so on in Australia and it is believed that social media platforms will enhance its growth. The picture and posts of the food products and services can be uploaded by the business and the reviews provided by the customers and food vloggers provide insight into the customers. The increased engagement enhances the brand's capabilities and provides an opportunity to expand the brand and increase the relevant market share of the company. It also helps businesses in building a loyal client base. In addition to this, it helps to target the customers effectively and helps in promoting the businesses.

Research Aim

Social media platforms are emerging platforms to increase connectivity and enhance brand recognition. It is one of the marketing tools for businesses to improve their market share and build a loyal customer base. This study aims to discuss the use of social media platforms to improve the market share of the restaurant business in Australia.

Research Questions

? What are the factors that can be considered by the restaurant business for marketing?
? How social media marketing tools are used to promote restaurant businesses in Australia?
? How growth in market share stimulates the performance of the restaurant business in Australia?
? How does an increase in market share related to the sustainability of the Australian restaurant business?

Research Objectives

? To understand the factors that can be considered by the restaurant business in Australia for marketing.
? To assess the use of the social media marketing tools needed for the restaurant business in Australia.
? To understand how the increase in market share affects the performance of the business.
? To understand the relationship between the growth of market share and the sustainability of the business.

Problem Statement

The major problem is that it does not engage the followers properly. People can interact with others freely through social media platforms and come to know about different interesting offers of the organisation. This study is prepared based on an Australian restaurant company and their market shares and brand awareness that have been influenced by social media marketing. The biggest problems faced by the restaurant business are improper business strategy, deficiency of proper business resources, tracking data and establishment of stable followers to increase brand awareness (Javed et al., 2022). Social networking sites allow the progress of real-time monitoring including interaction with people. Identification of target customers and strategic business changes are allowed by digital marketing.

Research Significance

The importance of research incorporates the growing trend of digital marketing. The research is significant in this regard as it provides an elaborate view of restaurant business activities for using social media marketing to increase existing market share in Australia. It is also essential to understand and analyze the existing products for determining the market share (Bartelt and Hommel, 2021). The determination of the existing market share of Australia helps to understand the business performance of restaurants. The research also focuses on the methodology and the collected data that help to understand the perspective of participants. Further, the research also incorporated a recommendation provided to the restaurant business in Australia to increase the existing market share.


Research Philosophy

In this research, the positivism research philosophy has been used. Positivism research philosophy adheres to the actual knowledge obtained from the research such as the measurement of research data is trustworthy. Positivism research philosophy ultimately resulted in foundationalism and empiricism (Ryan, 2018). The term “positivism” can be determined as a research approach that relies particularly on the evidence of scientific and empirical research including statistics and controlled experiments (Park, Konge and Artino, 2020). This is considered a belief that the people in the community should not cross the boundaries of the observation of the research. This research provides a significant approach to the community regarding the use of online platforms in increasing brand awareness of an Australian restaurant. The main characteristics of this research philosophy are clear, brief and concise discussion from the subjective interpretation and feelings of the people. Positivism philosophy does not describe the topic more.

Research Design

Explanatory research has been identified as a research design that is used to identify the reason behind the availability of little data regarding the research topic (Goffin et al., 2019). This research design will help an individual to build a better understanding of the topic of the research. Explanatory design is considered the first or primary stage in the entire process of the research. The explanation involves observations as well as focusing on the generalisations and predictions of a particular circumstance (Okpotor, 2021). This also helps to predict further research on this topic. Here, the use of it in raising awareness of the brand of the Australian restaurant business has been discussed. To conduct this research, an explanatory research design has been selected. The main motive of this research design is to explain the reason behind the occurrence of a particular phenomenon that has been identified by the hypothesis of the research. The research hypothesis specifies the direction and nature of the relationships between the research variables.

Research Approach

A deductive research approach explores a known phenomenon and examines its validity in the given circumstances. With the help of a deductive research approach, an individual can associate with scientific research (Patel and Patel, 2019). In this research deductive approach has been taken to research the effectiveness of digital marketing in increasing brand awareness and market share of a restaurant company in Australia. In this research approach, the individuals study others’ work on the same research topic and the existing phenomenon of those studies. A deductive research approach is appropriate for understanding the relationship between the dependent and independent variables of the research (HR and Aithal, 2022). The analysis of data in this research by following a deductive research approach generally means the application of the existing theories to the information to test the validity. This approach also has been identified as a top-down research approach to the analysis of data. This is applied in qualitative data analysis with the application of predetermined codes to the information.

Data Collection Method

This research collects data through quantitative methods of data collection. Quantitative data helps an individual to measure the data obtained from the research numerically. In the quantitative process, data have been collected by asking multiple-choice or close-ended questions to people in the community through polls or surveys (Omrani et al., 2019). If the restaurant business of Australia wants to improve its services, understand the motivations of the customers, recognise the potential products and raise the satisfaction level of the customers they should collect the data quantitatively. Surveys have been identified as the most common method in quantitative data collection. Quantitative surveys also collect the demographic data of the customers or people like qualitative data collection. This method of data collection is based on the instruments of structured data collection and random sampling. The findings obtained from qualitative data analysis are generally easy to summarise, generalise, present and compare.

Data Collection Source

In this study, primary data collection is selected to be taken as a source of the research. Primary data collection has been used as a procedure to collect information directly from the source. This process is applied in this research to collect first-hand data regarding the research topic. Therefore if the researcher gathers data from the scholars then they need to use the primary sources of data collection. Memoirs and autobiographies are the most identified primary data collection sources used by the researchers. Some common primary data collection methods are personal interviews, questionnaires, indirect interviews, focus groups and so on.

Ethical Consideration

The research was done following multiple ethical considerations. The participants who participated were not forced to divulge information regarding the Australian restaurant businesses. The participants were given ample time to gather and think about the answers and then give their opinions, any kind of pressure was not created.

Analysis and Findings

1. How far do you believe that social media marketing plays an important role in the growth of revenue?

The data that has been gathered on the behalf of the first question is analysed here effectively. The first question was whether social media marketing plays a significant role in the growth of organisational revenue. After analysing the response of participants, it can be concluded that 15 participants accepted the above-mentioned fact. The analysis also said that 26.7% of participants strongly believed in the intervention of social media marketing on the growth of revenue. In the context of the question, only two people provided a neutral response and one person neglected the fact. However, 13.3% of participants strongly disagreed with the above-mentioned statement. The overall result displayed that majority of the participants believe in the respective Fact and provide positive feedback.

2. How far do you agree that the inclusion of social media in marketing increases the engagement of customers in the restaurant business?

Now come to the second question of the research that focuses on the inclusion of social media that increases customer engagement. It is one of the most common aspects of the current landscape of the business industry. The data that has been collected from the research portrays the role of social media marketing in business scenarios. According to the research data, 7 people which indicates 22.6% of participants effectively agreed with the respective fact. Moreover, 35.5% of participants strongly believed in the fact. It indicated the preference of more than 50% of participants toward the positive impact of social media marketing that increases customer engagement in Australian restaurants. Besides positive feedback, 16.1% of people also provided neutral responses considering the second question of the research. The percentage remained the same for the participants who disagreed with the respective fact. However, 9.7% of the participants strongly disagreed that the inclusion of social media increased customer attraction to the restaurant business. The overall analysis of this pie chart explored that the majority of the participants provided positive feedback. It can ultimately prove the positive nature of social media marketing that will be beneficial for a restaurant business.

3. How far do you agree that a restaurant business enterprise does marketing for increasing market share?

The third question of the analysis portion says whether a restaurant organisation does market to increase its market share. The restaurants adopted many marketing strategies to attract new customers that stimulate the growth of market share (SevenRooms, 2022). The response mentioned on the pie chart effectively satisfies the scenario mentioned in the question. The analysis of information collected on behalf of the question is discussed here. According to the information collected by research, 30% of people believed that the restaurant businesses did marketing to maximise their market share. 46.7% of the participants strongly agreed with the above-mentioned statement. The percentage already displayed that the majority of the participants delivered positive feedback. However, 4 people out of 30 participants provided neutral responses. The pie chart also incorporated the percentage of people who disagree and strongly disagreed with the question. The percentage of the participants who neglected the above-mentioned fact was 6.7%. Furthermore, 1 person also strongly disagreed with the statement mentioned in the third question analysis. Ultimately the overall result indicated that more than 70% of the participants effectively provide positive feedback on the context of the question.

4. How far do you believe that social media marketing is essential for the increment of market share in Australia?

The next question of the analysis and findings section is whether social media marketing is essential for the increment of market share in Australia. Social media marketing for restaurants provides liberty that helps the entity to target the desired audience (Times, 2019). The overall responses and feedback were displayed in a form of a pie chart and table. Analysis of the pie chart mentioned that only 10% of people believed that social media marketing increased the market share in Australia. However, the people who strongly believed in this fact were also very few. The percentage that was gathered by collecting the data displayed that only 6.7% of people strongly believed in the fact. The pie chart showed the majority of participants provided neutral responses. The percentage of the participants who delivered neutral feedback was 43.3%. They are not sure about the impact of online marketing that is directly responsible for the growth of market share in Australia. The feedback of the people helped to understand that 23.3% of participants provide negative feedback. Moreover, 16.7% of participants strongly disagreed with the above-mentioned statement.

5. How far do you agree that the use of digital platforms in marketing influences the existing market share?

The fifth question that was used during the collection of data focuses on the role of digital platforms in marketing. The question was whether digital platforms in marketing stimulate existing market share. The data which was collected on the behalf of the question was displayed here in the form of a pie chart and table. The finding said that only one person believed in the above-mentioned statement. On the other hand, 30% of the participants strongly believed that digital platforms in marketing impacted existing market share. However, 6.7% of participants also provide neutral responses. The pie chart simultaneously displayed the people who neglected the fact. It incorporated 26.7% of participants who disagreed with the statement. Besides that, 33.3% of the participants strongly disagreed with the above-mentioned fact.


In the first question, an analysis was made of the belief of people relating to the social media platform and its role in the growth of the revenue. Social media platforms help in raising brand awareness and building effective communication for restaurant firms (Li, Kim and Choi, 2021). The responses received a focus that the majority of people agreed with the fact. 50% of the total members which is 15 members are in favour of the mentioned fact and believe that social media play a crucial role in the increase in revenue of the firm. According to the response, 8 members are strong believers of the fact while 13.3% of members that is 4 members strongly disagree. 2 members remain neutral and 1 member provided a negative response to the fact. After a complete analysis of the first question, it is evidenced that the majority of people believe that social media platforms contribute to the growth of the revenue of the business. There are a few members who strongly disagree and only one member opposes the fact. In this context, they feel other factors are also present that contribute to an increase in revenue and thus they disagree with the question.

Social media has undoubtedly improved customer engagement in businesses, especially in the restaurant business. In this context, the second question focuses on whether the inclusiveness of social media marketing increases customer involvement and engagement. Many companies and brands are actively using social media to message customers and offer promises and let them know about the offers and schemes. This improves their engagements and customers are communicating with the brands (Moran, Muzellec and Johnson, 2019). The responses of the data evidenced that 23.3% which is 7 members agree on the respective fact. In addition to this, 36.7% of members that is 11 participants strongly agree on using social media to improve customer engagement. Collectively, it shows that more than 50% of participants are in favour of the fact. It also shows that they believe that social media marketing will put a positive impact on customer engagement in the Australian restaurant business. However, 5 members which are in terms of percentage 16.7% remain neutral and the other 16.5% of participants disagreed. Although there also 10% of participants strongly disagreed with the respective fact. The analysis of the pie chart shows that the majority of participants believe that the inclusion of social media will positively improve customer engagement in the restaurant business in Australia.

Advanced technology has leveraged the management process and provided direction to customer behaviour (Campbell et al., 2020). This also helped businesses in implementing marketing strategies and improving their share in the market. The third question focuses on analysing whether marketing in restaurants improves share in the respective market. The responses show that majority of participants which is 46.7% of members strongly agree with the fact. Further 30% of participants agreed that marketing in the restaurant business will improve the market share. Only 2 members in terms of percentage 6.7% of participants disagree and 4 members remain neutral. 3.3% of participants which is only 1 member disagreed on the respective fact. Thus, it is seen from the finding that the majority of members are in favour of adopting marketing strategies to improve the market share in the restaurant business in Australia.

The fourth question discussed in the finding section focuses on whether it is necessary for the growth of the market share of the Australian restaurant business. The success of a restaurant highly depends on its response to the competitive environment, planning, resource availability and use of marketing strategies (Lepkowska-White, Parsons and Berg, 2019). According to the responses received the majority of members remain neutral in numbers it is 13 members. While only 10% of participants agree with the fact and 2 members which are 6.7 % of participants strongly agree with the fact. However, 7 that is 23.3% of members disagreed and 16.6% of participants disagreed. Thus, it is evidenced that using social media marketing platforms is not a necessary factor for improving the market share rather it supports improving the market share to a wider extent.

The use of the digital platform in marketing the business is emerging and evolving. The fifth question focused on the use of the digital platform in marketing and its influences. Marketing activities are transforming and making businesses dynamic (Bala and Verma, 2018). The analysis of the pie chart and responses noted that only 1 member believe in the fact while 30% of participants strongly believe in the respective statements. Further 2 members remain neutral and 26.7% of participants disagree with the fact. In addition to these 10 participants strongly disagreed and the responses indicate that majority of participants believe that the digital platform is just a platform to market but there is no connection with it to improve the market share of any restaurant business in Australia.


? Checking the present business trends: At the time of product selling, the managers of the restaurant company should be aware of the present social media trends because the platform will project the organisation as well as the business effortlessly in front of millions of social media users.

? Application of multimedia: The videos or images of the food of the restaurant on social media should attract customers positively. The organisation should use the visuals of its products on social media platforms through interesting and simple conversations in the digital platform to engage the target audiences (Ryu and Moon, 2021). The authority of the organisation should choose a proper social media platform to promote its product.

? Show-off the business activities: At present, people who love restaurant food follow YouTube videos more, so the Australian restaurant company should share high-quality photos on social media of its prepared delicious dishes (Bluvstein Netter and Raghubir, 2021). This way they can easily attract customers to come into their restaurant and taste the food.

? Formation of consistent voice: The restaurant business of Australia should establish an iconic brand for their organisation on sustainable and fresh food (Farny, Kibler and Down, 2019). The modern and clean aesthetic of the restaurant company should be consistent in all their activities on social media platforms.

? Response to the online reviews: With the appreciation of positive reviews and identification of negative reviews the working team of the Australian restaurant company can create a friendly and transparent persona on social platforms. Negative reviews should be used by the managers of the Australian restaurant as a new opportunity to observe its customers.


In conclusion, it can be said that online marketing is one of the most common aspects of the business industry. Many business Enterprises including restaurant businesses also use this marketing strategy to increase the share market. In this context, the task deals with the research in question and its objective. Furthermore, it also focuses on the problem faced by Australian restaurants while dealing with social media marketing. Research philosophy, approach, design, data collection method and sources are also considered. Ethical considerations are also mentioned in the respective task. The data which was collected through interviews or surveys are displayed in pie charts and tables. The research data are further analysed elaborately in the discussion section. Primary data analysis sources are used in this task to analyse those research data. The task also deals with a recommendation that helps Australian restaurants increase their existing market share.


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