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PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control Report Sample

Task Summary

In this assessment, you will further analyse the case study that was introduced in Assessments 1 and 2. You will participate in the discussion with your classmates demonstrating your understanding of Project Status reporting by:

Identifying effective project status reports and discussing their challenges and pitfalls, explaining the difference between the status reports provided for teams, sponsors, and steering committee considering their unique needs, as well as creating and justifying a sample of a status report that would be submitted to a chosen stakeholder of the project from the given case study.

This assessment allows you to practice professional communication with peers, either face-to-face or virtually.

Note: At the discretion of the Learning Facilitator, this assessment can be delivered in class as a presentation/discussion, using recordings or writing directly on the discussion forum. This might require to initiate the task ahead of the submission deadline and will be communicate by the Learning Facilitator. Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


As a Project Manager, you are managing the execution and control of the project, but you are also ensuring that your stakeholders are aware of the project’s progress with the level of detail that they need. How would you communicate project progress and status to key stakeholders? How would you ensure that they have sufficient information to make key decisions and assist you in further progress of your project? This will depend on the stakeholder group, their power and interest and their communication preferences and requirements.



In project management, status reports play an instrumental role as they capture the progress of a project within a specific timeframe. It acts as a vital communication tool that helps diverse stakeholders of a project to remain updated about how the work is moving forward. According to Ward, in a project context, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reporting systems could be introduced that would facilitate accurate and honest reporting in a timely manner (Ward, 2018). For Assignment Help The concept of project status reporting has been critically evaluated in the paper by focusing on the Department Asset Management System project.

Three Effective Status Reports Used in Project Management

Variance Report – While working on a project, a number of variances could arise that could deviate the project team from the intended project path. A variance report could be used to help the project team and key stakeholders like teams to ensure that variances do not arise in the future. In the case of theDAMS project, a variance report would enable the project team to keep track of the project milestones, the project deliverables and project objectives. Moira has argued that a project team must be aware of the cost variance as it would help to ascertain whether the estimated project cost is above or below the set baseline (Alexander, 2017).

Stoplight Report - The DAMS project would be completed within three years, so a stoplight report would serve as a useful communication tool. It would help the stakeholders such as the departmental teams, Subject Matter Experts and others to identify whether the project is at risk, or it could be at risk or it is moving on the right track. Since during the project, numerous contingencies could arise, the report would be vital to keep the stakeholders updated about its progress.

Summary Report – The summary project relating to the DAMS would provide an overview of the entire project. Heldman (2005) has stated that using a summary report would highlight the current project status and help to review the progress and make suitable changes.(Heldman, 2005).

A. Challenges and Pitfalls of These Status Reports

Although the variance report, the summary report and the stoplight report would serve as vital communication modes in the DAMS project, they have several challenges and pitfalls. In variance report, the main challenges that could arise include delay in time to make the reports and ambiguity of informationsource. Tracking of variance would only reveal the end result, and the report could be generated only when a specific project lifecycle has been reached. Thus, time would act as a main constraint. The stoplight report would categorize the status of a project into three main heads. However, the main challenge associated with the report is that it does not focus on the call to action. The main challenges associated with a summary project report include the consumption of considerable time to make the report.

B. Difference Between The Status Reports Provided for Teams, Sponsors, and Steering Committee Considering Their Unique Needs

The status report that is prepared for teams would give a comprehensive insight into how the project is moving forward. Since the DAMS project would be replacing existing systems and manual processes, the report would capture comprehensive information on technical aspects(Schibi& Lee, 2015). Thestatus reports that would be provided to sponsors only shed light on the project deliverables and the factors that influence the deliverables, such as risks, issues and budget. The information on the project performance would be the main component of the status report. The status report that would be provided to the steering committee would mainly capture information about the current status of the project. Based on the reported information, the committee could give suitable advice to support project delivery (Schibi& Lee, 2015).

C. Sample of a Project Status Report To Be Submitted To Subject Matter Experts

A summary status report could be submitted to the Subject Matter Experts, who are one of the most important internal stakeholders in the DAMS project.

Summary Report

Things that went well

Things of surprising nature

New things learned

Report submitted by: Project Team

Date: August 11,2021


In the case of the DAMS project, it is necessary to utilize suitable status report so that proper communication and flow of information would be possible between diverse stakeholders. It would ensure that suitable information is passed on to the necessary stakeholders in accordance with their needs. Using suitable status reporting tools would be vital to ensure that proper communication is done and the involved stakeholders are aware of the project’s status.



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