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BIS3003 IS Capstone Industry Project A Assignment Sample

Project Definition and Scope - The report defines the problem, describing the background and context, and detailing the scope of the project to be undertaken.

Requirements Analysis - Students submit a report covering their requirements analysis for the project.

Project Reflection - Reflection on the student’s journey in the unit focused on (a) the skills and knowledge they were able to draw on from earlier parts of the course; (b) the areas where they needed development and how they addressed those; (c) how they would approach a project like this next time; (d) considerations for

BIS3006 IS Capstone Industry Project B

Report and Oral Defence - Students prepare a report and summarise all these above point and the Project Design, Feasibility Analysis, and Initial Implementation Plan and present and defend their solution design through an oral defence.




The following system is very trending nowadays as it provides the booking of a movie ticket by using their smart devices such as smartphones, computers and laptops very effectively. The user can easily browse for any ticket and book the tickets (Roy et al., 2019).


Clients are presently equipped to peer the seating plan and they are able to likewise ebook rewards on the net. There are likewise frameworks through which clients can verify their ticket and pay even as coming into to the lobby. Film price tag reserving in web is useful for the 2 advertisers and customers in addition. Clients can make on-line movie ticket booking at any example of 24 hours every day. What's extra, as that is an electronic application consequently, they can purchase ticket from wherever everywhere in the planet. Clients can buy tickets without burning thru their time. It contains is a UI willpower by way of which the patron can display interface ideas to be utilized in making plans the framework. Besides, contemplations in regards to non-utilitarian requirements and framework development (Pasyeka et al., 2020).

Why this project?

The following system that is an online movie ticket booking system helps in booking the tickets for or any type of movie which includes the payment services, ticket cancellation and seat management. The system is very simple and useful for the users that the audience or the user can easily use the following system for choosing their movie as well as selecting the position of seat. The primary purpose of the following study for assignment help is to develop and design a system which is efficient and effective in booking movie tickets online. The customers can easily search for the latest movie and the availability of the tickets as well as the price of the ticket with the help of following system. The customers can easily make payment of the decades that has been booked by them with various types of payment services such as net banking, credit card and debit card. The customers will also receive ek informing message of their reservation by a text message and an email.

Conceptual Model

Film price tag reserving in net is the cycle by way of which client should purchase their film tickets straightforwardly utilizing internet and pay thru net based totally banking. Online movie price ticket booking framework is quantifiable, financially savvy and has awesome UI. This on-line ASP.NET C# challenge gives the all working of movie price tag reserving framework. The task maintains through a succession of very a great deal deliberate structures gave approvals to guarantee consistency, dependability and particularly rightness of facts took care of into the data set.

Technology Used


As the programming language C++ is a cross platform which can be e employment and used for developing the applications with high performance due to its various properties. For the development of the following project a programming language C++ has been used for designing various types of classes and objects. The following project uses the features of C++ such as file handling and classes. There are different types of Strings and variables have been used for the development of the following project. Following languages based on the the paradigm of OOPs and all the properties of foods such as inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation and others have been implemented.

System Overview

The main functionalities of the following system are:

• Login and registration the user can easily register or login to the following system with the help of the user ID or username and password. The registration process for or a user and admin are different.

• The user can easily search for any movie and see the latest movie details and select it for booking the tickets of that specific movie. And select the tickets and seats to book.

• The user can also search for any movie in the search bax

• The following system has a a Gateway Of secure payment by which the user can easily make payment of the tickets that has been booked by them.

• After booking the tickets the user gets the details of booking on a text message and an email.

• The user can book tickets, view the tickets booked, and check the seat number and the admin can add a new movie to the system, added details of any movie and delete movie.

Data Flow Diagram

Information streams are data systems transferring, at the same time as records stores are facts systems. Information streams are ways or 'line strains', along which data systems tour, at the same time as the statistics stores are region in which facts structures are stored until required. Information streams are records systems moving, while statistics stores are information structures very nonetheless. Subsequently it's miles attainable that the data stream and the information save would be constituted of comparable facts structure. Information flow charts is an incredibly useful device for the framework examiner since it affords the investigator with the overall image of the framework, it's miles a diagrammatic methodology (Rastogi, 2021).

Figure 1 Class Diagram

Data Abstraction

A giant motivation at the back of an information set framework is to offer customers a theoretical angle on the statistics. This framework conceals particular subtleties of how the facts is put away and kept up with. Anyway, for the framework to be usable, records should be recovered efficaciously. The productivity causes the plan of complicated information shape for the portrayal of information in the data set. Certain intricacy must be stowed away from the facts set framework clients. This subtle via characterizing a few ranges of deliberation at which the records set might be visible (Bui, 2022).

Figure 2 Use case diagram


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