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SYAD310 Systems Analysis and Design Assignment Sample


Case Study

Case Study: ‘Sydney Gifts’

‘Sydney Gifts’ run a store selling good quality antiques and have been in operation for twenty years. They currently maintain details of every piece they sell in a manual system.

‘Sydney Gifts’ has always been run by the same owner/ manager Mr Smith. Mr Smith's son has just joined the business and thinks that using a computerised system would make managing their orders, stock levels and records management easier. Currently they divide their stock into three categories furniture, china art and paintings.

For furniture they store the following details current owner, approximate age, type, style, construction material, finish, condition, notes and price. For paintings they store current owner, approximate age, style, condition, notes, price, artist and medium. For china they store current owner, approximate age, style, and condition, notes, manufacturer and construction material. The managers also want to be able to run sales reports at the end of every month.

‘Sydney Gifts’ also sell antiques on behalf of some of their existing customers so that they may sell the same item more than once. When this happens, they go back to the original record of that piece and record the details of the new sale price, owner etc. This is done so they can maintain the provenance of the item. It is very important to both Mr Smith's that this system is very accurate and quick to use.

They would also like a better way of maintaining customer details so that a customer could tell Sydney Gifts that they are looking for a particular item. That item could be placed on a "wish list" and the customer notified when the item is located. As well as the standard attributes for an item the wish list will store the date the customer registered the item on their wish list and the top price they are willing to pay. ‘Sydney Gifts’ have many customers so that sometimes more than one customer may register that they are looking for a particular item. When at least two customers are looking for the same item it has been decided to offer the item to the customer who registered the item on their wish list first.


Write answers on the following questions

1. What types of system requirements will you focus on for Sydney Gifts System? Explain each one in detail.

2. What fact-finding methods could you use to collect information from employees at Sydney Gifts? Suggest at least three methods and explain the pros and cons of each.

3. Describe two systems development tools and two development methods you can used for system development for Sydney Gifts.

Modelling Exercise

1. Create a use case diagram for Sydney Gifts System.

2. Prepare a context diagram for Sydney Gifts System.

3. Prepare a diagram level 0 DFD for Sydney Gifts System. Be sure to show numbered processes for handling order processing, payment, report processing, and records maintenance.

4. Create an initial ERD for the new system that contains at least four entities.

5. Analyse each relationship to determine if it is 1:1, 1: M, or M: N.


1. Introduction

The present report examines 'Sydney Gifts', a significant store that has been selling high-quality antique products to consumers for twenty long years. In recent times the company has been maintaining the information of the items that would be sold in a manual system. In the Case study report, two types of system requirements are mentioned to operate the operation of the 'Sydney Gifts' system. Furthermore, fact-finding methods are explained that are implemented to collect information from the workers. The advantages and disadvantages of the methods are also explained in the report. Two development methods and two systems development tools are implemented to analyse the development of Sydney Gifts.

2. System requirements by focusing on Sydney Gifts System

Functional Requirements

Functional requirements are signified as the description of the particular service offered by the particular software. It determines the system of the software and its component in dealing with the changes in the software requirements (Martin 2022). On the other hand, the function inputs to the operating system, outputs, and behaviour. The functional requirement is also determined by manipulating data, calculation, user interaction, business management, and specific usage that defines the systematic element to run the functional performance. ‘Sydney Gifts’ regulates the system requirements while determining the requirements that are needed to store the details of the consumer. The store ought to maintain each significant piece sold in a manual system. The store sells antique products such as furniture, paintings, and China art.

On the other hand, the organisation wants to maintain its business while implementing a computerised system such as stock levels, records management, and stock levels. It can be asserted that ‘Sydney Gifts’ uses the functional requirements from the higher aspect of the abstract statement to the specific mathematical requirements. The company will use the functional requirements in conducting the data analysis needed in the operating screen. Consumer data handling needs to be entered into the main system. While entering the specific data, complete information about the stocks, records and orders are put into the system. The system's value is used to analyse the recommendation sets required to design the functional characteristics (Miller et al. 2018). The design is evaluated along with the human factors engineering can result in improvement of their stock maintenance for assignment help.

Performance Requirement

Performance requirement determines the elements of criteria that are needed to stimulate the elements that are used to perform the stock management in a specific code of standards (Designing buildings 2022). On the other hand, performance requirement is signified as the process through the software system would accomplish specific functions under significant conditions. Performance requirements are important to execute the performance that is needed in guiding the end-users (Gorman 2022). In-store management, gathering important information is an important element of software development in determining the software requirements. Requirements are implemented to fully concentrate on the capabilities, goals, and limitations of the project management. Sydney Gifts' consumers, users, and stakeholders need to understand the performance requirement in project management. Sydney Gifts are also looking to maintain the consumer details for the required amount of item. The wish list is the place in the software system where all the information about the products is kept.

3. Fact-finding methods to collect information from employees at Sydney Gifts

The fact-finding method is the important process of implementing techniques such as questionnaires to gather information about requirements, preferences, and systems. Fact-finding techniques are used by Sydney Gifts to find out the changing preferences of the consumer regarding the antique products sold by them. The organisation will use the questionnaire to find out the responses of the consumer that might reveal their preferences and choices on buying the products manufactured by the specific organisation. The fact-finding methods include interviewing, examining documentation, questionnaires, and research.


Interviewing is the eminent fact-finding method to collect information from the consumers buying their products from their store and online platform. The interviews will be conducted properly to find out the best results that are relevant for finding the changing choices of the consumers. Interviews have several advantages, and the most striking aspect is questioning people who can relatively write their responses. This significant category can include the illiterate subjects and infrequent subjects that are unimportant while they speak during the interview. Oral responses play an important part in determining the individuals with a greater number of information than their written responses. The pros of interviewing are the capability to find pertinent information and increase knowledge. The cons of interviewing are a major time-consuming process.

Examining documentation

Examining documentation signifies the project's development required to execute the requirements needed in the project management. Here Sydney Gifts wanted to manage the information about the consumers that have been buying their products for many years. Important approaches are regulated for eliciting requirements to understand the whole inventory system among the stakeholders (Aslam et al. 2021). It is advantageous in recognising the data flow needed to understand the new system. It is disadvantageous because it does not store the document that is important for the system.


Sydney Gifts are incorporating a questionnaire in the primary survey that will be conducted by them to know about the preferences and choices of the consumers. Questionnaires are the eminent form of fact-finding method that permits facts to be collected from a significant number of individuals while regulating control over the responses. It can be asserted that Sydney Gifts are implementing the survey questions to extract information from the consumers who participated in the survey. Questionnaires are designed with important questions that are mentioned in the questionnaire. The consumers have to answer the questions one by one in a serial number to gather responses from the consumer about the products sold and manufactured by the organisation. The pros are that it is a cost savings process and reaches a wide number of people in a certain region. On the other hand, it can also determine unanswered questions about the company and a lack of personalisation.


Research is an important feature finding method in analysing the techniques and methods used in the survey. Proper research can guide the organisation to implement the suitable management required to maintain the manual system. The organisation stores information about the products sold by them to the consumer. The computerised system makes the development of the product management while properly storing the inventory. Proper research will help the Sydney Gifts in assessing the requirements that are needed in the organisation to foster innovation and project management. It regulates critical thinking and also drives analytical skills through on learning process in determining factual knowledge.

4. Systems development tools and methods

System development methods are signified as the eminent process regulated in the organisation to analyse several steps important to design, implement, maintain and analyse the information systems (Saravanan et al. 2017). It is fundamentally important for the systems that are used by Sydney Gifts to maintain the stock for maintaining and gathering the manufactured products. Two systems development methods are the system development life cycle and the agile approach.

System development life cycle

The significant methodology is the product life cycle that includes important steps such as the development of the information systems. The life cycle includes steps such as planning, analysis, maintenance, implementation, and design. In planning, necessary problems of Sydney Gifts are acknowledged to determine the common scope of the traditional system. The problems are analysed to determine the extent to which the management will analyse the modern system (Tutorials point 2022). During the planning phase, challenges, integration, and system security exercised by the Sydney Gifts are considered. In the specification, the information that is collected during the survey is analysed, gathered and validate the relevant information. Furthermore, all the reports are prepared under implementation, which is important to execute the maintenance of the inventory system required to store the modern system.

Agile approach

In recent times the integration of the agile approach in the organisation has developed significantly among highly successful companies (Xu & Koivumäki 2019). The agile approach provides benefits to the organisation in managing important development around the project life cycle. The agile approach is a fundamental process in the project management process to implement an important process in regulating successful business. In user stories, the agile team can develop a fundamental estimation of the activities operated to accomplish the project management done by Sydney Gifts. Sprints are the amount of work that is done by the project members that are discussed in the project planning sessions. The organisation will hold a stand-up meeting to arrange all the members together to ensure the informed details are regulated by the people. Furthermore, in the agile approach, the agile board plays an important role in assessing the tasks that are implemented by the organisation in determining the agile movement.

5. Use case diagram

The use case diagram is signified as the process of determining the changing behaviour of the operating system (Javatpoint 2022). It determines the functionality of the systems while regulating actors, use cases, and their communication with the operating system. The common objective of the use case diagram is to determine the changing aspect of the system. The use case diagram will analyse the requirements necessary in the system that includes external as well as internal influences. The system requirements drive the use cases, persons, and multiple elements that drive the elements and actors that are needed for the implementation of the important use case diagram. Sydney Gifts uses this diagram to understand the changing demands, production of new products, and inventory management are used for analysing through the use case diagram. With the use case system, the Sydney Gifts gather the needs and preferences of consumers present in the operating system. The significant diagram also acknowledges the external and internal factors needed to influence the whole system. While implementing the use case diagram, the organisation needs to analyse the whole operating system of the company to find out the functionalities in the organisation. It can be asserted that the diagram has influenced the integration of the system incorporated by Sydney Gifts.

6. Context diagram

A context diagram signifies the system incorporated under consideration as a significant process to develop the process. It then determines the relationship between the system and the external aspects, including organisational groups, systems, and external data stores (Modernanalyst 2022). The context diagrams are developed to exercise the components important to structure the whole system of the organisation. Sydney Gifts arranges the context diagram that is important to regulate the synchronisation required in the organisation. The boundaries and scope are the relevant information needed to execute the important information. With the context diagram, the Sydney Gifts will use the technical systems to interface the system important for the organisation.

7. Level-0 Diagram

The data flow diagram determines the information flow in the system and process (Lucidchart 2022). It fundamentally uses symbols like circles, rectangles, and arrows, to provide storage points and outputs between the destination in the project management. The data flow diagram is an extensive process determined to regulate the diagrams needed in the organisation. Sydney Gifts will use DFD to encourage sustainable information to determine real-time, interactive, and database-regulated systems. The data flow diagrams regulate the fundamental integration while encouraging captivating criteria needed in the system.

8. Entity-relationship diagram

ERD is the significant element of the flowchart that determines how elements such as objects, people, and concepts link with each other in a confined system. ER diagrams are the fundamental element in determining the debugging and designing of the elements present in the business and research.

9. Conclusion

Based on the above research, it can be concluded that Sydney Gifts are operating a store that will run the products, including the chair, furniture, and paintings. The organisation implements the two system requirements, functional and performance requirements, to encourage the project management process. Diagrams like use case diagram, context diagram, diagram level, and an entity-relationship diagram are used to implement the project management.


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