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EVN301 Events Policy and Strategy Assignment Sample


You are tasked with writing a persuasive and compelling argument to the local council as to why they should approve or support your event and detailing what that support would look like.

You need to succinctly address in your report the following:

- Where there is alignment between your event and the local council’s strategic objectives

- The positive impacts your event will have on the local community and how this will be measured

- Use an Ishikawa Diagram to identify any negatives and include how you will mitigate any potential negative impacts of the event

- What type of event support you are seeking and why

Your response should be detailed and provide specific examples of how your event is aligned with the local council / governing body’s strategic objectives for their community. Where you give examples of positive impacts draw upon related events to show the extent of these, likewise provide supporting evidence that risks can be mitigated.


Strategic Analysis

Alignment between own event and the local council’s strategic objectives

Strategic alignment of the business plays an influential role in developing the event management process. As per the event management concept, health events are a crucial factor for many people, and in this respect, local Council strategic objectives must be helpful to align the process. Support from the local authorities and event management process can better results, and strategic market segmentation helps to achieve the event establishment (Hemmonsbey & Tichaawa 2019). On the other hand, stakeholders play an essential role in the evening Management process. As per the health event in management, community development among the people is the main motto of the event management process. In this respect, the local Council's strategic objective is the same, which helps to control the event management and maintenance throughout the process. Local council takes some strategic objectives in event management planning that benefit the human body. Besides that, event management observes how to communicate with the people, better human life, execute the event and target the same audience.

The primary purpose of event management for assignment help has to focus on the targeted audience, interested participants, and other stakeholders. During the event management process, health and safety, land images, noise pollution, traffic control, safety consumer, IoT and AI, Protection right and maintaining the environmental process is the main objective (Khan et al., 2021). Using diversity and a different population as the primary target of the event management and a large number of people attending the event must be the primary objective in this process. The local Council assisted the project because developing mental health, and well-being is necessary to enhance the community and standard of life. The same purpose will be focused on by the own event management, where the target audience must be a gathered number of people.

Positive impacts own event on the local community

Impact on the event must be a direct impact on the community, which enhances their sociocultural development, environmental development, skill and opportunity to provide participation (Malchrowicz-Mosko & Poczta 2018). After arranging the event, the local community will be more likely to participate in this program. As per the report, lots of people in Australia are now facing mental stress and physical and mental situation. Stress and physical well-being is the main factor in people. On the other hand, promoting better health and life development must be catchy for most of the target audience and expected together with a large number of people in the arrangement place. In the health event, taking some initiative programs such as health awareness tips, improving health life, checking the health condition and other initiative programs will be organised in the health management event.

The positive impact of the event is to enrich their lives in a better way. The fact, lots of employees who suffer in daily life balance must have an impact on their mental and physical condition. They need a proper life after taking health tips from the medical team. The health event will keep a chance to improve mental and Physical health and productivity, boosting their mind to tackle daily burdens (Keeley 2021). Taking the right strategies in event management must gather lots of people, especially those who need a perfect medical check-up for better well-being. Staying healthy and fit is the primary need of human bodies because regular activities and financial gain must go ahead in mental tracing and other health-related challenging situations. Target advertising and social media are impacted the target audience. Analysing the recent scenario, most employees cannot concentrate on their work and daily, people cannot give priority to leading life in another way to mental suffering and the highest stressed conditions. On the other hand, event management will be published on the social media platform where lots of customers can understand the purpose of the event and gather in a particular place at a specific time and date. As health is the primary issue for people, arranging health events must boost positive development.

Using an Ishikawa Diagram to identify any negatives

The Fishbone diagram shows the major problem in the head of the diagram, and the major factor is the source in the backbone indicates the success or failure of the process attached to the measure backbone. As the fishbone analysis simply identifies the gaps for a negative in any process so the technique is simply huge to identify the event management gaps which will be organised to attract the customers (Cms.gov, 202). Success for the event strategic objective needs by the project management, but any failure cannot be analysed easily without any diagram or chart. In this respect, fishbone analysis is a visual technique that highlights the primary factor that influences the performance and provides the cause-and-effect relationship, which will be helpful to mitigate the gap in the lettering phase.

Identifying the wrong measurement, methods, target customer, and environment are crucial factors in any event process. Fishbone analysis selection of the wrong environment where the target audience does not need any kind of mental and physical well-being (Statsenko et al., 2021). In this respect, it will be a significant loss for them to implement the project. Using the diagram, it has been identified that the selection medical team and the particular place have not been clearly mentioned. On the other hand, the manpower and implementation process is not clearly mentioned. Participation of stakeholders in the event management is feasible and impacts the Event management process. But only the advertisement process is not helpful as per the technological concern. Promoting any event needs a large number of people to improve the whole process, but in this event, there is no mention of any specific organisation or volunteer participation.

Analysis of the Fishbone diagrams, defining the problem and brainstorming process can be useful to analyse the problem solving (accelerate.uofuhealth.utah.edu, 2022). Moreover, technical staff, Human Resource Management can build a strong team to handle the process. It must be possible to assemble a lot of people in the event, so it is very tough to handle without technical support or a team development process. A corporation with a project management and technical team can be a major initiative for a successful program.

Figure1: Ishikawa Diagram
(Source: Created by author)

Type of event support

Promotion of events requires specific plans which can be suitable for all targeted customers and non-targeted customers. Moreover, completing the event requires stakeholders participation, Government support, peoples spontaneous response, and all the technical staff joining the effort needed to succeed in the event. Technical, transportation, health and safety, telecommunication, security, and a large number of places where people can fully enjoy the event process. To be a successful event above mentioned are necessary to achieve the goal and objectives.

Financial support is mandatory to fulfil the event because it is expected that a large number of people must participate in the event, so managing the technical staff, high-security system, and advertisement process need power planning and budget. In any event, there must be a high chance of risks so project management with IT knowledge can build up a high-security system for the special guest.Last but not least, promoting the key content about the health program and posting brand awareness will definitely hit the programme.



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