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BSBSUS511 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedure Assignment Sample

TASK 1.1

In order to scope and develop sustainability policies and procedures for Mike’ Engineering you must first establish a set of business sustainability goals and objectives. To do this you will need to research at least two (2) other organisations’ sustainability policies and practices to give you a reference point.

A list of possible organisations to use as a benchmark that you may refer to are, listed below:

RMIT – Google Sustainability at RMIT

Glaxosmithkline1 – Google – Sustainability at GlaxoSmithKline
Monash City Council1 – Google – Monash City Council – Environmental Sustainability Roadmap
Department of Health Vic – Google – Sustainability in Healthcare Depart of health
Victorian Schools – Google – Sustainability Victorian Education Department
City of Whitehorse – Google – Sustainability City of Whitehorse
Ford Motor Company – Google – Sustainability at Ford
Coca Cola – Google – Sustainability at Coca Cola

From your research, you will now be able to create a report (300-500 words) that outlines and compares the Sustainability goals of each of the organisations you’ve selected from the above list. This will provide you with the scope required for you to establish a set of business sustainability goals and objectives for Mike’s Engineering.

TASK 1.2: Legislative requirements and considerations

Referring to the following websites, outline in 100 - 200 words what legislative requirements must be met when developing a sustainability policy.

Google – Noise Laws Victoria (Click on the Noise Tab on the left-hand side and select Industrial Noise)
Google – EPA Victoria – Guide to Environment Protection Act

TASK 1.3: Organisational Sustainability Goals/Objectives

Based on your research and outcomes from Assessment Tasks 2.1 and 2.2, you are now required to develop a set of Sustainability goals/objectives for Mike’s Engineering. As a minimum requirement, you will need to ensure that the sustainability goals/objectives incorporate/reflect and include the following elements:

• Minimising resource use
• Resource efficiency
• Reductions in toxic material and hazardous chemical use
• Employ life cycle management approaches
• Continuous improvement

TASK 1.4: Sustainability Policies and Procedures

Develop TWO (2) Sustainability Policies and ONE (1) set of Procedures for each policy, for Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd. These policies and procedures should be based on the goals/objectives established in Assessment Task 2.3 and will form part of the report that you will make to Mike Brown.

You should consider the following elements when creating your policies and procedures.

• Why sustainability is important in the area where Mike’s Engineering Pty Ltd is located?
• The steps the company is currently taking to address sustainability
• What the major sustainability issues affecting People, Resources and the Environment are?
• What targets can Mike set to improve the sustainability compliance of his business in the following areas:

Energy and water consumption
Waste recycling
Office sustainability
Toxic material
Hazardous waste

• How can Mike involve his staff, neighbours, and suppliers in improving sustainability?

TASK 1.5: Planning Sustainability Policies and Procedures

The next phase in your project for Mike’s Engineering is to create an Implementation Plan based on the new Sustainability policies and procedures you have created in consultation with Mike Brown.

Your plan should be structured to include the following elements:

• Outline of goals/objectives and outcomes agreed upon
• Benchmark indicators for monitoring performance against objectives
• A list of the tasks/activities that will need to be undertaken to implement the plan
• Outline a realistic implementation timeline that would allow the business to:

Reduce water consumption
Reduce electricity consumption
Recycle more of the company waste
Improve recycling efficiency in the office
Address the issues of his neighbours

• Assigning of responsibilities to selected staff members (use role titles rather than individual names) for implementing the plan

• Communications strategy to create and manage awareness of the new policies

• Provide a list of records/evidence of activities that will need to be recorded

• Proposal for how Mike and his staff will review their progress during the implementation phase

Prepare your plan using Microsoft Word and your timeline using Microsoft Excel or another suitable computer software program.

TASK 1.6 : Implementing Sustainability Policies and Procedures

We have now reached the implementation stage of the new sustainability policies based on the Plan you have presented.


There are 2 components to this assessment task:

1. Draft a letter to the neighbours outlining what is going to occur over the coming 6 months.

Ensure you include:

What is happening?
Why is it happening?
What you hope to achieve?
What disruptions are likely during the process?

2. Draft a memo to staff outlining the training that will take place over the coming months. Ensure you identify the training type and participants required with a brief overview of the training session content.

TASK 1.7: Reviewing Sustainability Policies and Procedures

Presume it is now TWELVE (12) months after the implementation process. A review of the Sustainability Policies and Procedures is therefore scheduled.

There are 2 components to this assessment task:

1. Develop the following surveys.

a. A survey that is suitable for distribution to the local residents (5 Questions)

b. A survey that is directed to Mike’s Engineering employees. Ensure you include questions that assess staff attitude to, and adoption of, the new policies and

2. Using the surveys above, prepare a spreadsheet suitable for recording the feedback that can be forwarded to Management



Sustainability is an important factor for any organization at this point. Due to the increase in carbon emissions and loss of natural resources, it is important for companies to come p with proper sustainable operations and infrastructure. RMIT University is an Australian University which follows sustainability for the development of the students and the world. RMIT has adopted a few "Sustainable Development Goals” which include – no poverty, zero hunger, well-being, quality education, gender equality and many more. RMIT has adopted such goals to help not only the environment but also the people there.

The organizations support its Sustainable Development Goals through:

• Learning and Teaching – They enhance themselves with the skills which would be useful for the next generations. They also contribute to their students with knowledge and understanding of sustainability challenges and opportunities.

• Governance and Operations – The university has mandated sustainability and prioritized its use not only in the organization but also outside. The organization makes sure that there is the incorporation of the best sustainability management so that they can operate well every day. The organization also monitors and reports on all the operations and contributions made by the university.

• Research – the organization performs a high level of research to get knowledge about the processes that they need to work on.

• Leadership – They use their expertise and leadership capabilities to promote the Sustainable Development Goals within the university and drive change to achieve them.

ASSESSMENT TASK 1.2: Legislative requirements and considerations

Mike engineering needs to consider certain legislative requirements for developing a sustainable policy for the organization. The organization needs to abide by The Environment Protection Act 2017 which ensures that there would be no activities performed by the organization which would lead to any kind of harm and damage to the environment and also the people near to it.

Other considerations including the Act are as follows:

• Information on duty to notify of contaminated land – if the land is damaged or contains contamination it needs to be informed to the local authorities

• Permission activities – The organization needs to have the licenses, permits, contracts and other necessary documents to ensure safety and legal procedures

• Waste – All the waste must be classified and must be dumped without affecting any environment or its creatures.

• Environmental management – Recycling of waste and classification must be done by the organization.

Including this, the company should also ensure that they are not using any kind of harmful materials or substances used in any place. They need to have the documents as mentioned if any substances that might cause damage to the environment are being used.

ASSESSMENT TASK 1.3: Organizational Sustainability Goals/Objectives

There are certain organizational goals and objectives for assignment help which are needed to be fulfilled by Mike engineering for their sustainable operations in their business:

• Minimizing resource use – The use of harmful and dangerous resources must be minimized to save the environment and the animals living there.

• Resource efficiency – the resources bought for the project would be used completely or would be recycled for future use.

• Reductions in toxic material and hazardous chemical use – The use of materials which would harm the environment or might have a long-term impact on society should be replaced or minimized.

• Employ life cycle management approaches – Through sustainability, the employee work would be developed and enhanced. The employee would also be trained on why sustainability is important and they can use it in their lives.

• Continuous improvement – the organization would implement new things and develop itself every day.
ASSESSMENT TASK 1.4: Sustainability Policies and Procedures
The policies including there set of procedures that mike engineering would use are as follows:

• Removal of subsidies:

The company would minimize the use of toxic chemicals and products so that it would not affect the outskirts of the land and project. The company would also make sure that there are no products tested or used in the environment for testing purposes. Proper recycling and dumping spaces must be organized so that there are no issues with contamination of water or air during the project.

• Participation in Global environmental efforts:

The company would participate and help the people distribute knowledge about the sustainable development the organization is adopting. The organization would also promote sustainable development through their operations which would help in letting people know how the environment can be saved. The organizational staff including employees would participate in the cleaning of waste materials from the environment. The organization would also take into recycling resources for future operations.

ASSESSMENT TASK 1.5: Planning Sustainability Policies and Procedures

Mike engineerings would look forward to minimizing the use of toxic chemicals and products as much as possible to help the organization develop sustainable operations. The organization would look forward to training the staff who is working there and helping them to promote more sustainable procedures and operations.

To monitor the performance of the training the organization would use metrics. The organization would also analyze how much waste they are generating and try to lower or diminish them completely.

The organization to develop proper sustainable operations needs to determine the basic procedures and resources that are needed to do so. Being in Melbourne the organization needs to target the millennial class and show them how they are developing through sustainability. The organization would give the role to the senior-level management to ensure that everyone follows the policies and procedures to maintain high standards in sustainable development.

The senior managers and human resources would be responsible to set up proper training sessions for the employees of the organizations. The human resource team would keep up with the trainers and employees to determine how is everyone doing and how much improvement is being achieved through the training. The staff and other office workers would also be trained and taught about what sustainability are and what are the things they need to do to overcome the old practices.

The organization would take up promotional strategies like social media marketing and online advertising to talk about its sustainable development. The tasks like water cleaning, waste management, etc would be performed by the organization and that would promote the organizational image and its sustainable operations. It would also make people realize how the organization is providing something to the environment and trying to save it from harmful toxins and substances.

As told earlier all the operations would be recorded the senior manager would bring in resources which are less harmful and help in developing the sustainable policies insured by the firm. The legal team would make sure that all the employees and workers follow the sustainable policies and procedures in the firm.

The excel sheet to maintain how much work one is doing and from in to out including the total hours after the training. This would help in knowing if the training helping the employees to grow and are they following sustainable methods.

The above excel sheet provides information regarding the name of the employee and how much they are devoted to the training activities. This would keep track of the time they are taking and how much they are attending the training sessions.

ASSESSMENT TASK 1.6: Implementing Sustainability Policies and Procedures

1. To (neighbour name)



Subject – (course of action for the next 6 months)

The following letter has been sent to you to let you know about the recent activities that are going to be performed by our organization. Recently we are taking up a project near your house/locality and we would want to know that it is recommended that for the next 6 months we are going to change our operations and procedures. We must inform you that during the next 6 months try to help your children but not let them use skates, cycles or any kind of slippery item near the work area. We are sorry for the amount of disturbance you all had to go through due to us.

During the next 6 months these are things that we are going to do as remuneration for our deeds:

• Shifting to solar power – we are going to shift to solar power electricity for our facility so that you all do not need to go through a power outage or extreme load shedding due to our work.

• Waste management – Though everyone is aware of how oil spillage has caused accidents and for that, and already paid for the medical and repair costs. But now we are using proper waste management so that no such incidents occur anymore.

• Environmentally friendly approach – We are going to plant trees and also use less power for our product manufacturing so that you all do not need to face any kind of problems with noise or the trees which died due to our activities.
We are trying our best to shift to sustainable development for our operations and we need your cooperation in the process. We ensure that no more you would go through the same and we would help in providing better service to you.

2. Memo for training

ASSESSMENT TASK1.7: Reviewing Sustainability Policies and Procedures

1. Survey for reviewing the Sustainability Policies and Procedures for the company.
a. Q1. Did you like our new services?

• Yes
• No
• Maybe

Q2. Are you satisfied with our new sustainable operations?

• Yes
• No
• Maybe

Q3. Did you face any problems recently due to our operations?

• Yes
• No

If yes mention what ________________________________________

Q4. Which of our sustainable services did you like?

• Waste management
• Recycling
• Resource management
• Employee behaviour
• Other _________________

Q5. Are there any issues with electricity outages or overloading recently?

• Yes
• No
• Maybe

b. Survey for employees

Q. Did you learn from the sustainable training services? (Yes/no)
Q. Did the training activities affect you positively? (Yes/no)
Q. Do you feel that there is any kind of issues during the training? (Yes/no)
Q. Do the new sustainable policies help you in development? (Yes/no)
Q. Are there any other things you would like to comment on the sustainable activities? (Yes/no) (answer)
Q. Which policy did you like in the sustainable policy? (mention)
Q. Do you feel that the sustainable policy would help us in the long run? (Yes/no) (explain)
Q. Is there anything that you feel can be added to the policy? (Yes/no) (what?)
Q. Did you find any issues with the operations held? (Yes/no) (explain what?)
Q. Do you think the organization fulfils the environmental objectives? (Yes/no)(why?)



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