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CTEC104 Communication and Technology Assignment Sample

Assessment Task:

Formal reports are practical learning tasks where students apply the theories they have been studying to real world situations.

Given a scenario the students are required to collect information (primary and/or secondary) and prepare a report applying their research to make recommendations that address the business scenario.

This report should consist of the following parts: Executive Summary, Introduction, Objectives, Methodologies, Information Analysis, Findings, Recommendations, References, and Appendices (optional).


From paper to internet Luca, your team leader, has asked one of your colleagues, Imran, to develop and post on the internet information about how to lead a ‘greener’ life. Imran realised he needs to write scannable text and blend various models of presentation (text, graphic, design, pictures, sound, video and animation) but is uncertain about the mode(s) of presentation to use and asks your advice. Imran has requested you to think about the scenario and prepare a long report answering the following questions:


1. Why web writers do more than just write.
2. Include a list of suggestions and discussion of activities to be undertaken in the initial planning.
3. Benefits of using the mosaic form of design for web pages rather than the traditional linear form.



The study will focus on the real life situation and explore theory in order to relate with the issue of responsibility of web writers and also include suggestion and discussion for the initial planning. It will also explore the web pages traditional linear form and also identify the engagement with his audience. The focus of the study for assignment help is to explore the method of improving and discovering the website using the search optimization engine. It will also manage the web content importance.

Aims and Objectives

The study is to describe the importance of writers for their activity more than just right design.

? To identify the different activities of the writers.
? To explore the designs and methods used by the web writers.
? To identify the way the audience is addressed.

1. Methodologies

The study will focus on identifying the secondary qualitative study. It will provide appropriate evidence. The use of secondary data will be highly effective and efficient in the context of current study as it will provide resources and potential outcome within the context of the writing environment. The use of the philosophy of positivism will ensure a proper management of resources and perception of the reader.

2. Information Analysis

4.1 Activities of web writers

A writer of the web has to compose a written document in the blogs or the pages that are available on the web. They have no chance to use a notebook or pen to write their content, just like a formal writer. They have to use the artificial techniques of the internet to capture the attention of their viewers and encourage them to visit the new vlogs or the new pages on the web made by them. For the attraction, they always try to use some graphical representation like the graphics of the flash, which don’t need any formal writer. So they always needed wisdom in the field of the techniques of the internet. In some cases, the web pages have been used the SEO (search engine optimization), which helps them to organize their content in the system to get higher rank and also help them to make more efficient in the engine of the search that is web-based (Himmelstein et al 2019). So those things have not needed for a just writer.

The web writer those who have this job need to be good writers with a strong understanding of language and grammar, but also have an understanding of how the words they will compose will be exploited and presented in the online space. Depending on the job of the writer of the web, they need a great knowledge of the coding of the web, and they are also aware of the knowledge of building a language. There are several different ways to get this type of job, but people who have experience working in a company with blogging or a strong web presence may be the most attractive candidates for the recruiter. The work is often preferred by many people because it is often really flexible, and a huge amount of the work can be done from their home or on the basis of the freelance. Web writers always try to provide the content of articles and pages on the website to give the visitors something which is meaningful and interesting both. So this means that there is a huge difference between a normal writer and a writer of the web pages or a blog writer. A writer on the web needs a lot more knowledge than a normal writer.

4.2 Planning requirements

4.3 Create Objectives

The first move that is taken in planning is deciding the goal to be achieved during the planning term. The strategic plan made on a long-term basis may prioritise particular market share gains in the coming years (Hussain et al 2022, p. 69). In contrast, the division operating plan may prioritise the application of a new technique of monitoring orders and sales in the next quarter.

Mark is concerned with yearly goals for the department of sales, so he starts by defining goals which are concerned with the sales in the next year, as well as a job he would like to apply for that helps in automating the sales order process.

4.4 Task creation to achieve these goals

The further move is to create a checklist of tasks that must be executed to meet the defined objectives. For example, Mark determines the sales taking place on monthly basis required to meet the goal of sales he is aiming for, as well as chief tasks linked to the automation process, like tool selection, as well as training for the team on its use.

4.5 Required resources for completing the task

For fulfilling an objective some resources are required which should be identified at first. In this case, the term "resources" refers to both the human resource required to fulfil the plan and the supplies required to give support to those human resource (Hussain et al 2022, p. 69). This could include a sales administrator, salespeople, various supplies such as funds, and brochures for an advertisement propaganda which is intended to increase the number of prospects in the funnel of the team of sales.

4.6 Timeline

Now the identified resources must be allocated according to the need. For example, Mark decides that the campaigning of the marketing will start during the first quarter of this financial year, this will increase the marketing of the company in the second quarter of the following financial year. Based on Mark can easily calculate that how much resources is required to complete the task. If there is any shortage of salesperson it can be filled in the second half of the financial year.

4.7 Plan Implementation

This is the point at which other managerial functions enter the picture. Managers communicate the plan to employees clearly in this step to help turn plans into action. This step entails allocating resources, organising labour, and purchasing machinery.

4.8 Follow-Up Action

Follow-up refers to the process of constantly monitoring the plan and soliciting feedback at regular intervals. Monitoring plans are critical to ensuring that they are carried out according to schedule. It is to ensure that objectives are met. The regular checks and comparisons of results with set standards are performed.

3. Benefits of mosaic form

Creating a good design is very much important. When the audience visits the website, it gives them the first impression of one’s business. They will judge the business in a few seconds and in these seconds only a good design can make a positive impression in the minds of audiences. A good design aids one’s search engine optimization strategy.

When a website is designed with a traditional linear form it is organized with a middle, beginning, and end, more like a printed book would look. These days linear design is not used to design most websites, but it is very helpful in the presentation of long-form content, such as online texts and manuals. These days the mosaic form of web page designing has become a favourite free architecture portfolio website template to most designers. The mosaic form of web design is minimal, sophisticated, and minimal, the overall implementation is excellent, and its flexibility goes beyond the roof. It doesn’t matter what device a person is using. They can experience magnificent designs and creations; mosaic adapts to it fluently and instantly. It is like one will be having a lot of fun while creating their architecture website and so anyone could enjoy it while browsing. A website when designed in linear form, the website will usually present a table of content, like a book and it will have “next and “previous” buttons which allow paging through the whole site. It becomes monotonous (Sane 2020, p.58). For this reason, creating a good and strong impression with a striking and unique split-screen slider with a call-to-action button. Additionally, the Mosaic features scroll content load, animated statistics, sticky navigation, categorized portfolio section, and parallax effect. It also provides recommendations and logo sliders for clients, a contact section with full form, a full-page blog and Google maps as well as a newsletter subscription box. Anyone can create and design a web page using the Mosaic form of web design. It doesn’t require one should know the programming language. It can be created easily just by learning HTML. It is important to create a responsive web design to have a better visual experience, the experience of the user, and create a good impression from the user. Websites that were designed using the traditional linear form are monotonous like books, having an index, title bar, content, and “previous and next” buttons. The design created with the Mosaic form has a charming appearance that encourages the user to engage more with the website and also enhances their experience during surfing.

4. Conclusion

It can be said that the writers of the website have more responsibility to perform when it comes to the different environments. Initial planning requires a complex web of experience and managing to overcome the issue of design and traditional linear form. It has been noted that the planning of the writing and design provide a significant direction and control over the management of the organization.

5. Recommendations for improvement of the website

It is necessary for the web writer to play a crucial role in the management of the services in a significant and effective way. It is necessary for the writer to make the website more optimized and accessible to the user.


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