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ITC561 Business Requirements Report Sample


Read the Regional Gardens case study in the Resources section of Interact 2 before attempting this assignment help.

You are an ICT Cloud consultant and you have been approached by Regional Gardens (RG) to advise them on how to improve their data centre and move into the Cloud. The Managing Director (MD) is still unsure that this is the best approach for his company as he feels that his company is "not really big enough to be thinking about moving to the Cloud" and that any money should be spent on their garden design and product development rather than ICT. But both the Design manager and the Sales Manager are both concerned that if the company's data centre isn't improved then the company will not be able to expand.

The company has recently upgraded their display garden and also added a series of new product lines to their nursery store as a result. The Sales Manager is concerned that the current order system will be inadequate to handle the expected large increase in orders that is likely to come from these upgrades. The online sales system is currently running on the RG web services infrastructure, which has not been updated for a considerable amount of time. RG uses their own custom-designed garden design platform that runs on SharePoint 2013.

This allows them to enable a number of designers to work on individual customer designs or to collaborate on larger designs. This platform allows them to access the design software from the office, but also allows the possibility of remote access. The Design Manager would really like to enable the remote working capability, but has concerns that the SharePoint infrastructure is also quite dated and may not support an increase in the level of demand or for remote work.

The company is quite reluctant to put more capital into ICT infrastructure as the MD, correctly, reasons that this capital will be needed to support sales, design and distribution. The MD has read that the company can set up ICT infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for no capital cost and reasonable monthly payments for the use of their infrastructure. The Regional Gardens MD is not entirely convinced that this is a valid approach as the company has always purchased and owned its own infrastrastructure so that it is not reliant on other organisations. But in the current circumstances, a Cloud approach now has to be investigated.

Regional Gardens Case Study

Regional Gardens Ltd is a company that runs a number of related gardening enterprises. It has a large display garden that it opens for public inspection a number of times a year. These enterprises include the Regional Gardens Nursery which sells plants and garden supplies to the public, and Regional Garden Planners which provides garden advice, design and consultancy services.

Regional Gardens Ltd has a small data centre at its main site in Bathurst where the company’s servers and data storage is located. The company has the following server infrastructure:

• 2 x Active Directory domain controllers on Windows Server 2012 R2;

• 2 x SQL Server 2008 R2 database servers on Windows Server 2012;

• 1 x Exchange 2010 email server on Windows Server 2012 R2;

• 4 x Windows Server 2012 File and Print servers;

• 2 x Windows SharePoint 2013 servers on Windows server 2012 R2;

• 2 x Red Hat Enterprise 5 Linux servers running Apache and TomCat (2 x Xeon 2.8GHZ, 16GB RAM, 140GB HDD).

• 1 x Cisco ASA 5512-X firewall running v9.6 ASA software.

This infrastructure has not been updated for some time and the Regional Gardens Board is concerned that a full upgrade may now cost them more than it is worth. The Board is now considering moving some, or all, of their current infrastructure into the Cloud. The Board sees this as a strategic move to future-proof the company.

Regional Gardens has engaged you as a consultant to advise them on the use of Cloud Computing in their daily operations. They have some 70 garden design, horticultural and support staff that work on different projects for clients in New South Wales. They have been advised that a move to using a Cloud based infrastructure would be an advantage to them.


Cloud discussion:

Advantages of Web Services:

Interoperability: Web service mainly works outside of any private networks and provides some important non-proprietary route to mitigate all issues of servers. Developers have enough priority to set up their programming language to communicate with authentic users. It can also determine as an independent platform.

Usability: Web service provides some business logic to expose through the web page. Web service helps the user to choose their application as per their preference. This type of approach can enhance the overall service and produces some useful code with different languages (Li et al., 2020). 

Deployability: Web service is mainly used through standard Internet technologies. Web service is used in different firewalls to the servers for completing the internet connection. Community standard also depends on the webserver.

A regional garden can become more helpful by the deployment of the web server in the cloud security storage. It can also create a user-friendly atmosphere.

The disadvantage of web service:

Storage capacity: Web service protocol mainly followed plain text format. Therefore, this format occupied a large space than binary methods. Large spaces with low internet connections are strictly affected by the regional garden's organization resources. It is one of the significant drawbacks of the webserver (Ullah et al., 2020).

HTTP server: Comparing the core web protocols and web services, HTTP is mainly grown-up for the long-term session. Browser mainly uses this HTTP connection for providing some web pages and images. On the other hand, the webserver can establish the connection for a long-term period and sent the data periodic manner. Web service process has become quite difficult for the clients of Regional Garden Ltd company.

The server provides some unique identification to the client for accessing the server. This kind of unique identification process provides the further request to the server. The server mainly depends on the timeout mechanism. If the server did not get any response from the customer side, they usually remove the data. It can become an extra load for the Web service. Cloud infrastructure of the regional garden will be getting a random threat from the service provider to store ant information for future use.

Advantages of share point:

Advantages for Business growth:

SharePoint architecture helps the user to gather any important information about the portal and it can easily be accessible by the authentic user of such an organization. The regional garden must implement this activity to install data from various sources Like EXCEL. Microsoft SQL. This can enhance the business process of Regional Garden Pvt. Ltd.

Cloud-based framework: Share point can access the progress of any project at any time with the help of a web browser. Authentic users of the company can use their data and resource as per the company's requirements.

Security in cloud solution: The security of the company is mainly determined by the business data of any renowned organization. SharePoint helps the user to arrange any data with the help of the firewall security process. Unauthorized members or outsiders of the organization can hardly access the information. Cloud solution helps to improve the confidentiality of any documents.
Disadvantages of SharePoint:

Integration requires developmental effort: Sharepoint integration issue is recognized as a very important aspect. All user mainly invest their time and cost to creates any project. If the project has become fail, then it is determined as a wastage of time and money.

Poor capability: SharePoint is a traditional approach. User can not get their information in a few seconds. It will take some time to display the information on the screen.

Though Share pointer has some good qualities, the traditional approach and the low developmental process can restrict the growth of the Regional garden.

Source: (Mahloo et al., 2017)

Web service infrastructure:

Deploying RG web service into AWS cloud:

Amazon web service is determined as a comprehensive platform that consists of three different types of services like IaaS, Platform as a service, and Packaged software as a service model. Cloud deployment has been created with four different architectures like public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud. Few processes will be introduced in this section to deploy the AWS cloud service.

1. RG private limited company use this service to make available the service and resources

2. AWS mainly helps to manage customers' data for different authenticated users. Consumers are managing all application stacks and also make logging information authorized(Abbasi et al., 2019).

3. After that patching the information and gives a backup plan to use the data as per the organization's requirement.

4. The provider gives the Host and VM installation process.

5. The server provides network service and storage capacity.

6. In a PaaS environment, the virtual server is installed to make a readymade environment (Zhang et al., 2019).

RG web service deployed in the public subnet and AWS service used to protect RG web service:

RG web service has taken a few steps or methods to install the AWS service model architecture. These processes are like production VPC, UAT vpc, and DEV vpc.

1. In the production subnet method private and public subnets are used to rout in a particular table. The proxy server will be available here for 24*7 hours. It can share the database and log storage by the VPG method.

2. In UAT internet access, a public subnet will be deployed with the help of a router and proxy server. VPG method is used here to share the database snapshot and log storage services.

3. Router table, virtual private gateway helps to deploy the web server into public subnet model. It can also access the data or services.

Public access to the web service:

1. When the webserver is allowing for the users, intruders are always ready to create a log file for stealing all personal information of the Real Garden PVT. Ltd. Company. Therefore a DNS server should be installed here to pollute the cache of the server. It can give some questions to the transmission control protocol. This can also help to build up protection against the cache protocol system.

2. To restrict the malicious user it is very important to disable the recursion of the DNS server. The service provider should give the information to ISP for restricting the similar attack of DNS server.

These are the required method to make the web server for public access in RG Pvt. Ltd.

Remote access for the authorized web users: The main problem of secure remote access is internal webserver from the outsides of the firewall security system. In the meantime, unauthorized users have enough opportunities to get access the sensitive information. The main goal of the Real Garden infrastructure cloud is to implement a one-time password solution for accessing all documents of RG. Pvt Ltd. A secure socket layer is also used here. These components are needed to be implemented here in such a way as to improve the security, performance, and availability scale.

2.Another process is the main component of the system has two subcomponents. Proxy has one subcomponent behind the firewall. Another component is present behind the firewall.

3.Push web machine is used inside the machine, another machine absent is used outside. When a web request comes from DWT, absent uses control connection statement to initiate actual communication with authorized users. Push web server only helps to establish a connection.

Source: (Pacevic & Kaceniauskas, 2017)

Share point design Platform:

Process of SharePoint infrastructure in AWS cloud:

Share point infrastructure can increase the security and high availability of the system in AWS cloud storage. Few steps should be followed here with the help of AWS cloud Formation template, multiple servers, and single server topologies. This deployment option included some specific categories like a single server and multiple server share points to form a virtual private cloud (Hodson et al., 2017).

1. Public subnet and private subnet mask are used here to make a static internet activity. In virtual private cloud storage, the Public subnet has two categories like NAT gateway and RD gateway.

2. Private subnet consists of 4 different categories like Frontend server, app server, database server, and directory server.

3. Network address translation gateway used here to allow outbound internet access for the required private subnets.
Private subnet: Application load balancer is used within the AWS server. Amazon EC2 instance is also added to the front-end device. Two amazon EC2 instances serve as Microsoft SQL servers needed to be deployed in the Amazon web server application (Yu et al., 2020).

4. A remote desktop gateway in the auto-scaling group allows the remote desktop protocol to Amazon elastic compute system. It can make the connection between private and public subnets.

These methods are required here to install SharePoint infrastructure in the AWS cloud(Varghese & Buyya, 2018).

SharePoint uses private subnet and AWS to protect RG web service:

According to the AWS configuration, VPC configuration has been used to place internet and non-internet servers in particular positions. This can also help to restrict direct access from the other instances of the internet.

1. Hybrid architecture is one of the useful methods to extend private policy and it can also enhance the Active directory infrastructure.

2. Private subnet made up with the help of application load balancer.

3. A network load balancer is used here for the SharePoint application server.

4. Two Amazon electric compute systems serve Microsoft SharePoint as an application server (Waguia & Menshchikov, 2021).

5. Amazon EC2 is also used here as a Windows failover file share witness.

6. At last SQL server is also used in RG infrastructure Pvt. Ltd to create a high available cluster.

7. These are the main components mainly used to set up the RG Pvt. Ltd company by implementing Amazon web server cloud architectural system.

Protection to RG web service: AWS server continuously helps to protect the data, information, and threats by improving the encryption, key management, and threat detection system. These concepts will be discussed in this section:

Threat identification and monitoring: AWS server is constantly monitoring threats in any system or network activity. As a result, it can detect any suspicious behavior within the cloud environment.

Identity access management: AWS identity constantly helps to make a secure management identity, resources, and permission within a particular scale. AWS has its identity service in the workforce and customer-facing applications. AWS constantly trying to manage its application (Mete & Yomralioglu, 2021).
Compliance status: AWS service constantly checking the comprehensive view of any compliance status. Not only that but also Monitoring the whole environment with the help of an automatic compliance checkup process.

In this way RG Pvt. Ltd can store the data in a safe, secure area. Implementing the above items or rules RG web service infrastructure will be protected.

Remote access share point for authorized users:

Share point is one of the significant document management platforms which is strictly used in different organizations, It can also produce near about 1 billion in revenue. SharePoint also helps to allow the organization and makes information confidential behind of corporate firewall system.

1.SharePoint intranet is mainly added with the users. The external use of this site can also have enough priority to get the internal information of Real Garden Pvt Ltd.

2. Self-hosted share point is one of the keys used to access internal information without using any virtual private network system.

3. It is also very important to create an application with the help of an application proxy. External and internal URLs will be used here to access the share point. There are few steps added here like internal URL, pre-authenticate URL, translation of the URL.
These are the required process needs to be implemented in RG Pvt Ltd for maintaining the remote access to the shared pointer.

5. After the process, the Sign-On mode and Internal application SPN model are used here to make a delegate login identity. User's domain has been checked continuously and select on-premises user names().

(Source: Kisimov et al., 2020)

Desktop architecture:

Approach to improve the desktop experience for staff:

Virtual desktop is defined as an innovative approach for any company to access the application from anywhere of the company. The desktop cloud can enhance the work from home opportunity. Covid-19 pandemic is gradually increasing the requirement of the virtual desktop category. In this report, few methods will be discussed to improve the desktop experience in the future (Chaignon et al., 2018).

Secure working environment: A hosted desktop solution offers Windows 10 and Windows Server from the different internet-based connected locations. It can make the data or information of the employee more secure. The virtual desktop experience is more comfortable than the office desktop experience.
Reduced cost in virtual desktop: Cloud virtual desktop has their expenditure for actual business. On the other hand, a physical desktop needs a huge amount of hardware, licensing, and management systems.

Consistent productivity: A hosted desktop solution remove the quality of the physical server on an individual site. This virtual desktop platform can also decrease the downtime system. An advance plan is also getting prepared in favor of employees’ satisfaction in RG Pvt. Ltd. Low downtime operation provides efficient operation and generates huge economic revenue (Sen & Skrobot, 2021).

Simplified IT infrastructure: Virtual desktop environments can create simple architecture to connect their 70 stores in one platform. An automation process can increase the quality of any users and running the program insecure manner. A simple and efficient process helps to make the IT team less worried than the previous project. It can also increase productivity within the organization.

Therefore as a researcher, it has been coming out that virtual desktop solution is more efficient for the staff of RG Pvt Ltd.

Amazon workspace vs. Goggle G suits for existing desktop:

Advantages and disadvantages of Amazon workspace and Google G Suite:


a)Amazon workspace is recognized as a virtual private network. Users can also get the advantages of encrypted storage volume from the AWS cloud service. It can also integrate the AWS key management service. Amazon workspace providers can improve the user data and risk service area.

b). Amazon workspace is also very helpful to save the time of operation which multiple computers needed. Amazon workspace is also defined as a cost-effective structure and provides various CPU, memory, and storage configuration.

c). Amazon workspace provides quality cloud infrastructure and manages the global deployment model.

Google G suits advantages:

a). It is very hard for the business owner of the RG Pvt Ltd company to visit multiple places for managing the tools. G Suite admin console helps to solve the issues by managing all devices, security change, and custom domain performance.

b) Google G suit helps to make the data protection capabilities which can preserve the sensitive information stored. Users can access the data as per the requirement.

c). Google G space has enough storage capacity which is restricted by the authenticated user within any organization. The administration head of the organization can send important mail to those people who are bounded within any particular organization.

d) G suit has enough tools like Google hangout chat, Google hangout meet, Google form and google slide. If any employee within the organization can not able to manage the data, the admin can remotely access the data. Then he can make changes to some additional issues.


1. When a remote official meeting has happened, G suit had never maintained the picture resolution within the screen. Therefore it can create a barrier within the organization.

2. A single workspace is too difficult for the users’ to manage. As a result, multiple google spaces are required for improving the user access movement.
The disadvantage of Amazon workspace:

a). Though the amazon marketplace is great, it is hard to make a subscription and activate the instance.

b). Tools of the amazon workspace are quite higher than any other software.

c). Experienced users can only identify the correct configuration of the Amazon workspace. Therefore it is very important to use user-friendly software for making the function easier (Damianou et al., 2019).

Analyzing the above advantages and disadvantages of the Google G suite, amazon workspace, the G suit is quite acceptable for employees within the Real garden Pvt. Ltd. Multiple tools are used here to secure the data privacy system. Apart from this thing, remote access to the desktop can be easily done by this software.
Online Blog architecture:

Developing cloud edge solution:

IoT system is one of the useful platforms to connect global users in the market with the help of cloud service. According to the analytics, the business organization has depended on three different resources like Data analytics and cloud computing model (Solozabal, et al., 2018).

The edge computing model is being created with the help of advanced technology and LAN or WAN connection. IoT gateway devices are giving adequate support to improve the cloud computing operation within the system (Dreibholz et al., 2019).

When the edge device is combined with cloud computing technology strength of the local storage and processing capacity will be increased in a rapid manner. Edge computing architecture consists of different materials s which have been discussed in this section. The first thing is distributed computing system, the application process, Different device nodes, Rapid increment of data volume, and increasing traffic. Network connectivity has played a vital role by completing the sliced network and bandwidth management system. These are the required components needs to implement in Regional Garden company to provide better service in favor of customers’ requirement.

Advantages and disadvantages to the regional garden:


Cost reduction: Cloud edge solutions bring the opportunity to reduce the cost structure of any organization or firm. Cloud computing services can only charge the amount at the time of installing the software. RG company should only pay at the server time or space in that use(Cao et al., 2017).
Security: Cloud edge solutions is also become helpful to secure customer information. When a customer placed an order, authenticate user can only access those data or information. Cloud providers are always trying to make software updated. Therefore hackers can not able to access the bank account number or purchasing detail of the consumer (Zhang et al., 2018).


Downtime: Cloud edge solutions don’t have any cache memory to store the data when there is any power cut. Sometimes mobiles do have not enough power to complete the order in a cloud secure system. Then RG PVT. Ltd should give additional steps to fix such a problem.
Connection scheduling: Scheduling tasks has become challenging for different nodes. Scheduling tasks should be progressed to execute data processing and maintaining the information in a gentle way.

These benefits and limitations had become faced by the regional garden Pvt. Ltd.



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