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COIT11226 System Analysis Assignment Sample

Due date: Week 12 Friday (7 October 2022) 11:00am AEST
Weighting: 40%

Length: 1,200 to 1,300 words (word count includes all contents except the cover title page, table of contents, figures, and references)

Required Tasks in This Assignment Help

Assuming that the waterfall model has been chosen for implementing the new system to replace the current system. Also assuming that some programs have been written and are ready, whereas some other programs are not yet ready at the current stage of development. Complete the following tasks and document your work in your submission:

1. Testing:

a. Among unit testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing, discuss and explain which of them is/are applicable at the current stage of development.

b. Suppose the project team wants to apply white-box testing to generate test cases for testing the new system. Discuss and explain the feasibility of applying white-box testing to test the new system.

c. “Assume” that white-box testing is feasible, and it has been applied to generate test cases, do you think that the project team still needs to apply black-box testing to generate additional test cases for further testing? Why?

2. Discuss the merits and drawbacks of applying random testing to test the new system.

3. In view of the business operations of CNP, which system installation approach should be used to replace the existing system by the new system? Why? (Note: In this task, you are notallowed to select two or more installation approaches. Students who select more than one
installation approach will receive zero mark for this task.)



a. Assuming that the waterfall model has been chosen in the Computer No Problem for implementing the new system to replace the current system. Also, assuming that some programs have been written and are ready, whereas some other programs are not yet ready at the current stage of development.

? Unit testing- It is a sort of software testing method which is achieved on a single entity, unit or module in test its modifications. This testing phase is often carried out by the developers throughout the request's expansion. Each of the unit of testing may be assumed of as a method, service, process, or object (Testim 2022). In short, this testing method tests each program individually and does not connect any other ones with it.

• The common testing methods that it uses are-
• Gorilla testing
• White box testing (Vijay 2018).

? Integration testing - software testing, the term "integration testing" refers to the practise of evaluating a programme as a whole, as opposed to its individual parts. Finding issues with module-to-module interactions, communications, and data flows is the primary goal of interoperability testing. When integrating components or sets of units into a system, either a top-down or bottom-up strategy may be used (Vijay 2018).

? System testing- the last one is system testing as it's name suggests it is referred to the software testing method of the entire system at once. System testing is a kind of testing where the entire system is examined and compared to a set of predetermined criteria (Vijay 2018).
As per the case scenario of Computer No Problem, the project follows waterfall methodology i.e. a step by step process of SDLC. Project is in the middle of development and there are still programs left to be developed and only a few have been developed, which means that it is in Integrated testing phase, where the developed programs can be integrated and tested together for the proper functioning and analysis, however it can not be in system testing because there are still undeveloped programs left, without which system can control be made and tested.

Figure 1: Testing of software
(Source: AUBERT 2020)

b. To ensure proper input-output flow in the Computer No Problem Project, enhance usefulness, and strengthen security, White Box Testing examines the software's internal structure, architecture, and code. White box testing is also known as Clear box testing, Open box testing, Transparent box testing, Code-based testing, and Glass box testing since the code is exposed to the testers. A white-box test case involves running a piece of software with known input parameters to verify known output values (ReQtest 2022). If these numbers don't add up, it's a problem. This is a theme across the whole of the program.

Figure 2: white box testing
(Source: Lemaprod 2018)

The feasibility that this technique to generate test case for testing new system are -

• Transparency- Since everything is laid out for the tester to see, they can thoroughly examine the whole structure and code base, allowing for prolonged testing.

• Less time to test case for testing new system- When all the software data is easily accessible, the tester can quickly comprehend the code and complete the tests, but huge applications without complex models might take weeks or months to test (Packetlabs 2021).

• Easy Automation of test case- Many technologies exist to facilitate automation of the test cases, therefore significantly shortens the time required to complete them.

• Detects risks and optimises code- It is useful for finding undetected bugs and removing unnecessary code. Due to the abundance of data, it should be possible to spot vulnerabilities and problems in the software (Hamilton 2020).

Figure 3: feasibility of whit box testing
(Source: Author 2022)

c. As the project aims at replacing the current system due to key operational and UI challenges. Hence, it is necessary to evaluate the end user structure of the system or the outer structure which will be presented to the user, it can evaluate with the help of Black box testing.
Black Box Testing is referred to the testing approach in the project of Computer No Problem, which does not take into account the internal structure, concept, or product implementation of the product being evaluated. In other terms, the person performing the test is unaware of its internal workings. The Black Box is focused on simply assessing the system's exterior behaviour. The program's inputs are analyzed, as are the outputs or reactions it generates (Practitest 2021).
Even after conducting thee white box testing in the Computer No Problem, it is necessary to implement the Black Box testing approach because of the reasons mentioned below-

? Black box testing examines a system end-to-end. A tester may replicate user behaviour to evaluate whether a system delivers on it's own claims, just like end-users don't care how a system is developed or designed. A black box test assesses UI/UX, web/application server, database, connections, and system integration (Imperva 2020).

? Black box testing can be used to check how certain parts or operations of the source code being tested work.

? Using the regression technique, it is possible to see if a new version of the application shows a transformation, or a loss of features from the previous version.

? Testers can simply split the independent variables in the division of groups, or panels, and appraise only one exemplar input from each group (Imperva 2020).

? With this method, one look for mistakes that development teams often make when structure similar plans. For example, developers as well as the test performers can check to see how the programmer dealt null values in a field, values of the arithmetic field or data points in a text-only field, and cleansing of input data, or if a user can enter source codes, which is important for security (Imperva 2020).


Random testing is a kind of testing process of software in which the computer is examined using randomized and unbiased inputs & test cases. Monkey testing is another term for random testing. It is a black box evaluation framework approach wherein the tests are picked at random and the outcomes are evaluated using some software identifying to determine if the output is accurate or erroneous.

Table 1: merits and demerits of random testing

2. System Installation Approach

In the installation of Computer No Problem, for function of sales and purchasing as well as maintaining the records, it is necessary to look for the good system installation approach as it is a one time investment and it should not be further create problem. In order to look for the new system into the company, the company is going with the Web - based installation approach, that means each and every component will be operated though the web services and CRM system will be installed. Along with that, in order to maintain the data of the company, cloud infrastructure is installed and databased management system will be utilised.


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