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CSM80017 Managing Quality and Safety in Construction Site Operation Assignment Sample


To answer Part 1, you are suggested to consider any one of particular recently projects for your case-study. Assume a key role in that chosen recently completed project, you are required to provide your report including:

(i) the communication and documentation arrangements for managing quality problems in construction the site operations in your chosen case-study project

(ii) the communication and documentation arrangements for safety issues and incidents/ accidents in the construction site operations of your chosen case-study project

(iii) An infographics for any one of the following in construction site operations in that case-study project for assignment help

a. a specific rework occurrence;
b. a particular quality problem due to poor workmanship
c. a Safety incidence due to some equipment failure
d. a safety issue due to a specific human error


To answer Part 2 of CSM80017 Groupwork, you are suggested to consider any one of forthcoming new projects. Assume a key role in that new project, you are required to provide your report including

(i) Your recommendations for effectively integrated safety and quality management by employing sophisticated technologies along with advanced safety culture and safety leadership synergies

(ii) Suitable infographics for any two of the following for construction site operations in that new project:

a. a specific rework occurrence that might cause some workplace health and safety issue(s);
a particular safety incidence that might lead to specific quality problem(s)
an opportunity for integrating specific safety and quality agenda
a digital technology solution potentially enhancing occupational health and safety
a digital technology solution potentially leveraging quality aspect(s)

Your written report of this “Group Work Part 2° can be normally 3 to 5 pages (total) excluding cover information and references.


India: Multisector Project for Infrastructure Rehabilitation in Jammu and Kashmir

In this case study, the construction or the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of different sectors and units in Jammu and Kashmir, India is understood. The complete project was supported by the ADB (Asian Development Bank). The project comprises of improving urban facilities and utilities and constructing the damaged rules in Jammu and Kashmir for the rural and urban lifestyle of people. For this, initiates like building the broken bridges and roads back and improving the water supply system overall including the change of complete drainage system and better transportation facilities in terms of roads and bridges.The project is distributed in three parts in terms of construction. The first part is the urban sector construction. The second part is the transport sector construction and the last part is the capacity building construction.The role I played in this complete project is for designing, planning and understanding the roadmaps.

Part 1

1. Communication and documentation arrangements made for managing quality problems on construction sites.

Communication & document management is mandatory discipline that is considered with implementing the flow of documents in order to make the project essentials store, find, change, and share. Document management can imply both digital and physical forms. So, in this infrastructure rehabilitation project of Jammu & Kashmir, various challenges have been identified that raised the quality of the project. In this manner, to control and manage such quality issues in this project, it is essential to manage both communication and documentation. A list of strategies is outlined in the following points to demonstrate the technique of arranging the communication as well as documentation for managing the quality issues. The documents are arranged digitally and each project specification will be arranged separately to access them immediately as per needs.

Cost issues with Initial Project implementation: To ensure the quality of project, a step should be considered while starting a project. A document can be arranged by making a proposal in which the intent of a project is captured by communicating with project associates. This proposal will involve the project resources, timeline, planning, cost, and stakeholder information. In this manner, the progress, cost, and time can be estimated to investigate whether the quality is maintained or not (EcoSys 2022). However, this step is helpful in meeting quality controls but the documentation from initial stage needs a significant time to record each thing on system. In this, cost is also required for storage and additional time to make the project.

Operational risks in Document the deliverables: All the deliverables can be managed in a document and it can be arranged systematically with delivery date and status. This document will help the project manager to estimate the concurrency of the project. While a deliverable is documented then it needs the operations and processes implemented on that each time. The construction operation is complex to explain thus, there is an operational risk which can be accurately or inaccurately documented.

Regulatory & Compliance risks in Edits & Changes: This is a common thing that this construction project is done to reconstruct the infrastructure of Jammu & Kashmir so, that transportation areas, draining systems, roads, and buildings are rebuilt or treated again. So, there are lots of changes that have been made during the project. To manage the quality of the project, each change is documented in a separate document by analyzing by team members in a meeting. Although, this process has a regulatory and compliance risk because, making any changes in the construction sites can cause violated law or regulation due to the unawareness. So, the team has faced this issue while documenting the changes.

Unethical Verifications & Approvals: A document can be created in which a table can be used with requirement specifications, required resources, changes, and feedback. Consequently, a particular reason for that change or resource and its status with approved and unapproved can be maintained. The date must also be mentioned to verify the approvals and time taken to start and finish that operation to increase the quality (EcoSys 2022). In documentation procedure of verification and approval, the team faced an issue to document it properly because only partial information they have on their hand so, incomplete documentation is not worthy to keep.

In this manner, quality can be improved by documenting each operation separately to estimate the overall case. All documents then can be saved in a single digital folder. Thus, by documenting everything the communication is well-arranged which enhances the quality.However, with the positive features, the project team has faced other issues regarding documentation such as-

• Difference in content and style caused issues in respect of contract’s terms & conditions.

• Confusion on terms and conditions made the documentation inadequate.

• Tender documentations are also not allowed in digital arrangements because it needed use of separate software to upload or write the attachments and they are very large.

• Risk of fraud and software failure were some other risks in documentation arrangements.

2. Communication and documentation arrangements were made for safety issues and accidents on the construction site.

To manage the safety and accidental issues in Jammu Kashmir project, RAMS documents have been used. RAMS is an acronym for Risk Assessment Method Statement that can help this project to make it safer by improving the project operations and protecting the project from the consequences of inadequate risk management. RAMS is used in communication & documentation arrangements for accidents and safety measures by minimizing absence due to sickness, preventingmisunderstanding, and controlling the health issues with proper communication and records (CHAS 2022).

On the other hand, document software is maintained to ensure safety and accidental issues. In this document, health, safety, welfare, and accident-based guidelines, and instructions are listed. That is communicated in each meeting to ensure safety with a document presentation. This arrangement of documents represents that-
In any health state, the worker can communicate to the supervisor, and the worker will be protected with robust equipment arrangements. Safety is also documented and communicated with instruction lists and caption boards on site. Safety involved safe techniques of work, provision of personnel protective tools, reasonable hours of work, and provision of first-aid & medical kits. The accident-based list is prepared separately on-site with record of any accident, injury, resume the duty of a worker due to injury, or total loss/damage of plant, property, material, & environment. Some arrangements for safety are suggested below-

The documentation and communication arrangements can be done differently as-

• Sorting everything within 15 days helps to arrange the documents properly.

• Avoiding making too many files/folders can manage the arrangements easily

• Each document is arranged by type and manage them in a lidded box with stick notes.

The planning has been robustly done but there were several issues that have been faced and experienced during the communication and documentation arrangements based on safety and accidents. These challenges are-

• Many labors did not have their identity proof so, to quickly accomplishing the project, they have been appointed. So, by taking the advantage of this matter, they have hidden their real age and constantly working to the project. Thus, it was complex to keep factual information and estimate safety measures.

• Many labors did not tell if they have any illness or disease to earn money. This information was also missing and became a concerning point for safety control.

• All the members who have certificates or medical and identity proof are required a software to attach their certificates and identity evidence that need extra cost and time in documentation and communication process.

3. Safety issues due to poor workmanships in construction sites.

Some casualties or fatalities in construction site happens due to unsafe situations or sometimes due to the poor workmanship (Pandey, 2022). Lack of awareness or the proper guidance or sometimes normal fall can cause a lot of damage to an individual as well as the project record.The below image presents the most common casualty or the fatal accidents happening at the site or construction project. Mishaps during the development cycle can correspondingly bring about private wounds and huge expenses. Roundabout expenses of protection, examination and guideline are expanding quickly because of these expanded direct expenses. Kindly refer the below in each to get a proper understanding of the four fatal Constructions fault.

Figure 1: Infographic of safety issues.
(Source: BigRentz 2022)

The first fatal type is falls. This is caused due to the unawareness of the worker or sometimes the stickiness or materials on the road that can make the floor slippery as well as unable or difficult to walk and work for an individual which can lead to severe damage for the worker as sometimes, they can be injured due to this.
The next fatal type is stuck by an object During the construction many heavy machines are used So sometimes while using these machines they might be an error which can cause an individual to be endangered that sometimes instead of picking up the brick or heavy item the individual itself get stuck by the hook or something.

The next type of fatal is the electrocutions. in the construction of any project whether bigger or smaller, whenever something is built the lines or the electric department needs to be connected Which sometimes while working, they might be an electric shock or something sever that can cause the individual life at risk (Rashid et al., 2017).

While working in the project for urban construction or transportation and water supply or whether drainage system, there was a time when people were carrying or lifting heavy objects and they got in between an object or got hurt because of that heavy objects as shown in the above image, which were unable to handle by the workers at a point. This can lead to injury and damage to an individual’s life.

Part 2

In this upcoming project of India, the inland waterways aim to develop the national waterways including the two main waterways, the Brahmaputra and the Ganga. The development of the waterways can lead to many benefits like increase in tourism, employment for people across the country and clean of water to cities and towns nearby and transport not across the region but through different modes in the coming three to four years.This way of transportation can make transportation easy for cities nearby like Patna, Sirajganj, Triveni, Kolkata, Bihar, Assam, etc. due to the rivers connectivity and newly found infrastructure for supply with multi beneficial factors.Now for this upcoming project my role is to recommend for improving the safety measure and quality of the tools as well as different methods that can be employed for training of the workers and employees to avoid such incidents and promote more towards safety (Wang et al., 2020). An overview of the complete project as well as the lines connecting are presented in the image below:

Figure 2: Inland Waterways Project overview.
(Source: Drishti IAS 2020)

1. Recommendations for improving safety and quality of tools.

• By using 3D - BIM recreation in the security preparationof thesewaterways projects, the quality of operation and safety can be improved. 3D-BIM is an essential tool that is broadly used in construction projects. The waterways project of India can be strategically and appropriately planned and completely using BIM tools as it offers high-level decision-making and problem-solving capabilities. Hence, that will reduce the workload of project team and make them reliable. In this manner, the safety and quality can be improved. (Beyer, 2018).

• Digitalization of safety processes: Instead of using paper-based documents or checklists, digitalizing the safety processes can support the project team to be more protective, and productive. This transformation will also help them to save costs and time (Kaushal, 2018). Various systems are available in markets that ensure safety and improve the quality of work such as ePTW. Using this system, the project team members can be tracked and high-level risks can be avoided easily.

• The recommendations that can or will be imposed by me or can be suggested for improving the system are more safety measures like introducing new tools with proper training to reduce repetitive tasks or improve safety which can benefit in many ways like improving time management and reducing stress to the workers. Proper clothing measures according to the temperature so thatit can reduce some tension and can protect them from these eat waves especially. Next, training can be conducted to keep all aware of all the policies and initiatives that can be taken immediately in case of any causality takes place or if anything needs to be handled with care.

• On the other hand, streamlining the on-site training as well as sharing the best practices can help the project members to get trained for safety work ethics and increase work awareness as well. Digital tools help in conducting the meetings and training sessions. Smart tools can also be used that notifies the possibility of danger by notifications, and high alerts. In this manner, the training is necessary to use these tools and properly participate in the waterways project.

• The workers can also be protected using advanced wearables. Any device can be treated as a wearable that is used to keep them safe. These wearable devices can mitigate the risks, detect dangerous gases, improve the training of staff, and minimize the exposure to heavy lifting accidents utilizing the power-guided suits.

• Using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, the project team can be enabled to predict the outcomes of any process, decision, or operation. The safety information can be effectively predicted and collected using AI technology that limits the major injuries and improves the quality of the project by protecting them from being injured/damaged.

• Drones can also be used to inspect the depth of this waterway project in any operational process.

2. Infographics for a particular incidence that might lead to specific quality problems.

This section of the report presents the special kind of problem or the quality problem that can cause by an incident or in progress work. The picture or infographic below gives a detailed overview of the problem caused while development of the water system in construction.The main motive of the project was to link the rivers so that the transportation and water supply for the nearby Urban and ruler cities can be made easy and efficient for the people nearby. But some of the problems that were seen or taken and consideration like during the construction or the river connectivity to transportation can cause some pollutants as the transportation will increase this might affect the pollution of the river which may cause reservation specific in identification as well as it will cause-effect in the relationships and cause the toxic and environment nearby and it may affect the quality of water as well.

Figure 3: Infographic for safety issues that impact quality
(Source: Author)

So, it can be seen that two types of problems are occurring one is mixture occurrence and one is mixture toxicity. In mixture occurrence, suspect and sampling or not target detection, target detection are seen as well as in mixture toxicity problem, biochemicals and something related to hazardous and environment issues are noticed. Solutions are oriented from this problem to better understand the issue and take protective measures against it, as the environment needs to be protected as well as high priority (Dharmadhikary and Verma, 2019).

3. Infographics for digital technology solutions for enhancing occupational safety and health.
For improving the health and safety of the workers or the people working under the project a few measures can be taken as digital technology can be adapted as it makes it a little easy to handle and is less time consuming.

Figure 3: Infographics for health and safety.
(Source: ILO 2022)

A digital technology as if an application or a website can be developed which consist of five major points like the policy, organization, the evaluation, action for improvement as if the help and support center or the feedback section and the last planning and implementation section (Trivedi et al., 2021).

In the policy section of the application or website, policies like work participation or the OSH policy which can spread awareness to the people work in about the rights and regulations.In the next feature of the application involves methods like training or compilers or time period like understanding the work hours or the accountability and responsibility of each employee as well as the documentation for the same in written format as well as a communication portal to convey if there is any changes made in the plan or any routine so this can be handled in the organizing part.

In the planning and the implementation section, it consists of a general review of all the members development and the planning manual as well as any prevention of any hazardous activities or any important thing to be considered in the project is present in the planning and implementation part.In the evaluation part, it's all about the management system of the project so then was like investigation or review monitoring of work and duty time of individual person as well as any changes to be made in one's activity or daily routine it all comes under the evaluation portion.

Thus, the major risk solutions can be-

• By identifying potential risks
• Assessing the impact and probability of risks
• Tracking and monitoring the risks
• Detect and mitigate the risks
• By making an alternative or backup plan can help to resolve risks


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