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PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control Report Sample

Task Summary

In this assessment, you are required to write an individual report of 2000 words (excluding tables, figures, and graphs) proposing a change to be implemented in the case study, provided by the Learning Facilitator, addressing:

Change impact analysis, tools & techniques to manage the change, integrated change control process to submit the change and options to implement the change along with its associated risks.

A change request form must also be submitted attached to the report demonstrating how the change would be requested for the given project.

The intention of this assessment is that you take a practical approach by considering this change to be submitted to key stakeholders of given case study.

Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


During project execution, project managers ensure that project work is completed as specified in the Project Management Plan and according to project requirements. Requirements may change throughout the course of a project. Changes need to be controlled, ensuring all of their impacts upon the project are managed effectively and are incorporated into existing management plans and project baselines.

Task Instructions

To complete this assessment task, you must:

1. Ensure that you have read the given case study and resources from the subject, as all as any additional research you may find relevant and that will add value to your report. Review your subject notes, as well the Lecture slides and any other information provided by the Learning Facilitator in support of this assessment.

2. The report should encompass a practical approach in addressing the following requirements:

a) Identify and propose one (1) change you believe is required for the case study and justify it by applying tools & techniques from quality management in identifying root-cause for the issues found in the case study.

b) Critically analyse the impacts of your change proposal on scope, time, cost, quality of the project.

c) Propose and justify tools & techniques used to manage the change.

d) Explain what processes are involved in submitting your change request given the scale of your change proposal and address responsibilities considering the stakeholders from your case study.

e) Identify and discuss options (at least 2) to satisfy the proposed change and any risks associated with each of these options.

f) Complete the Change Request Form (CRF) provided or one that is used from a workplace.

3. The report should consist of the following structure:

• A Title Page with subject code and name, assignment title, student’s name, student ID, lecturer’s name, word count and date submitted.

• An Executive Summary (150 – 200 words) providing the summary of your report, containing key findings, tools & techniques used, methodology, constraints and recommendations. This section allows the reader to rapidly become acquainted of a large portion of your material. It is usually around 10% of your report and written last.

• A Table of Contents with the structure of the report, including page numbers and headings.

• An Introduction (150 – 200 words) that will also serve as your statement of purpose for the report—this means that you will tell the reader what you are going to cover in your report as well as provide:

- Background of the case study and context of the report

- What the reader can expect to find in the body of the report

• The Body of the Report (1350- 1600 words) in which you will cover five (5) requirements listed above (a to e). This section of your report will contain the information that is required to demonstrate your understanding of the case study and key Project Management concepts under discussion by applying them into your report.

- The report layout should be logical and lead the reader through a story which identifies the key points being discussed and takes the reader to your conclusion.



“Change management” refers to the systematic approach in dealing with transition or transformation of the organisations processes technologies or goals. The main objective of change management is to effectively implement the strategies for carrying out the change controlling add and help in the workforce to adapt the change. For Assignment Help, These strategies have definite procedure which is structured in nature for requesting the change and mechanism for responding to the request and following them appropriately(Ali & Miller, 2017). The main objective of this report is to critically evaluate and analyse the technology transition into the state based government department in Victoria. This department aims to integrate a new system known as Asset Management information system within its organisation that will help it to store the details of new as well as existing assets across multiple locations. The supplier is an experienced vendor, Great IT Systems. This project will highlight specific changes that are essential in order to implement this new organisational transition(Makepeace, Tatham& Wu, 2017). Specific tools and techniques will also be used in order to manage the change and implement it within the organisation in a successful manner(McShane, 2018).

The change that is being evaluated after the case study analysis

One of the major issues that exist in the provided case study is that there is a lack of communication between the external stakeholders and internal stakeholders of the state government department in Victoria for implementing the Department Asset Management System and integrating it into the organisation in a successful manner (Banaeianjahromi&Smolander, 2019). The non-departmental or the external stakeholders comprise the training team known as "Trainers Are We" who is responsible for the supply of the training materials as well as the providence of any to the key stakeholders of the corporate teams for each of the applications of this new system (Torrens University Australia, 2021). On the other hand, the internal stakeholder of the department comprises of the Subject matter Experts, who do not understand the need for the new application and possess the thought that this new system will impose more work for them rather than simplifying the organisation's processes. The external stakeholders who are responsible for providing training to the internal stakeholders have not been able to meet with the internal stakeholders of the department and as a result, there exists a lack of understanding about the efficiency of the new system.

In this context, a proper communication channel must be developed between the training team and the Subject Matter Experts who are seconded to the project team such that they are able to educate the staff and provide them solutions who are going to use the system once it has been delivered within the department. In addition, some of the other major problems of this new application in the testing process faced by Rick, who is the branch manager, is that the featured promises did not match the one which is promised to the branch reference group. Therefore, review of the new system must be taken into account by the Vendor Project Manager and the Training Team Project Manager before its final implementation into the department in order to match the expectations of this staff to the features of the DAMS system.

Critically analyse the impacts of your change proposal on the scope, time, cost, quality of the project

Scope: Review of the new department asset management systems by the when the project manager, as well as the training team project manager, will help in fixing the major issues present in the current system. The first being the screen terminology does not completely match with the one promised to the branch reference group as well as features of the system which have been promised to be automated is still remaining as manual data entry(Smith, 2011). With the help of the systems review, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) members would be able to mitigate the problem of the new system such as incorrect reference data, confusion in context to field names and headings screens which are not user friendly. The walkthrough would also enable the management staff to ensure that the branch managers as well as the staff have completely understood the application and are able to utilise it in the most effective manner.

Time: This new change will require at least 2 months for its final release and its final roll out to the branch offices which is planned to be delivered by the beginning of February 2022 might get scheduled to March-April 2022.

Cost: An extra cost of 60,000 AUD would incur in this context of change as new training sessions are needed to be held by the management team at the cost of 1000 AUD for a time period of 60 days.

Quality of the Project: This change will bring a significant positive impact on the quality of the project. This review process would greatly benefit the branch managers as well as the department's internal training team as they will be able to communicate with the project management team regarding the glitches as well as the issues in the new application and report them for making the appropriate changes in order to derive the best outcomes. Providence of re-training would also ensure that the internal training themes have been able to understand that application effectively and utilise it for the purpose in an efficient manner. Another positive impact is that this review process will greatly help in ensuring that the staff is provided with all the solutions regarding their questions as well as issues of the new software.

Propose and justify tools & techniques used to manage the change

Lewin’s Change Model will greatly help in managing the change by its step by step process. The three processes in Kurt Lewin's Change Model is as follows
Unfreezing: The User Acceptance Testing of the new application has reviewed several floors of the new application which the features provided does not match with the promised ones. In this context, it is essential for the management staff to provide a new training session for the branch managers as well as the staff in order to keep them constantly motivated about the usage and its possible effect on the department(Bakari, Hunjra&Niazi, 2017). The trainers must also be provided with proper materials for development in order to ensure that their expectations from the new application are met and they are able to gain a piece of overall knowledge about the new systems such that they can develop a solution for the staff whenever they come up with new queries regarding the application.


To implement the change model in the organizational change, the higher authorities of the organization have to focus on a survey for the company and they have to understand the necessary changes to support the management. The management authorities of the organization can frame the issues to communicate the changes using the long term vision. (Torrens University Australia, 2021)


The review process by the management staff must also take into account appropriate sessions of training for the trainers as well as branch managers of the department. For effective delivery of the training, good communication is essential between the internal as well as external stakeholders of the department such that the problems and the solutions can be brought up and trainers are able to enhance the learning in each of the training sessions.


The managerial authorities of the company has to focus on the information flow that bring out the iterative approach that sustain the change with the adequate information to focus on the variety of skills and expertise for coordinating the problems for defining the influences for achieving the common goals. (Torrens University Australia, 2021)

Refreezing: Before the final release of the application, key performance indicators must be established within the organisation by the project management team as well as the staff management in order to ensure that their employees all the staff accept the new system in a positive manner rather than a technology transition which is implemented to increase your workload. The key performance indicators would also help the staff management as well as the internal training providers to constantly monitor the effectiveness of this new application and finally integrate it within the organisation's processes for achieving the desired objectives.


The organizational authorities are needed to be focused on the better ways to tie up with the new changes into the new culture for identifying the changes that supports the change barriers. The organization has to develop the sustainable ways that sustain the changes in a long term process. The managing executives can create proper reward system to get the profitable outcomes for implementing the change regarding the project context. (Torrens University Australia, 2021)

Change proposal and address responsibilities considering the stakeholders from the case study

The processes involved in submitting the change request along with the responsibilities of the major stakeholders in the context of the changes is as follows:

A meeting must be scheduled comprising of the project team manages the property managers and the branch training team head in order to discuss the flaws of the new application and report them appropriately to the present apartment program manager and the vendor project manager(Chan &Oppong, 2017). The current vendor project manager of the company has to be focused on the stakeholder management process that helps them to get the benefits in their DAMS programme.

Communication between the external stakeholders which include the training team and the major internal stakeholder, the Subject Matter Experts and the project team is essential in order to develop an understanding of the knowledge gained from the training process and its effectiveness in real live scenarios. The initial communication with the Department Senior and executive management expectorations that bring out the beneficial aspect to complete the project and it also helps the company to get the critical overview regarding subject matter experts. (Torrens University Australia, 2021)

New schedules for meeting between the training team and the internal training provider of the department must be arranged such that the training team are able to solve the queries of the internal training providers and enhance the learning process(Chan &Oppong, 2017).

Initial communication between the department senior and executive management and the subject matter experts is essential in order to understand the effectiveness of this new system and what long-term benefits it is going to bring for the department on its successful integration.

The proposed change and any risks associated with each of these options

The first option that related with the risk is mentioned in the following section

Training need

Training need analysis is needed to be conducted by the training team Trainers are We, and report must be provided to both the vendor project manager as well as the major internal stakeholders of the department. Lack of communication can become a barrier in this context as the time period for the change proposal is limited. (Torrens University Australia, 2021) Effective mediums of communication such as emails or video calls must be used in this context in order to mitigate the issue of communication. It is also essential for the project officer to continuously assess the training needs as well as the progress of the training and report it to the program manager.

New quarries

During the final release of the new application and its integration into the organisation processes, the staff of the branches might face several issues as well as queries regarding the new application. In this context, the branch managers must provide efficient training in order to handle and respond to the queries and problems of the staff such that they remain continuously motivated as well as gain enthusiasm in learning the new application. (Torrens University Australia, 2021) The positive impact of this application must also be stated out to all the staff such that they are able to understand the long term benefits of this application. As the vendor do not propose the important and effective resources for the project work, it come up as a problem and it can bring out different risks to provide the better solution for the quarries


After the completion of this project, it can be concluded that the benefits of implementing the new system are into the organisational processes is not immediately visible to the internal stakeholders. Therefore, is essential for the project managers to address the issues of this new application and meet the query is as well as the problem is of the branch managers as well as the staff. During this technological transition process, it is essential for the project managers to keep their workforce continuously motivated with the help of good communication and active listening. The rising concerns of the Subject Matter Experts group regarding the effectiveness of this new application are due to the limited communication with the external stakeholder, which is the training team. Therefore, it is essential for the project manager to establish a good communication link between the internal and the external stakeholders of the department such that a smooth transition can be maintained.


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