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THH2112 Digital Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality Assignment Sample

Assessment Task -

The student is required to use a Hospitality business and develop a Digital marketing plan for the next three years for their chosen Hospitality/Tourism company.

Your Digital Marketing Plan should include:


Digital contribution review using analytics customized to the business – What is digital marketing contributing now?

· Current digital marketing capabilities – How will we improve our governance of digital marketing?

· Digital or Multichannel SWOT – What are the key issues we need to manage?

· Defined SMART Goals, Objectives and KPIs – What will digital marketing contribute in the next planning period.


· Vision for digital channels – What will digital marketing contribute in the long-term.

· Segmentation and Targeting – What existing and new targeting approaches will we use to boost acquisition and retention?

· Value Proposition – How can we improve value delivered by our brand(s)?

· Budget for investment – What budget is needed to implement strategic digital initiatives?


· Digital governance - The Digital Transformation plan to improve People, Process, Tools and Metrics.

· Measurement and testing – What optimizations are planned to improve efficiency and effectiveness?



Digital marketing helps to evaluate the potential of support in one-to-one marketing and social CRM capabilities accordingly. The hospitality industry is able to generate mass customisation for enabling e-CRM activities that generate rapid social marketing responses. Media fragmentation describes the hospitality industry to analyse the increasing consumption of a range of media such as TV media social media web magazines radio stations and others for generating integration with the target audience. In this case, the application of digital marketing is advocacy which is indicated by measures to develop brand affinity and customer attraction through positive influence. Moreover, identification of the macro environment through digital means helps the hospitality industry to modify its planning implementation and performance accordingly for future development.

Agenda/ Contents Overview

The present study aims to evaluate the impact of digital marketing on the hospitality industry for maximizing profit in this competitive market scenario. The study has selected a hospitality enterprise named The Landmark London. This presentation has provided a brief description of this company's background for analysing its revenue model flowingly. Moreover, market development strategy positioning strategy target market strategy social media strategy has also been evaluated before identifying the digital marketing mix. Hence evidence from the authenticated website for assignment help and pure reviewed journal has emphasised the reliability of this study.

Company Background

The Landmark London is a 5-star blissful Hotel situated in London. The report has highlighted that the company has approximately 200 employees. The official website of this organisation has highlighted that they follow equal opportunities for the workforce to maintain continuous improvement. In addition, the teamwork nature of this company has provided the required communication and integrity for strategic decision-making and problem-solving skills (Landmarklondon.co.uk, 2022). Moreover, the report has highlighted that the concerned organisation generated approximately 16.9 million gross profit in the year 2018 and it has obtained 103.2 million in revenue in the same year (Click.co.uk, 2022). According to the opinion of Thahaet al. (2021), the concerned organisation has grabbed the status of the champion due to its people management and collaborative culture within the workplace. Moreover, the Royal Garden Hotel Limited, Cliveden House and others are the main competitors of this concerned organisation. In that competitive scenario, continuous development in features state-of-the-art technical facilities has improved organisation profit maximization and customer engagement strategy at the same time (Landmarklondon.co.uk, 2022). More to a similar context, the company offers professional meeting facilities, Spa, health club, glass roof dining, regular live music and others for effective customer satisfaction.

Revenue model

Application of the revenue model helps organisations to evaluate financial statements and the way for developing revenue growth in this competitive era. The case study has highlighted that the revenue of The Landmark London came from direct traffic. In that case, the brand reputation of this organisation has attracted consumers instead of completing a transaction after comparing it with the consumers via a search engine. This competitive advantage has emphasized visibility in search engines for competitive keywords that have to some extent. Moreover, a 183% increase in organic traffic has helped the concerned company to develop its revenue maximization of approximately 45.2% in recent times (Click.co.uk, 2022). According to the viewpoint of Barber et al. (2021), the direct self-revenue model of this concerned organisation has maintained a relationship sales cycle and the Enterprise sales cycle. As argued by Khosrow-Pour (2018), adequate requirements for the workforce can sometimes impact the scalability of the organisations through the direct sales cycle. In this scenario, situational analysis based on the socio-economic perspective of the business surroundings can help concerned organisations to modify their business model according to the circumstantial requirements.

Market Development Strategy

Increasing the rate of facilities based on the structured plan and will designed strategies as per the situational demand can develop the market position of the organisations in this crucial scenario. It has been reported that the concerned organisation has focused on a Holistic business approach that provides a successful economic development in this market scenario. China-centric 5 years strategy of this organisation with attractive facilities has grabbed a long-term incentive for this organisation (Skift.com, 2022). Moreover, the double happiness camping of this company has depicted a cultural development and high revenue generation in comparison to history. The company has provided services related to payment structure, Wi-Fi services and others that help the organisation to increase price consciousness from reliable clients such as Financial Institutions and others. Hence the evidence depicted that overall traffic for this company has increased up to 33.4% in recent years. The report has showcased that the increasing visitor crowd has provided tremendous success to The Landmark London more than their expectations.

Target Market Strategy

The luxurious outlet and services of this concerned organisation have mainly focused on the higher middle class and higher class audiences as their main client. The 8-storey glass roof atrium of this hotel offers a beautiful dining experience to the top-class consumers with live music. The company also focused on the business class audiences to develop their profit maximization. In recent years, a China-focused strategy of this company has become a significant prison for their profit maximization in this competitive market scenario as well. In addition, the effective meeting facilities of this hospitality company have significantly attracted top-class audiences (Forbes.com, 2022). The Landmark London has focused on demographic market segmentation in this recent era to attract higher-class audiences, business personalities and others. In the case of Geographic market segmentation, the organisation has focused on Chinese audiences by providing them with Quality Services related to food beverages and others which increase up to a 15% success rate (Skift.com, 2022). However, shrinking revenue from the residential conferences has driven the organisation to accelerate its profit by engaging Chinese consumers which have also mitigated risk regarding UK's Geo-political climate.

Position Strategy

The Classic and luxurious hotel The Landmark London has intended to provide world-class services for maximizing their opportunity in profit maximization and customer attraction accordingly through continuous development strategy. Moreover, the company has implemented online product customisation for product performance excellence. Official website of this company highlighted that it provides 300 rooms including 51 suites which have improved its revenue up to 45.2% in recent years (Forbes.com, 2022). More about the main competitor the Royal Garden Hotel has achieved 19 million dollar revenue in recent years whereas the concerned organisation has generated 50 million dollars through their online pricing strategy related to competitiveness and market sensitivity (Lin et al. 2020). The company combines available dynamic information with the pricing strategy to make the transactions more reliable with situation. The consumers also can get personalised features while booking though the official website that improves their CRM strategy for accelerating the market position.

Social Media Strategy

Social media has taken a crucial role in digital marketing that improves collaboration with the target audience base. The report has highlighted that the concerned organisation uses its private social media groups and weekly newsletter to ensure effective communication with the target audience. The report has highlighted that SEO optimised strategy related to organic search has increased the visibility of Landmark’s website. The report has also highlighted that applications based on the free consultant the organisation become able to grab their organic traffic on official websites up to 138% (Click.co.uk, 2022). Along with this one want to optimise keywords has improved their social media acceptance and customer retention at the same time.

Digital marketing mix


It can be concluded by evaluating this aforementioned discussion that emerging markets request modification in business infrastructure including digital marketing. SEO optimised marketing strategy has played a crucial role for attracting the target consumer base. It has been evidence that increasing the rate of organisational brand reputation has helped the organisation to get a significant position in keyword searching. Hence the organisation has grabbed a 50% of ranking in keywords searching that has increased its customer retention strategy accordingly. Moreover their focus on target market based on the geography and demographic segmentation also help them to modify their strategic marketing and development in business infrastructure. In a different context developing a significant HRM strategy by supporting employee’swellbeing has also accelerated the dedication of the work force. As a result, it also provides a sustainable revenue maximization strategy in this competitive market scenario as well.

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