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3038IBA Business Case Assignment Sample


Imagine you are a well-known impact entrepreneur in your local region. You have been asked to prepare a short business case which presents a well-justified argument or value proposition to the senior management team of a specific enterprise or organisation outlining why and how they could involve their business practices/strategies to address a key social, economic or environmental issue that contributes to a Sustainable Development Goal.

This is NOT a financial case. The intention of the business case is to educate the decision makers in the enterprise and convince them to take action in relation to the identified social, economic, or environmental issue.

Purpose of this assessment

A key to creating business opportunities that can lead to real change is to develop well-founded and evidence-supported arguments. This assessment develops your capacity to:

• analyse the ways a specific enterprise or organisation could change and implement actions to address key social, economic, or environmental challenges to contribute to a Sustainable Development Goal

• demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills

• present logical, evidence-based arguments for change

• apply the knowledge presented in the course to a practical enterprise/organisation example



Davison Canners Ltd is a renowned company of the United Kingdom which was invented by George Davison and has been providing jam, syrups, card, fruit compotes and many more like this since the year of 1995. For Assignment Help Although it has achieved great success, recently it is facing a huge problem regarding preferences in society, economy and in the environment due to acceptability and originality and sales. So, this current research is going to illustrate all these aspects.


Issues with social challenges and its relation with the enterprise or organisation

Many people in the society are less interested in desserts and sweet foods so they are unable to be the customer of this company. On the other hand, the maximum number of people are its originality, use of organic products, and also the prices of products. So, these points are becoming a challenge to the company which is creating less profit.

Sustainable Development Goal that the challenges addressed

These challenges are creating huge problems in the field of sustainable growth. The society is focusing on social factors before buying products that are good for their health and friendly for their pockets too.The initiative of Good Health and Well Being is going to be the challenges taken up by the organisation. It has also affected responsible production and consumption (Shair et al, 2021). Besides being less effective in sales and preferences, its production is decreasing. So, these points are affecting the sustainable growth of Davison Canners Ltd.

Business opportunities that this presents to the enterprise or organisation and relevant stakeholders

More investments in their products have resulted in the invention of hot eat puddings and desserts that can attract consumers. On the other hand, the use of organic fruits and the use of the voucher of popular innovation is becoming a notable action of this company that is enhancing their business opportunity (Hlavacek, 2017). Firstly, it was started with the Irish Bramley Apples and now it is spread into one of the leading producers of fruit compotes, jam, bakery items, and many more. So, the changes with the customers' needs are a vital part that is increasing the business opportunities.

Possible action(s) the business should undertake

Firstly, the company should be more innovative in the process of delivery and it also should follow innovative ways in food production that will not affect the health of the consumers. This will ensure the social factors of the consumers is met to increase the sales. Besidesthat, Davison Canners Ltd should represent them over the internet and also should be updated in social media as per their innovations, new productions, employee and customer engagements, collecting feedback and many more like this (Tobi, Ayodele & Akindele, 2020). These few points will help to enhance their business procedure and outcomes.

Cause of being beneficial of the cations and evidence to support this

Nowadays many people are following diet charts and avoiding sweet foods. Besides that, many people are avoiding these foods due to their health issues like diabetes. So, the foods do not affect the consumers’ health and also the products are delivered safely and innovatively, the acceptance of products and services will increase. On the other hand, nowadays people are spending a lot of time on social media and the internet (Arli, 2017). So, if the updates and all delivered products are shown on the websites, then the consumers will be updated about their services. As evidence, it is identified that the sugar substitutes are 200 times sweeter than sugar but it does not give the food energy like sugar. So, the company can easily use this point for the taste issue that will not affect the health of the customers. So, if the company upgrades the packaging and delivery safety and also uses innovations that consume less time to deliver, the customers will be satisfied. Lastly, it has been shown that the internet has helped a lot to step with the customers’ requirements and preferences that has increased the product sale. This point is represented graphically below to show its significance.

Figure 1: Significance of internet in customer service
Source: (Tobi, Ayodele & Akindele, 2020)

Potential high leveled costs and benefits during the implementations of the above actions and effective evidence for it

There are many sugar substitutes and some of them are less priced than sugar and some are high priced (Allcott, Lockwood & Taubinsky, 2019). But using these substitutes, the company can bring the taste of sugar and it will not affect the consumers health and also the diabetes patient. Stevia and other artificial sweeteners contain high prices but are more useful to the customers. On the other hand, the innovation in delivery and packaging can cause high costs as there will be the use of innovative technology, extra employees and that is why companies should invest more. On the other hand, this process will help a lot to deliver safe and hygienic foods to the customer so that they become satisfied with their services and products (Nakat & Bou Mitri, 2020). Furthermore, Online advertising is a costly process that is identified as nine thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars every month and hundred thousand dollars to one hundred and twenty thousand dollars every year. Although it is the most useful and effective to spread their services and acceptance. As evidence, the cost of Stevia is 1500 per gram, which is more expensive than sugar. So, these points are a little bit expensive but they are most useful and effective for success.

Possible risks and supportive evidence

- Sugar substitutes cannot provide the energy as sugar so the customers do not get sufficient energy from this food.

- More use of sugar substitutes may cause headaches, vomiting, depression, and risk of cancer, weight gain, and many more. Medical research has explored that they are safe when they are used in moderation and a limited quantity.

- There may be a high risk of an increase of competition in online advertisements and failure will cause a huge loss. Nowadays, many new companies are delivering desserts and foods over the internet so the competition is increasing

- There are also privacy and security issues in online advertisements. As an example, it has been seen that online hackers have increased in recent days.

- Innovation in delivery and packaging may cause an extra investment that is beyond the potentiality of the company. The investment in employees numbers, their fees sometimes is beyond their capability.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The journey of Davison Canners Ltd has been very effective, good, and successful. Their products have enhanced their growth and the food quality and tastes are increasing day by day so the success is so productive. Although there are some problems which are discussed above and that is why here are some recommendations for that.

- The company should be innovative and customer-friendly. They should make the products and services innovative and should regulate with the preferences of customers.

- The company should be more careful about their employees regarding their health and well-being to promote a healthy working atmosphere and also increase productivity.

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