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BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations Assignment Sample

Assignment Brief

Individual/Group Individual
Length 800 words (+/- 10%)

Learning Outcomes

a) Explain the importance of self- awareness and emotional intelligence, and analyse its impact on professional competencies
b) Integrate strategies to effectively interact with others in a diverse professional context
c) Identify and reflect on own strengths and their application in the business context
d) Reflect on feedback to identify opportunities for self- improvement and professional development


Using the theoretical concepts on Diversity & Inclusion & VUCA from the Module 4 Learning

Resources compose your reflective journal entry answering these guiding questions:

1. What have you learnt about yourself from this conversation?
2. What specific theoretical concepts from this module give you the greatest understanding of your own approach to Diversity & Inclusion?
3. What competencies, skills and qualities will be most critical for you to achieve your future career goals in a VUCA world? Explain which of your top 5 VIA Character
Strengths would be most valuable in developing this competency.

References & Appendix

1. Include your Diversity Fingerprint in the appendix of your reflective journal

2. You need to include at least four references. At least two references must be from the sources in Module 4.1 & 4.2 which present the theoretical concepts identified, to support your ideas.

3. Follow the APA 7th edition style of referencing to cite your academic resources and provide your reference list


Reflective Journal Entry

It has been learned after the conversation that I possess all the skills and abilities that are required in the workplace today. In addition to that, there has been good conversation skill within me. This has been known to me as I have made conversation comfortable and flexible with the help of which my class colleague has been able to place her points and defend my views too. Immense value has been provided by employers to general competencies of the workplace (Farnsworth et al., 2002). It has been known that there has been a presence of complexities and diversities within the workplace today due to the competitiveness of different industries.

Success of business has been sought by organizations, as well as, employers. It has been understood to me that there has been the requirement of rewarding careers as per the work culture of today's workplace. As there has been the presence of diversity and distinct stakeholders in the organizations, there has been the requirement of inclusive practice within the organizations that are associated with embracement of differences of people to harness innovativeness (Diversity Council of Australia, 2020). In addition to that, it permits employees and companies to progress for management assignment help.

As opined by Kuknor, & Bhattacharya, (2021), effective embracement of diversity and practice of inclusion is being depicted to both the expansion of enjoyment of employees and dedication to work. This results in the expansion of effectiveness of organization. I have learned that there has been the requirement of diversity for differentiating and elucidating groups of several people from each other. The concept of stereotypes, as well as, bias has provided me with the greatest acknowledgment of my approach to Diversity and Inclusion. I have clearly understood the matter of separation that results in exclusion and the matter of integration that results in inclusion.

In a broad sense, it can be said that separation leads to the shortage of employees in organizations and inclusion leads to an increase of employees. This is due to the fact that with inclusion, one comes closer as there has been the improvement of good communication skills and bonding among employees and seniors of the organization (Solkhe, 2021). The concept of VUCA world has a clear resemblance with my approach to Diversity and Inclusion. The reason for the requirements of embracement of organizations of human differences has been acknowledged with the help of Module 4. There should be a collaboration of both consumers and organizations in creating several possible opportunities for business to happen smoothly.

There has been an understanding of competencies, qualities, and skills that may be very critical for me to attain the career targets in the upcoming days within VUCA world. I am unable to paint an image of the upcoming days that I require and desire. In addition to that, there has been a scarcity of motivational skills within me. This scarcity has made a delay in my case in creating my targets for upcoming days. Failure has been observed in the matter of the skills of adaptability which is very important for any individual to acquire future targets.

Apart from these, there has been the scarcity of several emotional skills within me that are required to achieve success in future. Personal Growth has not been there within me as there has been the scarcity of motivation within me. For example, I have observed that I cannot be able to concentrate hard on my tasks due to lack of motivation. There has been a presence of worry in my mind concerning my future. I cannot decide what I should do and what I should not do. A total confusion surrounds my mind concerning this. In addition to that, there has been a scarcity of resiliency within me. There has been a scarcity of purpose in life with me. This makes it hard for me to sketch a convenient and appropriate future goal for me.

Expression of emotion, regulation of behavior, and avoidance has not been present within me. The absence of these skills may have an adverse impact on my portraying the future targets for me. I may face issues and challenges in future at the time seeking a job and when I will go for job interviews. However, 5 VIA Character Strengths within me will help me a lot in enhancing this competency. I am very brave and with the help of this strength, I will be able to face any sort of challenges that may arrive as obstacles in the middle of me and my achievement of success.

Creativity can help me in progressing a lot in my future workplace and I can be able to motivate myself with the help of this. Curiosity will help me to have eagerness in the case of any task and will help me to know the tasks of the organizations in advance. Leadership and Teamwork will help in driving my career high. Apart from this, balanced approach has been there within me to risk by which I can be able to handle critical tasks of my future organization. I will be able to help myself in any sort of critical situation that I may face in my future organization with the help of these skills.  


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