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HI6008 Business Research Project Report Sample

Assignment 4 Specifications


This unit aims to give you an opportunity to combine many facets of your acquired MBA skills into the production of a high-quality research project.

Assignment 4 - the Individual Reflective Journal - is to ensure each student is able to contribute to document a critical reflection of their personal learning process, as experienced during this unit. It will be best to build your journal progressively, by making notes each week, starting at week 1 and going through to week 12.

Your notes will serve as a reminder of which sections you personally contributed to, what you learnt, and how you experienced the learning process. A significant aspect of the learning journal will be your reflections on how well you co-operated with your team in the various phases of the Business Research Project, i.e. Topic Approval, Literature Review, and Methodology BUT your emphasis should be on what you experienced, what challenged you personally, how you dealt with that and what you gained as a result. It is NOT enough to objectively summarise what was done. This assignment must reflect and describe your own personal deep learning AND be convincing to the reader that you were integrally engaged throughout the learning process.

Assignment Structure should be as the following:

1. Based on my personal contribution to the topic selection, problem definition, research question, writing of topic approval submission, and team charter, how I experienced this, what challenges I faced, and what I learnt from that.

2. Based on my personal contribution to the literature review report, i.e. search process, summarising of relevant articles, designing the outline/argument/structure of the literature review, writing up the literature review, how I experienced this, what challenges I faced, and what I learnt from that.

3. Based on my personal contribution to the research methodology report, i.e. my role in discussions about methods, sampling, questionnaire design, data collection, analysis and interpretation, how I experienced this, what challenges I faced, and what I learnt from that.

4. Based on my reflections of the total research process, the insights I gained and any issues, struggles, challenges, synergies I experienced, both individually and in the teamwork, how I experienced this, what challenges I faced, and what I learnt from that.


Reflections about Topic Identification

While doing the assignment, I came to understand and learn a lot of things that were quite interesting to my knowledge. For Assignment Help, However, not only was it limited to learning and knowing new things, but also I faced several challenges in commencing different tasks of the assignment. This particular report will deliver a thorough understanding of the thing that I have learnt while doing the assignments and will also provide an in-depth understanding of the challenges that I have faced along with the ways by which I overcame those challenges to generate a complete and illustrative research assignment.

The selection of the topic, i.e., the role of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare department of Australia for commencing the task was not at all challenging due to the fact that there are several types of research already going on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its areas of implications. The utilization of AI has the potential to develop the existing infrastructure and performance of various sectors (Panch et al. 2019, p.2(1)). Therefore, AI technology is perhaps the most researched topic as of the current time. Researchers and other top minds in the field are busy discovering new possibilities of the utilisation of AI in various sectors; one of them is the healthcare sector. Several developmental processes are going on in the field of healthcare and the global healthcare sector is witnessing something that they have never witnessed before (Panesar, 2019). With the utilization of AI in the existing healthcare systems, there have been numerous possibilities that have come into the light in recent years.

Modern-day healthcare systems are using AI in almost every process starting from diagnosis of a disease to the prevention of it. The process of the development of treatment protocol has also been facilitated by AI. Moreover, I have also learnt that the utilization of AI is not only limited to that, but also it has the potential to manage large datasets and records of any healthcare facility regardless of its size (Davenport & Kalakota, 2019, p.94(2)). AI has also given new dimensions to critical patient care, customised medicines, developing drugs and healthcare monitoring systems. Therefore, cumulatively I have learnt that the contribution or role of the modern-day AI systems in developing the existing health care setups is unparalleled, given that it is implemented and explored in the best possible manner.
In the case of Australian healthcare systems, it came to my knowledge that several pieces of research are going on to effectively implement AI within the healthcare facilities to ensure the best possible outcomes and optimize its performance (Yu, Beam & Kohane, 2018, p.720(1)). But, due to the lack of proper infrastructure, training or other reasons the development of healthcare facilities in Australia is limited or in some cases not yet started. Therefore, I could say that I faced some issues while developing the research questions as I was not able to understand the exact problem. There were many questions attached to the topic which I found to have some connection with my research topic, however, they were not answering the exact dimensions of the research.

In my response, I analysed the topic and its various dimensions in an illustrative manner and tried to find out the exact reason/reasons that limited or obstructed the implementation of AI within the healthcare systems of Australia. After careful consideration, I was able to sort out the most relevant questions that would suffice the reasons for doing my research. Other than these I did not face any significant difficulty in commencing with the research, the team members of my research were also very cooperative and did the assigned tasks in the best possible manner. Moreover, there was proper coordination and discussions between all the team members regarding the best way to conduct the research.

I have also portrayed the team charter that consists of the individual works that have been conducted by the team members. In order to complete this study, we have worked together and distributed our tasks evenly so that the required goal can be met. Eventually we have gained sufficient knowledge and skills about the topic and increased our efficiency in performing a research in an appropriate manner.

Reflections about Literature Review

While doing the literature review segment I faced various challenges regarding the different processes. In the initial step i.e. the search process I was unable to get hold of the precise and accurate data and information that I was quenching for. The fact that AI has not yet been implying in the majority of the Australian healthcare systems created the insufficiency for available data. The process for implementation is under rigorous research and it will be implemented in the not so distant future (Reddy et al. 2019, p.23(2)). However, I managed to find some scholarly articles that have the same dimensions, unlike my research. All of those articles were largely related to the type of reach outcomes that I wished for. Therefore, I utilised those articles to derive relevant information from them and commerce my research. While summarizing the articles that I found I looked into two important things, one is its aim and the other is its outcomes. I went for the articles that had major similarities to my research aims and outcomes so that I could address the pre-set aims and objectives in an efficient manner and by achieving the desired results.

As for the design of the literature, first I identified the gaps left by the previous literature and then explored those particular areas. The primary gap that I identified was that previous literature was not able to underpin the exact functions and possibilities that the AI systems behold in the context of health care systems. So naturally, I underpin those areas and commenced any research. I found out that there were several implications of AI within the modern healthcare systems, especially when it comes to Australia. AI technology can be utilised and is proved to be efficient in the healthcare department for the well-being of humans (Jiang et al. 2017). AI performs various tasks like presenting, analysing, and comprehending complex data of medical and healthcare, for this purpose it uses software and algorithms capable of machine learning or artificial intelligence. Moreover, in the latter part of the literature review, I wrote down the ways by which Australian healthcare systems could use AI and improve their performance by minimising or eliminating the possible complications.

Reflection About Methodology

Using the appropriate methodological tools is imperative for deriving accurate outcomes for any research. Therefore, while conducting my research I was very cautious and selective while identifying the best suitable methodological tools. The team members and I had thorough discussions regarding the selection of the best suitable methodological tools for the research. It was finalised that we will commence the research by using the SLR or Systematic Literature Review method. The primary reason for opting for this particular method is that it enables students to study both qualitative and quantitative variables for addressing the different dimensions of the research topic (Larasati & DeLiddo, 2019). Moreover, it is a widely used method in business and management areas and at the same time, it is also effective for research related to Healthcare. The next step in the methodology of this research was to identify a strong method for analysing the acquired data and information. I played an important role in commencing with this particular step as I suggested to my other team members to take assistance from the PRISMA statement methodological article. This particular model helps in reporting systematic reviews and also helps in performing meta-analysis which evaluates the positives as well as the negatives of different healthcare interventions. Finally, we analysed the accumulated data by assessing particular search strings or keywords such as artificial intelligence, healthcare etc. There were challenges in this area such as collecting appropriate data and getting adequate sources. Problems were experienced while getting such data that could be helpful in obtaining expected result and increase the efficiency of the study as well.

Reflection About Research Experience

In this research, I was assigned the task of doing the literature review section. It was a relatively new experience for me so at the same time, I faced challenges as well as learnt a lot. The primary challenges that I faced in doing the literature review are problems to depict proper data sources, identifying the appropriate gap/gaps in the literature, aligning them with my research and collecting all the elements together and writing them down by showing their inter-relation. Implementation of AI in healthcare systems is an entirely new frontier and therefore, the availability of information and data is limited. However, I managed to do the literature review by finding relevant scholarly articles and the gaps that were left.

I also learnt many new things from this research. The main thing that I have learnt is that the areas for applications of AI in the modern-day are neigh limitless. The possibilities and benefits that it beholds are unparalleled to any other price of technology. I also learnt that AI could give healthcare systems the much-needed spark so that they could improve and optimise their performance. Several pieces of research are being done by humans to determine and implement AI in modern healthcare and we hope to get the best of both worlds in the not so distant future.

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