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HLTWHS004 Manage Work Health and Safety Assignment Sample


Provide a definition of the following terms:

  • Hazard
  • Risk
  • Risk control
  • Risk management process


Describe how each of the following supports the implementation of change when new safety control measures are introduced in the workplace.

  • Risk register
  • Work procedures
  • Worker feedback
  • Training
  • Supervision


  • Describe the role and duty of care of:
  • persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs)
  • company directors/officers
  • workers as described under the WHS Act and Regulations.


  • Company directors/ officers
  • Workers


Provide three situations where a WHS procedure should be monitored and/or reviewed.


Describe how each of the following standard precautions are used to prevent infectious agents spreading from one person to another.

  • Cough etiquette
  • Handling of waste and linen
  • Aprons/gowns


Explain each of the following precaution types and provide an example for each

Precaution type: Contact precaution
Precaution type: Droplet precaution
Precaution type: Airborne precaution


Provide a description of each of following Acts and standards. Explain why they are important to your role.


What current health and safety policy, systems or procedures would a typical community services workplace have in place to help manage the control of infections? List at least three for assignment help.


Provide the relevant AS/NZ standard for the following PPE items

  • Gloves
  • Eyewear
  • Gowns
  • Masks


Why is record keeping in the risk management process important?


What is the name of the WHS authority in your state or territory?


List at least three potential barriers or challenges you might experience when putting in place a new work health and safety initiative.


In your own words explain each of the safe work design principles below. You may like to research this information from the Guidance of the principles of safe design for work (May 2006), Australian Safety and Compensation Council, Canberra. Make sure your explanations relate to the community services industry.

Principle 1: Persons with control
Principle 2: Product lifecycle
Principle 3: Systematic risk management
Principle 4: Safe design knowledge and capability
Principle 5: Information transfer


Jacky has been assaulted by a client. They spat on her and then threatened to hit her in the face. The client has been removed from the premises but Jacky is feeling very shaken up. You are Jacky’s supervisor.

List three things your workplace could do to support Jacky in dealing with the stress of this incident.


Hazard - Hazards in the business affect productivity of the organisation as well as the operational efficiency of the employers.

Risk - Risks result in the potential losses of the organisation including organisational, strategic, financial, operational and reputational image.

Risk control - Risk control is the mechanisms that evaluate the probable losses and minimise the dangers associated with the risks (Kaassis & Badri, 2018).

Risk management process - The management is the process of assessing threats to the capital and turnover of the organisation.

Answer 2:

Risk register - The management tools which assess the setbacks within the vital projects and solve the risks.

Work procedures - Work Procedures imply the management principles of an organisation that actually work as assets.

Worker feedback - Worker feedback facilitates the operational management, evaluates the work progress and rectifies the mistakes in the implemented plans.

Training - Training plays a pivotal role in the employee performance and maximized productivity of the organisation.

Supervision - The role of supervision is scrutinising the performance with control and directing the operations in an efficient way.

Answer 3:

PCBUs: As per the regulations of WHS, PCBUs are bound to ensure the good health, safety of the workforce in the organisation.

Company directors/ officers: They are responsible for providing proper sanitation, drinking water, basic amenities of the workers and making the system safe.

Workers: The workers must take care of their own health and make sure their conduct must not affect the health of others.

Answer 4

1. The situations where the control measures loose efficiency in the operational movement and reducing the risks, WHS procedures must be monitored,

2. WHS mechanisms can be reviewed as there are important changes that must be made in the workplace. The changes can occur in the work environment or the work mechanism.

3. The instances of hazard exposure, any accidents or critical injury are monitored by the WHS procedures. After the new riks being identified, the procedures can be applicable.

Answer 5

Cough etiquette - Covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing,throwing the tissues into the dustbins, washing the hands before touching any surface are responsible practices.

Handling of waste and linen - The decontamination of clothing can happen by hot-ironing and laundry should be removed to the washing area (Sui, Ding & Wang, 2020).Waste materials must be disposed of after reaching the point of no use.

Aprons/gowns - Gowns should be non- sterile, clean and waterproof for droplet and contact precautions. These work as protections against hazardous spills in fatal situations.

Answer 6

Precaution type: Contact precaution

Explanation It checks the transmission of infectious agents that are spreaded by the contact with the diseased and its surroundings.

Precaution: Gloves must be put on always to be protected from the germs of the patients.

Precaution type: Droplet precaution

Explanation: It works as the prevention method for being protected from the respiratory droplets of the patients.

Precaution: Masks must work as a droplet precaution within the closer distance of a patient (Shook et al., 2021).

Precaution type: Airborne precaution

Explanation: The precautions are mandatory for being protected form the spread of air- borne agents of infection.

Precaution: The particulate respirator must be worn before entering the room of the patient.

Answer 7:

Work/Occupational Health & Safety Act (choose the Act relevant to your state or territory) - This act consolidates the regulations and laws for promoting safety and health in the workplace. This also prevents the occupational hazards that hinder productive performance.

AS/NZS 4815:2006 - This ensures the maintenance of ethics in the sterilisation process and critical cases of the patients. The office-based health care must accommodate the sterilisation of low temperature.

AS/NZS 3816 - This includes safe segregation. Identification, disposal and treatment of waste materials that pose dangerous threats to the sustainability of the environment.

Answer 8

1. IPC is an evidence-based and practical approach in the workplace that guarantees the safety of the environment with clean water, healthy sanitation and efficient waste management.

2. According to SICP, protected management of linen. PPE, waste materials and theoverall environment is done. In addition to it, the health of patients are also assessed for identification of infections and risks.

3. New York State, in 2012, enlisted scientifically incorporated prevention techniques of infection that focus on the adequate maintenance of the personnel performance.

Answer 9

Gloves - In New Zealand and Australia, focus is on the correct usage of globes from the fatal cuts and wounds (Thibaud et al., 2018). These must ensure the perfect and efficient protection to the patients

Eyewear - The use of relevant lenses are prioritised to set the perfect standard to the patients.

Gowns - The occupational protective gowns are made popular that need particular care and cautious handling.

Masks - Masks must comply with the AS/NZS standard and patients must be relaxed and comfortable for the usage of these.

Answer 10

Records in risk management are vital for the proof of compliance and the fees and potential penalties can be avoided (Shook et al., 2021).The keeping of records is important for influencing important business decisions. The financial statements can be monitored and the deductible expenses can be kept track of.

Answer 11

SafeWork NSW is the authority in Australia responsible for the hazards related to the business mechanisms and making the business operations safe and protected.

Answer 12

1. The conflicting demands and behaviours in the workplace pose hindrances to the implementation of the safety and health initiative.

2. The budget issues often pose a barrier to the safety of the workplace. Many protective measures and equipment can't be put into place due to lack of funds (Sui, Ding& Wang, 2020).

3. Sometimes the complex nature of the workplace gets tough and someone does multiple tasks at the same time that can not let the effectiveness of the initiatives flourish.

Answer 13

Principle 1: Persons with control

The persons take effective decisions in designing the policies, facilitating the promotion of safety in the workplace easier.

Principle 2: Product lifecycle

This entails minimising risks and eliminating hazards at each stage in the life cycle since the conception (Thibaud et al., 2018)

Principle 3: Systematic risk management

This applies risk identification, assessment of hazards and the process of risk control.

Principle 4: Safe design knowledge and capability

This be acquired and demonstrated must be monitored by those controlling the designs.

Principle 5: Information transfer

Effective communication and the documented designs are necessary for the maintenance of safety.

Answer 14

1. I try to convince him to stay positive all time and be composed if any untoward situations happen at the workplace (Kassis & Badri, 2018).

2. I will motivate him to carry on with his work otherwise his future performance will be affected.

3. I will make him adaptable to every situation and tell him to accept the things which we can not control all the time.

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