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SYSS202 System Software Assignment Sample


Students are required to write a Reflective Journal in which they reflect on unit content and learning experiences between weeks x and y. In this assignment you should describe an interesting or important aspect of each week’s content/experiences, analyse this aspect of the week critically by incorporating and discussing academic or professional sources, and then discuss your personal learning outcomes.
The document structure is as follows (3000 words):

1. Title page

2. Introduction (~150 words)

a. Introduce the focus of the unit and the importance of the unit to your chosen professional area. Provide a preview of the main experiences and outcomes you discuss in the body of the assignment.

3. Body: Reflective paragraphs for each week from week x to week y (1 paragraph per week, ~250 words per paragraph). In each reflective paragraph:

a. DESCRIPTION (~50 words): Describe the week

• Generally, what was the focus of this week’s lecture and tutorial?

• What is one specific aspect of the week’s learning content that was interesting for you? (e.g. a theory, a task, a tool, a concept, a principle, a strategy, an experience etc.)? Describe it and explain why you chose to focus on it in this paragraph. (*Note: a lecture slide is not an acceptable choice, but an idea or concept on it is)

b. ANALYSIS (~100 words): Analyse one experience from the week

• Analyse the one specific aspect of the week you identified above

• How did you feel or react when you experienced it? Explain.

• What do other academic publications or professional resources that you find in your own research say about this? (Include at least 1 reliable academic or professional source from your own research). Critically analyse your experience in the context of these sources.

c. OUTCOMES (~100 words): Identify your own personal learning outcomes

• What have you learned about this aspect of the unit?
• What have you learned about yourself?
• What do you still need to learn or get better at?
• Do you have any questions that still need to be answered?
• How can you use this experience in the future when you become a professional?

4. Conclusion (~100 words): Summarise the most important learning outcomes you experienced in this unit and how you will apply them professionally or academically in the future.

5. Reference List

Your report must include:

• At least 10 references, 5 of which must be academic resources, 5 of which can be reliable, high-quality professional resources.
• Use Harvard referencing for any sources you use



System software, various operating systems, and the functions of key parts of the system are needed to be understood inevitably to operate the systems effectively. Operating systems and storage systems are the key parts of a system. The functions of these parts are essential to be understood to manage the operations through the systems effectively. Furthermore, the networking system, file manager, and many more key resources are described properly through the weekly materials to make the learners understand the complex operational functions of the computer systems. A learner can understand the importance of every key function of the computer system with proper and in-depth knowledge. Memory, security systems, and ethical operations of the computer systems are also described in this report for assignment help. User interfaces, Graphical user Interfaces (GUI) are also described in the report. Reflective analysis of my learning about the use of different functions and operating systems of computers has been portrayed in this report.

Week 1: Functions of various operating systems

The week 1 lecture provides knowledge regarding the functions of various operating systems and their roles in the systems. I have gained in-depth knowledge about operating systems and software, and hardware. Planning design of the software in the computer system through this lecture material provides a detailed analysis of computer operations and management (Fakhimuddin et al. 2021, p-24). Programs, tangible electronic machines, and many more parts and their operational activities guide the proper management of a computer system.

File manager, main memory, and many more functional parts are inevitable for operating the computer system. I have gained knowledge regarding the classification of various software and hardware operations of a computer system. Operating systems coordinate many systems to work together for better productivity. Memory, storage devices, different applications, and many more roles and responsibilities of various key parts of a system have been taught. RAM and ROM and their functions based on volatile and nonvolatile nature are inevitable to understand the storage and memory of a system (Ayadi et al., 2021, p-20). Input and output devices as well as peripheral devices such as "mouse," "keyboard," "printer," "scanner" and many more perform various necessary key operations of the computer systems.
As I have gained major knowledge about the parts and operating system, it would be very beneficial to perform all the functions effectively. The use of input and output devices helps to perform various necessary tasks with one system. Software applications help perform the core operational activities of the system and maintain the coding and database of the system. The database manages important information of any application and system also (Shukla et al. 2018, p.16). I understand using these key operating functions for mastering the system for any complex work. I have also learned about the data manipulation and retrieval of deleted data in the system in any emergency.

Week 2:memory and space allocation and de-allocation of the computer system

Week 2 describes the knowledge about the memory and space allocation and deallocation of the computer system. The concept of the replacement of pages, allocation of pages, and the function of paging in the system are provided in this session. I have also gained knowledge regarding using various memories such as cache memory and many more, which is essential to be understood for operating a system. I am very glad to know the operational activities of various paging operational activities of the system. The paging operations provide me with detailed knowledge regarding the page setup and various designs of the pages (Shukla et al. 2018, p-30). Page frames for various programmable key factors help understand the design of pages for different operations in a system. I am very glad to know about these kinds of interesting facts about the system's different major paging operations. I can use this knowledge to understand the system's operational activities for designing various pages for programs. The knowledge I gained has helped in completing the operational activities of the computer system for better management. As this basic knowledge is essential for me to understand the system in detail, the functions assist me to perform all kinds of important operations for my career growth. Page setup is quite an important factor for the system to create documents and programs (Youssef et al. 2018, p-20). Thus, I have understood the page framing and important operational performance of this page replacing and allocation for the system, which has made the system's functions easier for me.

Week 3:Device management system


The device management system is one of the most important parts of the computer system (Kaluarachchilage et al. 2020, p-1). The session has provided me with knowledge about device management systems to understand the use of computer systems better. Advantages and disadvantages of various devices of the computer system have been a part of this session so that I can understand the operational management of various functions and malfunctions of the system. I am very excited to implement the knowledge of many devices that can easily make various operational performances of the system. Operations of various devices help to perform many works simultaneously. DSD (Direct Action of Storage Devices) helps to perform all the data storing operations effectively (Prakoso et al. 2020, p.157). Furthermore, the knowledge assists me in using the proper timing of implementing many functions of the key parts of the computer operations. Various devices such as "printer," "plotter," "drive," and much more help in performing various activities in computer systems. Detailed understanding of the storage and functions of many devices makes the user operational process for the computer system easier. The input and output of various data storage of the system make the system perform well and effectively (Prakoso et al. 2020). The session has provided me with such knowledge, which is essential for performing various operations. The use of this knowledge also makes me an expert at the performance of different complex problems of the systems.

Week 4:Different processors

The week 4 sessions has depicted a clear understanding of different processors and their detection process in the system. Processors are the key part of a system that performs the core operations for the system (Scalfani 2020, p.428). The performance regarding providing instructions for operating different programmable languages and software applications is inevitable to understand. I have understood the core functional areas of the computer system with the application of different programmable languages. Furthermore, the operating system is based on "deadlock," "real-time systems," "resources," and many more for better knowledge. “Modelling deadlock” for the operations of programmable languages is quite interesting to understand while understanding the graph cycle of data process to resources (Syuhada 2021, p.1335). This graph cycle of process data as resources helps to complete the operations of computer systems effectively. I have also learned the procedures of allocating multiple devices at a time with a single system with the use of proper databases. Knowledge of databases and multiple processors helps to persist the knowledge regarding managing various job operations. Furthermore, access to different file requests provides me with in-depth knowledge of different programs and files. The computer operating systems understand locking levels and data integrity (Li et al. 2021, p.522). Locking and accessing processes of different files have also been understood. Thus, this session has made me understand properly to learn the proper locking and data management effectively.

Week 5:System management

Week 5 provided me with complete and detailed knowledge of system management of the computers. Monitoring of systems and the protection of database management in the system have made me understand computers' complete functions (Wang and Lu, 2019). Evaluation of operating systems and strengths and weaknesses of the system based on hardware and other devices and software applications also. I have gained immense pleasure by learning the application of database protection and system management. As system management is one of the most important parts of a computer system, the session has helped me understand it. However, I realize that I need more detailed and in-depth knowledge regarding the practice of database management. More clarity will help me to perform the hardest operational activities also. Algorithms and the use of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) have also been discussed in this particular session (Wang and Lu 2019). I need more clarity in understanding algorithms as it is a difficult part and one of the most important parts of the system. The knowledge regarding system management and algorithms is not quite satisfactory for me to perform any important task effectively. Operations of multi programs are one of the most beneficial factors of the system, which makes the operational activities of computers easier (Wang and Lu 2019). Furthermore, I have also gained immense knowledge about patch management and operational accounting activities. However, a clearer understanding and in-depth knowledge of algorithms are essential for better management.

Week 6:File management

The session has mainly focused on operations and clarity regarding file management which is inevitable to store the data in computer systems. Furthermore, the role of various extensions for various file formats in the system has provided me with knowledge regarding the storage and management of databases. Furthermore, access to different files and data protection control are very important for different functions of computer systems. I have understood that a complete knowledge of file management systems is essential for storing important information in computers. Furthermore, the compression process of data for file storage and procedures of controlling data is quite important for the systems (Ayoubi et al. 2018). The knowledge is very beneficial for me to manage the data of different files with different extensions. As the file manager operates the functions of different files, the organisation of different files is quite important for the effective use of the storage and memory space of the system. Collaboration of data management and the functions of different software in modifying and controlling data is quite important for the system. Management of files and control and access to data are essential parts of the computer's system (Ayoubi et al. 2018). I have gained immense knowledge about the management of different files in the system so that the access of the files can be handled properly. Functions of different files help me understand the access of different parts effectively so that program libraries can be operated effectively.

Week 7:Network functioning

Session of week 7 refers to a basic knowledge of network functioning for the computer system. This session has highlighted the introduction of various networking systems and their responsibilities. Furthermore, the comparison between NOS (Network Operating Systems) and DOS (Distributor Operating system) has been discussed in this session (Ayoubi et al. 2018, p.23). The performance of this network management system has been described in this session which is very beneficial for me to understand. Network management is one of the most important computer system factors (Saadon et al. 2019). I have understood the complete and detailed knowledge of network management with a properly explained session this week. The variance of local operating systems and their relation to NOS has made me understand how to allocate file management and data computing for a particular system. I have also understood the various functions of local operating systems and the distribution of different files based on different data. Application servers and many other user interfacing systems have been explained effectively to better understand the chapter of networking management. Server running systems and application running of computers help operate different functions in a single system effectively (Saadon et al. 2019). This session has helped me understand the clear knowledge of network management and the relation to operating systems of the computer. This exercise has helped me to manage the clients in my workplace, which has been very beneficial for me. Furthermore, I have gained some effective knowledge that has helped me start my new career regarding new business related to software applications based on networking management.

Week 8: Basic structure of security

Week 8 sessions has outlined a basic structure of security of computer systems effectively. Furthermore, data security is one of the major concerns in the cyber world. Different viruses often break the security chain of the computer system so that the appropriate advanced technologies can be implemented to maintain the security thread of the system (Saadon et al. 2019). The role of various OS (Operating Systems) in managing data security has also been depicted in this session. Ethical practices have also been discussed in the session while maintaining the system's security. Systems operational activities and key functional areas are discussed in the system, which has helped me learn to maintain computer systems' security. I am very excited to understand the relations of operating systems with the security and ethical practices of the computer. My knowledge regarding the maintenance of the system's security has helped me understand the proper implementation of protection to protect important data. Viruses, worms, and many other cyber threats often break the security chain (Muslihah and Nastura 2020). Proper ethical practices are needed for better management of computer operations effectively.


The knowledge of security maintenance has helped me pursue my career in the data security management of computers. As this chapter is quite interesting for me, it has provided me with a curiosity to know the advanced level of technology that helps maintain computer security (Muslihah and Nastura 2020). I have learned about data backups, retrieval of data, and advanced level technology to manage the system's security.

Week 9:Data operating systems


Session 9 has provided me with great knowledge regarding data operating systems and data survival management. I have experienced data management by implementing proper server technologies in the system. Furthermore, the operating system has managed to operate the system's important functions, which can run the software and hardware operations effectively (Muslihah and Nastura 2020). Network and security management are major key operational functions of the system. The operating systems have the responsibility regarding the management of operating systems. Furthermore, I have learned the implementation of different operational functions to manage better important data and resources, which is quite beneficial for me to make data confidential. The session has also depicted the advanced level technology while performing the tasks and managing different operations (Talha et al. 2019, p.72). Various operating systems have performed the key functions in the computer system while performing the knowledge. Data management knowledge and theories based on advanced technologies have helped me pursue my career in data security management systems. Deallocation and reallocation of data and knowledge based on the practices of various software and hardware applications have provided me with immense knowledge about computer operational activities and their progress. Furthermore, the data management system has helped me perform all the database and code practices activities, which help me understand computers' functions (Muslihah and Nastura 2020).

Week 10:Different windows operating systems

This session has mainly described the functions of different windows operating systems and the management activities of the computer. File drives and customisation of different software of the systems are the core parts of the computer systems. Furthermore, memory management and virtual memory space-based learnings have been provided to better design windows systems. Security-based challenges and various computer processors are depicted in this session (Talha et al. 2019). I feel the knowledge I learned through this session is quite important to understand the core functions. Furthermore, communication of interprocess management and different versions of windows have provided me knowledge regarding the implementation of various important tasks. From the initiation of “Windows XP" to “windows version 10.0” have seen the progress of development of different processes of computer systems in the recent era (Talha et al. 2019). Newest versions have helped to perform various incredible tasks within a very short period of time. I have gained a great deal of knowledge regarding various operating systems from DOS to the upgradation of newest software applications. This kind of knowledge has helped me to pursue my career in a better way so that the operations of different tasks can be maintained effectively. Furthermore, I have also understood a detailed practice of many operating systems and programmable languages along with networking based products.

Week 11:Linux operating systems

Session 11 has focused on the practice of Linux operating systems and the management of different software interrelated to these operating systems of computer. Role of different memory, devices and file management to the operational activities of computer systems have been provided in this session (Wang et al. 2020). Responsibilities of different software applications interlinked to “Linus Torvalds” are depicted in this week to understand the basic operational functions of “Linux Operating System”. I am quite excited by learning the operational practises of computer systems and the management of different machine languages. Role and functions of different software applications for operating “Linux” based systems (Wang et al. 2020). Portability of programs and system software are quite important parts of the systems. I have experienced better practice regarding the knowledge of main memory as well as user interface systems. The knowledge is quite effective for managing any difficult tasks with proper clarity. Various roles and responsibilities of the computer system are quite important for me to perform any kind of task effectively. The basic knowledge of operating systems especially “Linux” has helped me to understand the effectiveness of the management based functions (Wang et al. 2020). Various functions such as different software and hardware applications are quite essential for me to perform different tasks of the computer in a greater way.


Various management and operational functions of computer systems are the major focus areas of the sessions. The sessions have provided me with great knowledge regarding the management of different functions and roles as well as responsibilities. Furthermore, implementations of different advanced technologies have been provided for a clear understanding of the system. Protections of important data and data manipulation have become one of the most important highlighted areas of the systems. Security management and server management based knowledge have also been provided for better practise of the computer system so that the operations have been performed well in the systems. System software and hardware based knowledge have also been provided for my better career in this field and performing any complicated tasks in this field.


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