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MBIS4010 Professional Practice in Information Systems Essay Sample

Assessment Description

This assessment task assesses students’ ability to apply theoretical learning to practical, real world situations. The aim is to help students to understand the benefits of ethical values in their professional life. Modern communication technologies allow for the transmission of opinion to a larger and more diverse audience. To what extent should Australian law limit one person's speech to minimize the impact on another? Prepare a business report on this issue that provides a brief historical background of freedom of speech as a universal human right and outlines some examples of where free speech should be limited. Your essay should be a synthesis of ideas researched from a variety of sources and expressed in your own words. It should be written in clear English and be submitted at the end of week 5 in electronic format as either a Word document of a pdf file. This electronic file will be checked using Turnitin for any evidence of plagiarism. You are expected to use references in the normal Harvard referencing style.



The freedom to hold a personal opinion and impart information, ideas, and knowledge without the interference of any public authority correlates with the concept of freedom of speech (French, 2019). The reinforcement of human rights and laws over the concept of freedom of speech declares the non-violence of rights, and the legislations assure some limitations in the freedom of speech (Bejan, 2019). For Assignment Help However, the universal declaration of human rights regarding the freedom of speech is changing its meaning in the modern communication technology-oriented world where transmission of speech to a larger and diverse audience through electronic mediums has been possible. With this respect, the existing essay will show the responsibility of Australian law to limit the freedom of speech to minimize the adverse impact of an individual's speech over others.

Limiting the concept of freedom of speech

The concept of freedom of speech

Articles 19 and 20 in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights advocate freedom of opinion and expression (Ag, 2021). The right to speech freedom includes both the mediums such as oral and written communications. Apart from it, the broadcasting, media, commercial advertisement, and public protest also correspond with the idea of freedom of speech. Modern communication processes include information technology where the restrictions in freedom of speech consist of restricted access to several web sites, urging violence and classification of the art materials. Article 19(1) advocates for the right to freedom of opinion without any interference, and article 19(2) protects the freedom of speech in various communication mediums, be it media or face-to-face communication. In the information communication technology-oriented world, the exercise of the right to freedom of speech includes several responsibilities. It includes respecting the reputations or rights of others and protecting national security for keeping the sanctity of morality. However, the Australian constitution advocates for freedom from government restraint rather than individual human rights. The Universal Declaration of human rights corresponds with the specific legislation and political rights where Australia favours the UDHR and affirms fundamental human rights, including the freedom of speech (Aph, 2019). The fundamental right to speak freely is built upon a history of human rights where the milestones have developed the current status of human rights in various countries and its universal approach.

Limitations to the freedom of speech and relevant legislation

Article 20 of ICCPR in Australia has some mandatory restrictions for the freedom of speech and expression, which relates to the country's existing Commonwealth and legal statuses in various stages, reservation rights are being prioritized. The Australian law related to human rights regulates the publication, display or promotion, broadcast, and content containing violence. For example, the law interferes in copyright violation where the written medium of communication is protected with the right to privacy, and this restricts the access of other users to the authentic content. However, the active vigilance of the legislation restricts fraudulent attempts to copy the content of a writerwhich is a significant benefit of the ethics.Therefore, the law protects human rights and limits the freedom of speech in both written and oral communication mediums in electronic or technical mediums (Hallberg and Virkkunen, 2017).

The materials involved in a specific kind of media, be it films, written or news, require to be verified and approved by the legislation containing article 20 in Australia. For example, films containing child pornography and obscenities are banned by the censor board. Obscenity can lead to violation of human rights and spread a wrong message in society. Australian government limits the publication of contents containing child pornography and obscenity to ensure proper use of the right to freedom of speech and to ensure the non-violence of human rightswhich benefits the people in the country to remain obedient to the laws. Another example is commercial advertisement or expression through media. Commercial advertisements are also specific media of communication in the technology-oriented world where freedom of speech to portray the wrong content in the advertisement can lead to violence of commercial expression (Gelber, 2021). Article 20 in Australia regulates the expression or advertisement of businesses that might prove harmful to society.The step is considerably beneficial in restricting the wrong messages to theaudience.However, the imposed censorship ensures proper classification of the entertainment content where the law limits freedom of speech for social good.

Freedom of speech is closely related to political uprights in a nation. An individual may not induce political chaos by bringing controversial statements in public. For example, during an individual's political opinion in social media, the freedom of speech is restricted to some extent as the speech of violence and criminality are abolished by the law. The proper regulation and observation of information contained in social media ensure the resolution of political violence occurring from freedom of speech (Howie, 2018). Article 20 ensures the approval of public protest in electronic media as it can instigate turmoil and conflict in people belonging from diverse regions and distant locations, which may result in widespread anger and chaos. To restrict any wrongful protest due to the freedom of speech, the Government blocks the path of access to information. This helps to keep peace in public and political environment in the country.

Declaration of law related to freedom of speech ensures obliteration of racial discrimination and religious conflicts (Stone, 2017). For example, due to the emergence of modern communication technology, people from different regions of the world have the scope to mingle where the opinions related to racial differences may hurt an individual community, which can lead to violation of human rights. In the case of religion, the diverse religious background of people has different faiths over their religions where unlawful and negative comments regarding each others' religious faith can lead to creating sensitive issues. So, article 20 in Australiabenefits the public bysecuring the racial and religious grounds through enforcing strict laws and punishment for violation of human rights.


The positive aspects related to freedom of speech allow an individual to express their valuable ideas and options to the public through using modern communication systems which results in the preservation of social rights and well-being. On the other hand, the negative aspects such as violation of human rights concerning politics, religion, race, and other factors may result in chaos, conflicts, and even criminalization. Therefore, limitations in the rights to freedom of speech and expression are required in specific cases to maintain proper sanctity in social structure. Article 20 in Australia promotes proper protection of human rights through restricting the freedom of speech where it can create significant issues for society.


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