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MGT600 Management, People and Teams Report 3 Sample

Assessment Task

You are required to critically assess the performance of your team and recommend improvements based on the relevant concepts and frameworks you have learnt in this subject in a 1,500-word team evaluation report.

Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


1. Review your team’s performance in completing the first two assessments and make recommendations for improvement.

 • In reviewing the team performance, considerations must be given to the following:

o How did your team come together and what phases or stages did it go through?
o What roles did team members play?
o What challenges were presented?
o How did individual, team, and contextual dynamics impact performance?
o What would you do differently to improve performance?
o How would you apply your learnings in your current or future workplace?

• Please note that you are not required to review the quality and content of the assessments you produced as a team. Instead, you are required to review the performance of the team in completing the assessment tasks.

• You are required to specifically apply and discuss concepts from Modules 4, 5, and 6 as well as any relevant processes and concepts from earlier modules.

• The evaluation needs to be supported with evidence from academic research as well as examples from your own experiences and or observations. You will also find the module activities useful in prompting your thinking.

2. Write a team evaluation report of 1500 words using the following structure:

Cover sheet: Student details (student name, ID number, subject code & name, assessment number and title)

Executive summary

Table of contents

Introduction: Outline the purpose and structure of your report.

Background: Briefly describe your team’s purpose and relevant contextual issues.

Main discussion: Review your team’s performance covering key concepts from all modules.

Exploring these within an appropriate theoretical framework would be appropriate here.

Recommendations / action plan: Provide recommended strategies and actions to improve your team’s performance.


Reference list


3. You are strongly advised to read the rubric, which is an evaluation guide with criteria for grading your assignment—this will give you a clear picture of what a successful report looks like.



The current report is going to explore and analyse the performance of the team during assessment 2. Assessment 2 was a team performance, the team members belongedto different cultures and possess different ethics. Here, the study is going to interpret the performance of the team and the different issues and challenges they hadfaced during performing their tasks. The study is going to reflect on the effective relationships between the people and teams of an organisation or a team. For Assignment Help, For performing better as a team, the member wasrequired to possess effective communication skills along with a problem-solving attitude. The study intends to analyse the background of the assessment by explaining the purpose of the team as well as relevant issues faced by the team members during their performance. The main body of the essay explored the performance of the team in light of the cultural differences and time performance of the team. Last of all concluded the essay by evaluating the overall study and the relevance of the current study in the discussed context of management, people and team.

Background of the study:

The purpose of the team was to investigate the upcoming challenges for AccuSoft Medical Technologies in the next two years as well as provide appropriate recommendations to the organisation to face and recover from the issues. The assessment was aimed to assist the chief executive officer [CEO] of the organisation by optimising the findings with real-life examples to resolve the issues and achieve the organisational goals for the next two years by implementing some appropriate strategic changes in the ongoing system of the organisation.through the case study, the team had found three major issues which were inefficient management and leadership, low rate of employee turnover and an unhealthy working environment. The team had recommended solutions with real-life examples and theoretical explanations.

During the time of conducting the case study, the team members were given certain roles and responsibilities. The three team members had performed their tasks though there were some challenges in completing the given tasks. Due to the current pandemic situation, they had to conduct the overall case study through the online method for obvious safety reasons. Thus, the member could not conduct face-face to face discussions. The online mode was time-consuming and dependent on the technical amenities. Thus conducting meetings with the management of the organisation or the team members had been difficult sometimes or it would take more time to connect and fail to continue which would lead to another meeting arrangement. The overall process had taken more time than any physically conducted case study would take. Thus, time management had been a great issue for the team in order to conduct the overall study to get to the desired outcomes. Also, the team members belonged to different cultures. Different cultures had different rituals and beliefs. Team members had faced challenges regarding cultural diversity as they were working with people from different cultures (Xing, 2017). Different cultures had different values, communication styles, customs, etc. The virtual team faced issues while virtually communicating with each other and the management of the organisation for conducting their case study.

Reviewing the performance of the team:

The team contained three people from different cultures. A team could be defined as a group of individuals who performed a set of interconnected activities to achieve specific goals or objectives.The study had discussedthe overall performance of the team on the case study of AccuSoft Medical Technologies performance for the next two years. Here the discussed team had acted asa project team. In a good team, all members perform their part with sincerity and care. The team members communicated and assisted each other in their activities. Diversity among the team members broughtdifferent perceptions on the overall activities of the team (Kelley et al., 2019). With effective leadership, a team could perform in an organised manner.

Performance management is one of the major aspects of good teamwork. The performance of individual team members, units and functional couldbe improved through performance management skills (Kezell and Sonia, 2019). Effective performance management methods set objectives for the team members that were aligned with the strategic direction, mission and vision of the concerned organisations or the main aim of the building of the team in the first place. Tuckman’s five stages of team development theory had described the way a team wasbuilt with due time and team leaders influenced the performance, decision making and behaviour of the team members. Psychologist Bruce Tuck man had explained the different stages of team development which were forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. The team had clear roles for each team member with specified goals and roles to perform to contribute to the teamwork. Also, there was regular monitoring of everyday progress between the team members that influenced the performance of the team members (Annie Pullen Sansfacon et al., 2018).

Developing trust was one of the major aspects to perform as a team. When the team members were unable to be in contact physically or had diversity then trust among the team members could act as a pillar of the team. Cultural diversity demanded respect and appreciation from the team members for their diverse cultures to work together as a good team. Monitoring performance without observing, managing the workflow of the team and maintaining commitments towards the virtual team were some of the challenges faced by the team. Leading a virtual team in a virtual project had taken lots of trust, effort and commitments from the team members (Meltem and Hasan, 2016).

The cognitive theory was one of the most common theories that explained the impacts of cultural diversity on an organisation or a group. Through cognitive diversity theory, the differences such as perceptive, expertise and experience between the team memberscould be identified. According to cognitive diversity theory, every team member contributed some exclusive attributes as per their cognitive diversities (Loeb et al., 2019).The social cognitive theory helped people to develop their physical, mental, emotional, and behavioural attributes with a range of diversity (Berg and Watanabe, 2020).

The team of three students from different cultures had shown well-organised teamwork through proper performance management. As team members, they covered important areas and performed as required, though, with different locations and cultural diversity, they were bound to have communication issues. Attending team meetings were sometimes difficult for the students due to issues regarding time management and virtual procedures.

Through SWOT analysis, the performance of the team can be explained more precisely.

The above SWOT analysis had presented the overall performance of the team along with their strengths and weaknesses and future opportunities and threats. The team had completed the case study in an organising manner to reach the desired outcomes. Hence, it could be said that the team performed well, though there were some difficulties.

Recommendations for improving team performance:

By applying performance management skills, the team had performed well. The team had faced mainly two issues, cultural diversity and time management. As the team was working remotely. The members had created a virtual team. Therefore, monitoring daily performances had been difficult due to the time coordination issue. This could be solved by communicating with each team member frequently by arranging team meetings more often.The cultural diversity among the team members could develop miscommunications along with trust issues. This flaw could be avoided by developing a cohesive culture for conducting any performance with people from different cultures (Audretsch et al., 2021).This way the team could perform better than they had done before. Cultural diversity also improved the perceptions of the team regarding different behaviour, society, culture.


The team of three members had conducted a case study to comprehend the upcoming issues in AccuSoft Medical Technologies for the next two years as well as some recommendations to rectify the problems. The team had faced challenges regarding cultural diversity and time management during their performance. The study had interpreted their overall performance along with the issues they had faced and some recommendations to resolve their issues. Tuckman’s five stages of team development theory, cognitive theory and SWOT analysis had been used to explain the overall performance of the team. The study had interpreted that the team had performed well despite the issues they had experienced and had the potentialityto do better.


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