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MGT601 Dynamic Leadership Report Part A Sample

Assessment Task

Your task in Assessment 1, Part A, is to complete the Gallup Strengths Finder and submit a brief report on the results and their implications for your development as a leader.

Instructions for completing Gallup strength finder:


Navigate to the StrengthsQuest OS website at the following URL:

It is highly recommended to set aside 30 minutes of non-interrupted time to complete this test as the questions are set on a short timer to capture initial and instinctual responses.

Analysing results:

When you receive your results, look at your report and read the background document on the Gallup psychometric assessment. You should then prepare a 500-word report which covers the following issues:

1) A brief discussion of the theoretical foundation of the Gallup Strengths Finder (Positive Psychology) and why it is important

2) A brief description of how your results reflect your approach to personal power. Provide a copy of your report as an Appendix. It will not be included in the word count

3) Your initial reactions to your results: where have you seen these strengths being used in your life to date?

4) Your initial thoughts on the fit between your authentic self (as represented by your strengths) and the way you have approached the university degree for which you are currently studying.

Please note that it is quite difficult to cover these four points in 500 words – pre-plan what you intend to say and revise your work repeatedly to increase the impact of your writing. Avoid unnecessary discussion and ensure every sentence contributes something positive to the discussion, and is aligned with the requirements of the assessment brief.

Reflexive Writing - First Person:

You should write in the first person, because this is about YOU, your reflections and your interpretations. (e.g. “I considered this advice to be..... because it had a big impact on my........and it helped me to understand my...........”)

Try to be as specific as possible, use brief examples to illustrate your points and try to select examples that enable you to demonstrate learning against the attributes in the rubric.

All other principles of academic writing apply, including strict referencing, acknowledgement of the work of others and avoidance of plagiarism.

A brief guide to Reflective Writing is available at:

Laureate academic skills unit (LASU) (n.d). Reflective writing skills. https://laureate-


Theoretical Foundation of the Gallup StrengthsFinder

Gallup StrengthsFinder is useful in identifying the strengths of an individual or groups working in the teams (Rath, 2007). For Assignment Help, This tool is important as it helps in making self-aware, develop positive psychology and increase team engagement for better performance or results (Snyder, Lopez & Pedrotti, 2015). The use of Gallup Strengths Finder has significantly helped me to recognise my key skills that can help in my future endeavour.

Brief Description of Results

From the Gallup StrengthsFinder, I have realised different 5 strengths such as Achiever, Input, Strategic, Self-Assurance and Responsibility. In context to achiever, it is to be mentioned that I significantly try to remain updated and informed about newsworthy topics. The outcome of achiever indicated that I feel satisfied when I am productive. The input has pointed out that I focus on collecting information and build relationships. This help to provide quality opinions or suggestions to ones who are seeking help from me (Sorenson, 2013). The input will allow me to provide support and contribution to only at my own work but to other as well. Being strategic is another strength of mine. This assists individuals like me to continuously involve in correct solutions to a problem. In addition, being strategic indicates that one needs to assess all alternatives before deciding the course of action (Rhea, Jeana & Shane, 2015). In my professional life, I would be able to deal with the workplace problems in a more effective manner. The self-assurance result showcased that I am confident about my decisions and willing to take risks, which can benefit my personal and professional career. However, I have realised that it is important to share ideas and opinions with others for gaining improved outcome. Furthermore, the tool also indicated that I value responsibility. I am keen to take responsibility from front to fulfil the commitment made.

Initial Reactions to Results

To higher extent, I was happy with the result of the Gallup. However, initially, I was not completely aware that I have strategic strength. After seeing the result, I am quite satisfied and has built a new confidence in me that I can succeed in personal, academic and professional work. I can say it confidently that I realized strengths in my student life and applied those strengths when handling a group project assigned by the tutor. One strength is input which is applied regularly in my personal life, where I contribute in making decisions with peers related to travel, house work, etc.

Initial Thoughts

Currently, I am pursuing my graduation in university and as an authentic self, I utilised my Achiever, Input, Strategic, Self-Assurance and Responsibility strengths as a medium to lower down the study pressure and strengthen grasping power. As a result, I enhanced my skills and got promoted to the university level. Also, I got good chances to reduce physical stress and allowed myself to read books. I found more alternative ways to come out of critical circumstances and identify my key issues.


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