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MIS610 Advanced Professional Practice Report Sample

Task Summary

You are required to research the case study provided to you and write 2500 words report as a group.


Information technology and systems are central to every organisation and industry today. Organisations and industries use and deploy new technologies to compete with one another and optimize their business in several ways. They either develop solutions and/or products themselves or alternatively procure these from other sources and organisations that master a certain technology. Irrespective of the fact whether the organisations or industries develop products and/or services themselves or have them procured, introducing a new technology as a product or a service is always a risky proposition that requires thorough investigation. All

Technological interventions have their own complexities and can have legal, ethical, operational and strategic implications on business. The purpose of this group report is to engage you in building knowledge of how organisations identify, build and deploy various technology over time to remain competitive.

Task Instructions

1. For this assessment, you are given a case study (scenario) that concerns a particular organisation or an industry. You are required to work as a group of consultants for this organisation/industry and present your findings.

2. Please read the case study carefully, analyse the situation and complete your research before writing the report. Move ahead with an end in mind. Set goals for your report. You may have to do a lot of problem solving and diagnosis. This would also require you to make use of your creative, analytical, decision making, communications and interpersonal skills, but not limited to. You would also have to develop business insight around the case provided to you. What would matter at the end is your judgement and how you tackle the problem that has been provided to you.

3. Now write a 2500 words report. Your report should not only analyse the situation, provide insights, rather it should also provide findings/solutions and/or even resolutions.

4. Structure and Format

- The report should begin with an executive summary.

- It must include a title page with the subject code and name, assignment title, students’ name, students’ numbers and facilitator(s)’s name

- It must have an introduction (500 words) that will also serve as your statement of purpose for the report. This means that you will tell the reader what you are going to cover in your report. You will need to inform the reader of:

a. Your area of research and its context
b. The key concepts that you will be addressing
c. What the reader can expect to find in the body of the report

- After introduction you will have the main body (1500 words) that would respond to the specific requirements of the selected case. You may have to answer questions provided to you in the case in this section of the report.

- Finally, you will have conclusion (500 words) that will summarise any findings and make recommendations.


Executive summary: CareMart is a newly-run retail business based in Tasmania with Zaf Connel as its managing director. It is currently one of the most popular retailers in Australia. It deals primarily with human health, care, truth and experience. Zaf aims to strengthen CareMart's supply chain by applying other technologies, keeping in mind customer demand and customer behaviour. In that case, it is reasonable to avoid expensive projects and for this he chooses blockchain. Zaf's goal is to further expand this Caremart's business by improving its supply chain through blockchain without cryptocurrency. For Assignment help A blockchain is a digital record that is constantly updated. Various transaction information: ie time, dollar value and puts participants under a certain "block" and connects other blocks with it. The use of blockchain will greatly improve the supply chain of CareMart, because, this will lead to many new service opportunities and various pop-ups that can be easily noticed, such as creating and supplying or selling assets, tracking the location of different Provence, giving a different perspective to the supply chain, managing. The software itself also provides other ancillary services. This builds trust in the software directly from CareMart's business entity, and through its proper use, CareMart will be able to move ahead, leaving many traditional companies behind in the business journey. In addition, it makes it possible to commercialize the asset, and it promises a range of devices and gadgets that the customer is always able to use. It will also help build trust in various aspects of CareMart's business, as well as eliminate fraud. Cryptography preserves the data collected by the blockchain and links the records of new transactions to previous records, which helps to understand the progress of the business supply chain and since it is driven by multiple computer networks, one must be strong enough to change the record.

Recommendation: The use of blockchain in one of the leading retailing brands like CareMart is a considerable factor in terms of supply chain management. In that case, some of the recommendations that can be mentioned are:

- As CareMart is a retail brand and a fully customer-oriented organization, it is advisable to use permissioned blockchain as supply chain management. It will act as an additional security system where all the details and access will be with the company official only, no one outside the organization can interfere. Permissioned blockchain is different from the public blockchain (Polge, Robert & Traon, 2021). Its cost is relatively low which matches the financial landscape of CareMart.

- Before applying blockchain as supply chain management, remember that in blockchain, every action including data is considered as a transaction (Moosavi et al., 2021). It is important to know that data can be updated in a blockchain, never be fixed traditionally. So the more updates, the more transactions have to be processed and the more resources the company has to spend to process them.

- Critical data should be shared with the right people and under the right circumstances so that the internal information of the company is not leaked or financial loss is incurred.

- The company should define a set of roles with the right of access as well as the role assigned to each of the employees connected to the supply chain management system.

- It should keep in mind that popular and large blockchain platforms are generally relatively more reliable because they have already been tested by many users (Omar et al., 2021). However, in the case of a ready-to-use platform, the scope may be limited for compatibility and some significant changes may have to be made to the company's existing system.

- Although it is easy to use blockchain that supports smart contracts, it is very slow and expensive so the decision should be taken only after considering all aspects (Younus, 2021).

- Custom blockchain networks can match CareMart's existing systems. As it works properly, transaction processing charges are affordable, but the use of this type of network requires expertise as well as solid planning. So before choosing such a network, the company needs to see if it has an expert team and a thorough plan.
Although blockchain is convenient to use, it is not easy to implement in the supply chain. The above recommendations should be followed so that the company does not have to travel in the future.

Conclusion: In conclusion, it can be said that it makes sense to include Blockchain in Zaf's business case because it is possible to maintain considerable control over CareMart's business outsourcing and various contract production. The blockchain gives the same access to all the blocks under the supply chain of all the blocks within it, thereby reducing various communication and data transfer errors. It takes less and less time to verify the data and that time can be spent behind the service. This maintains the quality of both the product and the service and has a significant impact on CareMart's supply chain as well as Zaf's main objective.


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