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SHS7000 Food Safety in Association with Campylobacter in Chicken Report Sample

Task overview

For this task you need to reflect on how your research skills have developed over the course of this module, incorporating appropriate feedback from others, and develop an action plan explaining how you will further progress and apply your research skills following completion of this module.

How to approach the task

Throughout the module, you will have been given opportunities to reflect on your research skills. Look back over these reflections, and review the self-evaluation questionnaire you completed at the start of the module, and compare this to the self-evaluation towards the end of the module.

We recommend that you use an appropriate model of reflection, such as Rolfe et al's "What? So What? Now What?" model (refer back to the learning resources in Week 1 if you need a reminder).

Make notes that address the following questions:

• How have your knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours changed over the course of the module?

• How confident are you about various aspects of research now?

• What feedback have you received about your work? - this could be from academic staff, your fellow students, work colleagues, family/friends, etc.

• Take an overview of your research skills: what are your areas of strength, and where can you still make improvements?

• Try some 'forward reflection’ – predicting how you would respond to situations in your future academic work and/or professional practice where research skills would be needed (or useful) - e.g. in a job or role that you aspire to hold in the future. How your response might might be affected by what you have learned in this module

• What are your goals for further development of your research skills? What improvements do you want to make over the next 2-3 months (short-term goals) and 6-12 months or more (long-term goals)?

• What are your next steps in relation to research? What actions do you need to take to achieve your stated goals? How will you know if you have been successful in improving your skills to achieve these goals?

Use these notes to help you think about how your research skills have developed. Try to take a holistic approach that considers all the different aspects of research skills - most people will have areas of strength and other areas that they find more difficult - what are these areas for you?
Advice on writing up this patch

As this patch is a piece of personal reflective writing, it is acceptable to write in the ‘first person’ (I think this ..., I felt that ..., I need to ... etc) – and we encourage you to do so. Focus mainly on reflecting and evaluating your learning, not just describing what you did or what happened.
You have 1250 words for this patch. Whilst you are free to present the work in whichever way you wish, we recommend the following structure:

• Reflection (What? So What?) - summarising your reflections on the key 'incidents' and experiences you have had during the module, how well you completed the various tasks during the module, feedback that you received, etc (approx 500 words)

• Synthesis (Now What?) - explain the development of your research skills during the module, evaluating your chief areas of strength, potential areas where further improvement or development may be useful, and considering any underlying or 'cross-cutting' issues that are influencing your research skills. Draw this together by identifying achievable goals for the short-term (e.g. next 2-3 months) and long-term (next 6-12 months or more). (approx 500 words)

• Conclusion and action plan (Now What?) - how will you achieve your goals? Based on your reflection and synthesis, present your action plan explaining how you will further develop and use your research skills in your future academic work and/or professional practice. Be specific about what you are going to do, why, how and when, and what support systems are available that could help you (through Cardiff Met or other organisations). (approx 250 words)

• References using the Harvard system: not included in the word count. We think you are unlikely to have many references for this patch as it has a personal focus.


1. Introduction

This self-reflection under evaluation discusses my reflections on the main incidents of the task regarding patch 1 and patch 2 and includes the experiences that I have gained when thoroughly examining the work. Furthermore, it gives a clear understanding of my performance and the feedback I have received, development regarding the research skills I have attained throughout the work, and chief areas of strength. For Assignment Help, Moreover, it also analyses the changes regarding the improvement in the research work that should be attained, explaining both the long and short-term goals needed to produce quality research work, the highlighted portion regarding the crosscutting issue, where improvement is a must-have fact. However, this part remained undiscovered due to the inability to access further knowledgeable theories due to time management. Thus, the feedback regarding this research was that I have to increase the accessibility of the study materials; in addition, I have to develop my critical thinking ability to solve the issues regarding the research that might come the way in future. In addition, the knowledge as to the way the time should be managed as the process of research can get lengthy, and budget can be an issue regarding the research work too. In this case, I must increase the availability of the budget needed to execute the research work.

2. Reflection: What and So What

2.1 Summarising my reflection on the key incidents and my experiences

The word Campylobacter got its essence from the Greek words Kamploys and Bacteria, which stands for “crooked stick”. This typically defines the morphology of the S-shaped bacterium 1 campylobacter. Campylobacter is a gram-negative bacterium, which has a spiral shape, and microaerophilic and biflagellate rods. This bacterium is mainly responsible for food-borne diseases that can range from mild to fatal situations. As per my observation campylobacter is a natural host for the chicken, and in the process of slaughtering the intestinal tract of the chicken can be damaged which will lead the meat to be cross-contaminated (Frosth et al., 2020). Campylobacter is a major reason behind diarrhoea, which is accompanied by watery, bloody, painful abdominal cramps for human beings.

As per my survey of patch 2, I have experienced that mass well-being and overall satisfaction are often influenced by a variety of factors. The survey that has been pulled out by The Office of National Statistics, gathered information regarding the age, working hours, and other major or minor factors of approx 270 people and reflected revealing outcomes. According to my observation, The National Survey used the quantitative data approach. The survey interview was conducted between 11000 adults aged 16 years or above. As I have observed that for sampling purposes, they usually took randomly 23517 residential addresses in the years 2017 and 2018, and divided them into small groups by 22 Welsh Local Authorities. I can say that health is a complete state the complete physical and the mental health is likely functions the processes working at their peak. According to my experience in the 3rd patch, there should be a maintain and being able for the supply of updated and assurance of personal health I have to develop my critical thinking ability to solve the issues regarding the research that might come the way in future.

2.2 Understanding the performance and feedback that I attained through the task

Through the work mentioned in patch 1 and patch 2, I have received some feedback regarding my performance. In the patch, 1 the experiment focuses on community education and farm education pulled out by Carron et al., (2022). However, the research paper has not focused on the proper practice of the management as per resolving the associated problems regarding food safety that is connected to the Campylobacter that can be found in chicken. Thus to solve this portion the need for microbiology-related factors and scientific resources are the must-have. Creativity is the important trait that the researcher has sought to develop and also utilize between the research experiences. The research papers have the management which is responsible for the creation and maintaining a harmonious working environment. I have understood what is important and what might be done for various management practices.

3. Synthesis: Now What

3.1 Explaining the development of research skills attained during the module

In the research evaluated in patch 1, there were some major findings; this study reveals the information, that small-scaled farms are not properly informed about the insecurity regarding the investigation of the risk factors of the campylobacter. Such kind of investigation needs a lot of academic research, and the ability to critically thinking, as the researcher had to investigate manually from the scratch. Furthermore, the whole process of the investigation requires time, thus it indicates that in the procedure of this particular research time management skills were a major component that lead the researcher to deliver work on this level (Morrow-Howell, Galucia, and Swinford, 2020). Long-term and short term goals have to complete and supports each other and the vital strategies for my business plans. If my long-term and short term goal is regularly attentive, then I might like to get motivated over times.

3.2 Evaluation of the chief areas of strength

According to my thorough observation regarding the research work evaluated in Patch 2, one of the strengths of the survey is that the interview was pulled out on randomly chosen people or residential addresses (Stockemer, Stockemer, and Glaeser, 2019). During the survey, if more than one person above age 16 was found, they were immediately enlisted by the kish grid methods. With this specific method, the authority avoided biases in the survey selection. Furthermore, through this survey, numeric data were obtained, which allows for comparison between organisations or groups, and, determined the extent of respondents' agreement or disagreement. I can evaluate the collections of the information based on the based on the scientific evidence. Thinking about the new practices that effect the delivery of the patient centered .

3.3 Potential areas that need improvement by underlying crosscutting issues

Guidance from the Expertise: Clear guidance from the expertise is a key requirement regarding converting aspirations into practice. Clear guidance consists of some common tools such as diagnosis, analysis of the design regarding the intervention, proper scrutiny of the environment, properly organizing the plan, evaluation and monitoring and so on (Supriyanto et al., 2019). As per my observation regarding patch 2, which consists of a survey, there are several gaps. Any method regarding mainstream will be successful if only it is converted into practice, to produce the result as per the expectations. In the case of monitoring and preparing the outline of the concepts, and giving proper direction to the whole process of the survey, the need for the proper guidelines from the expertise is measured as a vital component. I think the government should appoints a comnmission that makes the recommendation for the healthcare system and monitors the performance.

3.4 Drawing the short-term and long-term achievable goals

As for designing the short time goals, the evaluation of the chief strengths regarding patch 2 can be mentioned. For designing, the short time achievable goals the method used in the survey can be ideal. As in this method random selection process was used to execute the whole process of the survey, lots of time can be saved through this method. Thus as per my critical judgment, this method can fall under the design of the short time achievable goals. Furthermore, for long-term achievable goals proper and clear guidance from the expertise can be enlisted. For example, the research work mentioned in patch 1 can be taken. The research regarding microbiology needs clear guidelines. My goals are more likely to the parties that the parties will find the way to solve their conflicts or disputes. Although I felt the capacity for achieving the short term-goals as well as the long term goals for the vision and mission to power through the changes that are needed to overcome the hurdles that I face for achieving the short term goal.

4. Conclusion and action plan

4.1 Analysing the way I will achieve my goals through Action Plan

Table 1: Action Plan
(Source- Self-evaluated)

4.2 Conclusion

Furthermore, to conclude this present self-reflection engages my point of view regarding the whole process of Microbiological research and the possible issues that could create literature gaps or be judged as the weaknesses of the research work. Furthermore, it includes the probable solution to resolve the issues that can be hindrances in the way of the research. Lastly, it also includes the outcome of the survey work, the methods used to execute the process and so on.

5. References

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