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PROJ6002 Project Planning and Budgeting Report Sample


The backbone of a project manager’s work is the Project Management Plan. This plan is the document which describes how the project will be executed, monitored and controlled. It integrates and consolidates all of the subsidiary plans and baselines from the planning processes. In this subject, you will be creating components of a Project Management Plan for your selected Case Study.

Project Scope Management includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. Managing the project scope is primarily concerned with defining and controlling what is and is not included in the project. Project Time Management includes the processes required to manage the timely completion of the project. Plan Time Management is the process of establishing the policies, procedures, and documentation for planning, developing, managing, executing, and controlling the project schedule. Effective scope management is one of the key factors determining project success. Failure to accurately interpret a client's needs or problems will produce a misleading definition (scope of work). If this causes rework and additional effort, there may be project cost and time implications. Therefore project success will be self-limiting if the scope of work is not adequately defined.


This assessment has two parts: Module 2 Discussion Activity (Part A) and Scope and Time Management documentation (Part B).

Part A – Module 2 Discussion Activity

Schedule Management.

How might changes to project scope affect the project's schedule, and how would a project manager formally communicate such variances to project stakeholders? Illustrate some examples from the given case study to support your discussion.
Output Provide an initial discussion of approximately 500 words by the first half of Module 2. Respond with approximately 250 words for each feedback/comment to at least one fellow student’s discussion by the end of Module 2 (Total 750 words for Assessment 1 Part A).

Part B – Scope and Time Management Plans

In this subject, you will be creating subsidiary management plans of a Project Management Plan using the information found in the case study provided by your learning facilitator at the commencement of the subject.

In modules 1, 2 and 3, you will work individually or in a group of 2-3 students on the given case study. For Assessment 1 Part B, you are responsible for submitting the project scope and time management plans for the case study. The plans must contain, but not limited to, the following plan components:

• Project goals and objectives
• Project scope statement
• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
• Project schedule

For the project scope statement and WBS, you can use the templates found in this module’s Learning Resources or a format of your own. For the project schedule, you are responsible for submitting a schedule and a network diagram using the critical path method (CPM). Your schedule can be created using scheduling software e.g.

ProjectLibre or Microsoft Project. Your network diagram can be hand-drawn and scanned or created using drawing tools e.g. in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.


Scope management statement

Overall description of the work

The current report will provide a clear scope statement of the National Project Management Symposium project. A significant endeavour is to plan and conduct a national symposium for a society that draws around 1350 people. For Assignment Help The registration cost for a 3-day symposium that offers free admission to all seminars is $2,500 per participant, as the event does not benefit (Kuzyk et al., 2019). Challenges associated with organizing such a conference include the selection of a program committee, the selection of a topic, the contact of exhibitors, local preparations, program planning, and ongoing.


For the 2022 Annual December Symposium Melbourne is chosen as the host town or chapter. The statement of work details the activities carried out by an entire project is to provide a high-quality value-added program (Kululanga & Kuotcha, 2010). This is helpful for the society and the guest program that reflects the hosting city well and also to fulfil rigorous financial standards. A great program is vital since it permits people to be created during the learning program. This contains the managers responsible for each course, the social program, local arrangements, and other information.

Justification for the project

Effective management of the project scope provides a clear insight into the big assignment is planning and conducting a nationwide symposium for a company with 1350 participants. It helps differentiate between something being necessary and what is not necessary for the undertaking for planning and conducting a nationwide symposium for a company (Travel Oregon & Driftline Consulting. 2020). The project management scope also identifies the project control aspects to handle items that might be modified and during the duration of the project. More significantly, project scope management concentrates on planning and monitoring, which is why a project manager can easily manage customer or stakeholder expectations and successful completion of the project. This will help the members of the team to organize the event using a functional approach. A major milestone is that when stakeholders may anticipate finishing the National Project Management Symposium project. More complicated projects may contain milestones for certain phases in the creation or completion of a workable product.


National Project Management Symposium project comprises essentially a set of interrelated working operations that are restricted to the scope of the project, and accessible budget allocated for this program, and the schedule for delivery of the project. The key activities in planning and development projects are the milestones (International Project Management Association. 2020). The milestones of this program are the approval of the project, the delivery of a high-quality value-added program. Also, to ensure that the team works well. If customer demands or issues are not properly comprehended, the scope of the job might be improperly defined. In case of this rework or more effort, project cause and time implementation might occur. The main objective of the project is to define and manage what is included in the project and what isn't included. The program administration covers the procedure needed to oversee the development's satisfactory delivery.


The National Project Management Symposium project has considered few assumptions regarding functional strategy in order to achieve high scope of success of this event. The main functions of the Australian officers are members of five other company partners who would help in other roles. There will be developments on the structure of the work breakdown and the Gantt activity diagram. Design and construction, pharmaceuticals, utility, technology, automobile, research and development, military, education, and production are all the technological tracks. Sessions on the preparation of professional certificates, on Taguchi principles of quality assurance statistics, and future practice will be included.


The stakeholders check has revealed that the expected results of the current project will meet all the evaluation criteria and demonstrate a high scope. For example, if an efficient remote office user interface is required for a centralized account opening procedure, the stakeholders would conduct quality and user tests to make sure this need has been fulfilled (Figliola, & Library of Congress. 2017). One of the major variables affecting the success of the project is effective management of scope. Overall project management is an approach that determines and establishes the planning process, the list of all project objectives, tasks, results, deadlines, and budgets. In program management, changes are typical for a large project.

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