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AURETR010 Repair, Wiring Harnesses Looms Assignment Sample

Provide your response to each question given below for assignment help

1.1) Where will you find the information you need when you are preparing to repair a basic wiring harness? Answer using 20 – 50 words.

Answer - The information will be found in the location of several sectors such as the aviation sectors, the manufacturing sector and many more.

1.2) Why is it important to have Workplace Health and Safety and Occupational Health and Safety procedures in the workplace for repairs of wiring harnesses and looms? Answer using 20 – 50 words.

Answer - In this aspect, workplace safety and measures are more important in order to maintain the workplace culture and management as well.

2) With regards to Workplace Health and Safety and Occupational Health and Safety, why is it important to have a procedure for using safety data sheets (SDSs)? Where do you find the SDS, and who issues the SDS? Write your answer in 80 – 120 words

Answer - Safety data sheet or SDSs helps in order to maintain and list the properties of physical
components, hazards, environmental health and many more in a significant way. It is important
because this significant aspect helps to maintain the work management and flow of the work as
well. The chemical manufacturer can issue this SDS as well.

3) What personal protection equipment do you need select and use when you are preparing ro repair harnesses and looms? List three (3)

Answer - List of three personal protection equipment

Protective headgear.
Safety glasses.

4) What are the WHS/OHS risks involved when you are using a heat gun or soldering equipment? Answer using 20 – 50 words.

Answer - In this regard, WHS refers to Workplace health safety that is reflected in the aspect of health as well as safe work practices that are needed to maintain the work culture and the physical health of the employees as well.

5) What hazardous materials and toxic substances can be present in harnesses and looms? Answer in 10 – 30 words

Answer - Picric acid, oxygen peroxide and many more hazardous materials and chemical substances are presented in the harness and loom.

6) List five (5) safe operating procedures you need to keep in mind when working with soldering equipment.

Answer -

? Hold wires to be tempered with the clamps and tweezers
? When the soldering process is not in use, it should be unplugged.
? Never touch the heated elements which are near about 400 degrees Celsius.
? Keep the workplace clean.
? Always keep the entire soldering process in an efficient way and handle it with care.

7.1) How should the hazardous materials and toxic substances that may be released during the repair processes be trapped, stored and disposed of? Write your answer in 20-50 words.

Answer - In this respect, the workplace management has to take some initiatives such as minimizing exposures, identifying the risks and challenges regarding toxic materials by using proper safety measures and using proper management and control measures as well (Kaur, Azmi and Majid, 2022). Additionally, maintaining the inventory is another significant key approach in order to
store hazardous materials.

7.2) What are the environmental requirements? Write your answer in 30-60 words.

Answer -

? Use of renewable sources.
? Use of hygienic elements and materials
? Use of non-toxic ingredients in order to maintain the environment as well.

8) Modern cars have CAN-bus wiring. What is it and what does it do? Answer in 20 – 50 words

Answer - In this present age, CAN bus wiring helps in order to maintain a precise communication between two dedicated wires. Differential signals are much more influenced by the high voltage wiring, several inductive loads and many more aspects in a significant way.

9.1) What is twisted pair wiring? Answer in 20 – 50 words

Answer - Twisted pair helps in order to maintain communication between the home as well as a business computer in the telecom industry in a precise manner.

9.2) List five (5) benefits of using it.

Answer - In this regard, there are several benefits to this Twisted pair. These are such as-

? The context of the twisted pair helps to carry both digital and analogue data as well.
? It is very easy in order to create as well as terminate.
? If there is any kind of distraction in the twisted pair, it can not harm the overall network.
? It is not so expensive in order to implement and also it maintains the transmission in a short distance.
? It can access the highest efficiency in the whole network system which is reflected in the work criteria as well.

10) What is shielded wiring and why do you use it? Answer in 20 – 50 words.

Answer - Shielded wiring is a significant process of wiring that is reflected in the protection of several pieces of equipment from the effect of an electrostatic field that is completely external to the parts as well. Basically, it has been observed that shielded wiring helps in order to maintain and protect the power as well as the data path from the effect of degradation that is also caused by the exposure of EMI during the transfer of data and power as well.

11) Explain how you access the electrical terminals on a vehicle with test probes using a method that will ensure you are not doing any damage to connectors, fuse holders and wires. Answer in 20 – 50 words.

Answer - In this aspect, there are the following steps in order to maintain the aspect of the process.

? Inspect the terminals
? If there is a compression style, it is easy to remove the terminals by unscrewing.
? If there are clip or pin style terminals, have to gently press the pin and remove the
terminals significantly.

12) List two (2) safety precautions you need to keep in mind when accessing the electrical terminal to ensure you are not damaging the connectors, fuse holders or wiring.

Answer - List of two safety precautions when accessing the electric terminals.
? Avoiding the water to access the electricity as well.
? Never using any kind of damaged or old equipment that is related to the electricity as

13) How do you perform a circuit performance check on a vehicle? List five (5) steps.

Answer - Five steps to perform the circuit check on a vehicle
Inspect the terminals of the vehicles.
Taking several safety measures to perform the work
Connect the clip of the tester with the battery’s negative terminals.
Touch the probes with the positive one.
If the lamp of the tester does not light, the battery is considered as dead.

14) How do you remove panels and covers to access wiring? What procedure do you need to use to ensure safe work practices? List seven (7) steps.

Answer - By ensuring the ground as well as floor and the panel of electric service are entirely dry.
List of 7 steps

? Handling garbage.
? Choosing effective equipment.
? Cleaning the chemical spills.
? Cleaning the biological materials.
? Ensuring safety measures.
? Conducting emergency services to maintain the workplace culture
? Working in an isolated situation.

15) How do you determine the following when conducting repairs:

15.1 Cable type, List the six (6) parameters that determine the cable size.

Answer - Cable type parameter

? Power factor.
? Current capacity
? Voltage drop
? Short circuit current
? Temperature constant
? Time

15.2) Terminal type. What are the three colours, and what gauge do they represent?

Answer - Three colours are yellow, red and blue.

15.3) The wire length according to circuit current drawn – Write the formula

Answer - By dividing the value of resistance for the whole wire by the value of resistance for the length of 1m.

15.4) The wire gauge according to current drawn - Write the formula.

Answer - Formula-
-39*log92 (R)+36

16) Explain the following repair procedures for harnesses and looms. Insert the information in the table below.

Answer - Wiring soldering

? Preparing the wires.
? Tin the wires.
? Mechanically join the wires
? Soldering the splice

Terminal crimping

? Determine the wire length
? Inserting the wire
? Pacing the crimp and wire
? Wiring the crimping tools
? Removing the crimps

Replacing male and female terminals within a connector housing

? Connector repair
? Conductor repair
? Wire repair
? Replacing terminals

Protecting and routing harness and loom
? Removing it from any jig
? Keeping the harness.
? Maintaining splitting room
? Maintaining spiral wrapping
? Implementing Cable clamping

17) List three (3) post-repair testing procedures you should conduct after you have repaired or replaced a wiring harness or loom.

Answer - List of three post-repair testing procedures

? Airbag replacements
? clipping
? torque

18) What is the procedure used for checking the full operation of all associated electrical systems? Answer in 50 – 70 words.

Answer - Procedures are such as-
Connection of several conductors.
Identification of several conductors.
Routing of all cables.
Selection of the conductors.


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