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ISYS1004 Contemporary issue in Information Technology Assignment Sample

Due Date – Sunday of week 6
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Some Options for Assignment 3: Essay Topic

The following offers a list of broad ideas suitable for students to consider as a topic for their essays. Students are encouraged to select an area to specialise in for their essays. The focus should be to define a narrow, but deep (detailed), area of research. It is anticipated that pursuing such a “narrow and deep” topic area is likely to provide students with high levels of autonomy, ownership, motivation and personalised learning outcomes.

The list is only intended as an idea prompt. Students are encouraged to identify alternative topic areas to pursue if they wish. If you are not sure about your topic, you may contact your tutor for consideration and authority to proceed.

Each of the topics identified below contains ethical considerations. Each is open to be viewed for its relative strengths and weaknesses (positive and negative effects). Such a balanced consideration of strengths and weaknesses must be incorporated into the Report. Select only one of the topics mentioned below each numbered header! Areas which do not hold such “two-way” arguments are not suitable as a topic area. For example, the incidence of malware (such as viruses) is not a suitable report topic area as it is “all bad” in its effect on society…unless a student can clearly argue some positive effects.

You are required to produce your essay in response to your selected topic area for assignment help

The essay will be about the impact of computers, information technology, and their applications, including ethical implications, in a specific area of business, society or culture.

The essay should not be less than 1500words, excluding references.
Your essay should contain three main components: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.



Communication requires sending and receiving different thoughts and information from one place or person to another and this is emerging with information technology has impacted society differently and has created a lot of improvements for individuals to safely and securely communicate with each other. The data and privacy of an individual play an important role and the implications and impacts of computers to be discussed in the research study of communicating with information technologies with the facts that areas of business been involved with the new technology and impacts upon society and culture of this also to be discussed in the further report. The study research for communicating with IT presents various forms of communication and their applications.

Communicating with IT

Communication in simple terms explained as the means of transferring thoughts and messages from one source, person, or group of people to another where the information has been transferred or shared among them with texts or writing or listening, or sometimes by reading also. Information technology has been playing a major role in communication though as it is providing a platform for people to communicate with each other and a platform for means of sharing information easily from anywhere to everywhere. Not only for socializing but also in workplaces it helps in achieving and improving good relationships between people (Van der Bles et.al., 2019).

Information technology has made it easy for anyone to communicate anywhere around the world just by using any form of communication which has been discussed below:

Different Forms of IT Communication

There are mainly five types of communication forms in information technology which include:
• Verbal communication
• Non-verbal communication
• Written communication
• Listening
• Visual communication

1. Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are online networking platform which does allow people to interact with public profiles of other users and build networks by themselves. The social media platform works on the schema to connect with the user whom they want to and the acceptance from that user confirm the connection over the platform (Sundararaj and Rejeesh, 2021).

Impact of computers: Social networking is performed over the internet connecting millions of networks and managing traffic over the internet and computers in the networking play a major role while connecting one user to another. Computers not only help in connecting but also play a major role in storing and managing data over social networking sites where people can communicate and can reach out to the information, they shared anytime through the database management system.

Applications The applications of the social networking sites include

Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, etc. engage millions of networks of active users, and the massive appeal engagement focus to optimize scale over social efforts.

Ethical implications: The ethical implications of social networking sites involve the danger of hackers which do enters into one’s privacy without their permission and using the information according to their needs and aspirations. Another implication involves Scammers, Spam, Viruses, and Malware present over the internet which do harm the security and privacy of the person.

Specific area of business: The specific area of business in social networking sites offers product promotions while connecting millions of people online, promoting their websites, products, services, brands, etc. Social networking is a benefit for e-commerce businesses as it requires people’s attention and support to run a business through the network to get customers and clients for gaining profit. Improving the awareness of the brands among people, collaborating with effective clients, engaging people, building trust and loyalty among customers, and better customer satisfaction.

Society or Culture: The practices and the beliefs among people connected build trust and loyalty to the social networking platforms to use it as a safe means of information exchanging platform and hence the social structure builds with all the beliefs and trust over social networking sites.

Mobile computing:

Mobile computing technology in today’s time plays an important role in transferring data from one place to another via the internet using any hardware device for the connection (Verduyn et.al., 2020). The environment where the connections on the devices build without any cables or physical links.

Source: https://digitalthinkerhelp.com/what-is-mobile-computing-advantages-disadvantages-applications/

Impact of computers: The computers on mobile computing have a major impact as the device for the transmission of information is a necessity as the person’s physical availability on the location is not required if there are mobile connections through hardware or software.

Information technology: Mobile computing is one of the fastest methods in information technology and the most reliable sector in the field of computing and communication with IT (Higham, 2020).

Applications: There are multiple real-life applications of mobile computing including:

Traffic, Emergencies situations, use in business, credit card verification, replacement of fixed networks, infotainment, courts, e-government, transactions, tours and travels, paging, and electronic mails.

Ethical implications: The ethical implications in mobile computing involve malicious destruction, industrial espionage, hacking, online fraud, etc.

Area of business: Mobile computing is a complete set of technology that can be used for products, Services, procedures, strategies, and operations, where any user from a mobile device can access any information and sources related to their requirements and helps end users to access computation procedures.

Society or culture: Multiple users and people are connecting to mobile computing and there are very less in today’s time who are not introduced to mobile computing. The benefits of mobile computing are engaging more and more people to use it for their reasons for work or for communicating with the person. Society accepts technology more over time and culture is adjusting to new emerging technologies in communicating with information and technology.

Work from Anywhere:

Mobile Computing has done it possible for people to work from home from any location without physically present over the location which has provided such a great platform for the youth in today’s time mainly for the female over the world who cannot relocate to the particular location due to their reason that they can work from home by connecting to anyone anywhere through mobile and communicating over the internet and exchanging information for the business purpose. The work from home anywhere had increased the employment rate over the world which is a great benefit in the information technology where many people do connect over texts, audio calls, video calls, etc. as a means of exchanging information and sharing thoughts helping in growing up of their business and creating opportunities for people to work from their preferred location. Freedom to work from a preferred location has made the work easy which has been done through changing technology over a period and people accepting change and presenting the best they can (Nazir et.al., 2019).

Applications for Mobile Consumers

The applications tend to be the software programs inside any computing devices through which every process is happening in information technology. The programs inside the software in applications contain a set of operations that are used by the users to perform specific functions.

Impact of computers: The application uses the computer’s operating system to run the program to perform the specific task or function according to the user’s requirement and provide communication services while connecting multiple people over the internet with different technologies and social networking sites.

Applications: The applications for mobile consumers include word processors, web browsers, image editors, communication platforms such as social media and social networking sites, deployment tools, database programs, etc.

Ethical implications: Ethical implications of the applications involve the misuse of the personal information of anyone, lack of responsibility of oversight and acceptance, moral use of data and resources, disruptive technology adoption, customer trust, and respect, etc.

Specific area of business: The business purpose applications include;

• Reservation software system
• Communication applications
• Accounting applications
• Human Resource Information application
• Inventory management applications
• Demand forecasting applications
• Schedule management applications
• Service management applications

Society or culture: The changing technology rapidly affects society to learn and communicate while also helping each other to be independent and not rely upon anyone for daily activities. The applications in society have to impact positively as well as negatively as some applications may effecting the culture and minds of youth which is making society impact lives but on a positive side, the culture is not getting affected by applications as it is providing a platform for everyone to learn and think and grow on their own (Das and Bhatia, 2022). Technology through communication with information and technology has grown society and culture to another level.


The communication with information technology study research described the various forms of communications made possible by changing technologies impacting society and culture and the various applications of the different forms of communication in IT with the ethical implications impacting technology. The study report consists of the different areas of business with the different social networking, mobile computing, and other forms of communications made possible for people to communicate and interact with each other easily and work effectively. Technology positively impacts business by sharing thoughts of each other and learning and growing in every aspect. The concluded report of the communication with information and technology has been described with all requirements fulfillment.


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Nazir, S., Ali, Y., Ullah, N. and García-Magariño, I., 2019. Internet of things for healthcare using effects of mobile computing: a systematic literature review. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 2019.

Das, S. and Bhatia, R., 2022. based microfluidic devices: Fabrication, detection, and significant applications in various fields. Reviews in Analytical Chemistry, 41(1), pp.112-136.

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