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BIS1003 Introduction To Programming Assignment Sample

Assessment 4 Details:

EduWra Company pointed you to develop a program to assist in predicting the customer's preferences. This company sells books online. The program would calculate the average rating for all the books in the dataset and display the highest rated books. We could better predict what a customer might like by considering the customer's actual ratings in the past and how these ratings compare to the ratings given by other customers.
The assessment has two tasks – Task 1: implement the program in Python. Task 2: write a formal report.

Task 1:

Implement the program in Python. Comment on your code as necessary to explain it clearly. Your task for this project is to write a program that takes people's book ratings and makes book recommendations to others using the average rating technique. The program will read customers data from a text file (you find the text file on Canvas site for this unit) that contains sets of three lines about each customer. The first line will have the customer's username, the second line book title, and the third line the rating that is given to the book.

Task 2:

Each group should write a formal report that includes:

- A cove page for your assignment contains the group members' names and contribution percentages (each student must state which parts of the project have been completed). If your name is not on the cover page, you will be given zero.

- Draw system flowchart/s that present the steps of the algorithm required to perform the major system tasks.

- You need to test your program for assignment help by selecting at least three sets of testing data. Provide the results of testing your program with different values and record the testing results using the testing table below.

- Copy the code to your report.

- Take screenshots of the program output.



1. Read ratings.txt file

2. Store each bookname from given books

3. Get Rating for each user and corresponding books

4. Get recommendation

Source Code

# Assignment 4 : Applied Project
# Name : Jenil, Rohan, Mayank_group_11
# date : 12/12/2021

# Group No: 11

#this function read all the books information and return
def readBooksName(books):
i = 1
bookNames = []
while True:
if i > len(books):
# if bookNames is not founc in the list then only add the bookname
if bookNames.count(books[i].strip()) == 0:
#remove the new line or extra spaces from bookname
#increase the line by 3 to get next book
i = i + 3
return bookNames

#this function will find the rating of each book and store into dictionary
def getRating(books, bookNames):
ratings = {} #create empty dictionary
i = 0
while True:
if i > len(books) - 1: #break loop if reached to last record
ratings[books[i].strip()] = [0] * len(bookNames) #create list of zero for each book
i = i + 3 #increase counter by three to read next user name

i = 0
while True:
if i > len(books) - 1:
key = books[i].strip()
bookName = books[i+1].strip()
rating = int(books[i+2])
except ValueError:
print('Error: Book rating must be int')
rating = 0
index = bookNames.index(bookName)
#update rating for paricular index book
ratings[key][index] = rating
#increase couter by 3
i = i + 3
return ratings

def calcAverageRating(bookRatings, bookNames):
#create empty list to store avgRatings
avgRatings = []
#get all the ratings of books
values = list(bookRatings.values())
for i in range(len(bookNames)):
sum = 0
count = 0
for ratings in values:
#get the correspoding rating value from values list
sum += ratings[i]
if ratings[i] != 0: #count only not zero value
count += 1
avgRatings.append(sum/count) #calculating avg rating and append to the list
#sorting the avg rating and corresponding bookNames
for i in range(len(avgRatings)):
for j in range(len(avgRatings)):
if avgRatings[i] > avgRatings[j]:
avgRatings[i], avgRatings[j] = avgRatings[j],avgRatings[i]
bookNames[i],bookNames[j] = bookNames[j], bookNames[i]
return avgRatings,bookNames

def showAvgRatings(bookNames,bookAvgRatings ):
for i in range(len(bookNames)):
print('The average ratings for %s is %.2f' % (bookNames[i], bookAvgRatings[i]))

def showRecommendation(bookList):
for book in bookList:
if book[1] != 0:
print('The average ratings for %s is %.2f' % (book[0], book[1]))

def findRecommendation(customerName,bookRatings,bookNames):
givenUser = bookRatings[customerName]
recomendations = []
#retrieve each books and rating values for each user
for key, value in bookRatings.items():
if key != customerName: #take only customer other than given customername
similarity = [] #create empty list to store multiplication of each user
for i in range(len(value)):
similarity.append(value[i] * givenUser[i]) #store the multiplication value
recomendations.append((key, sum(similarity))) #store the sum of similarity value
recomendations.sort(key=lambda x: x[1]) #sorting them by rating
recomendations.reverse() #reverse to get topThree
topThree = recomendations[:3] #getting topthree customer with highest similiarity
bookList = [] #empty list to store booklist
recommend = [0] * len(bookNames) #creating empty list to stroe recommend
for i in range(len(bookNames)):
s = 0
c = 0
for j in topThree:
s = s + bookRatings[j[0]][i] #getting rating value of each user for partiuclar book
if bookRatings[j[0]][i] != 0: #count only for non zero value
c += 1
if c != 0: #find out avg rating where count is non zero
recommend[i] = s / c
bookList.append((bookNames[i], recommend[i])) #append bookname and avg rating to booklist
bookList.sort(key=lambda x: x[1]) #sorting the booklist by rating value
bookList.reverse() #reverse the booklist to get in decending order
return bookList

def main():
fp = open('data3.txt', 'r') #if file not found return with error message
books = fp.readlines()
except IOError:
print('Error: File not found')

bookNames = readBooksName(books)
bookRatings = getRating(books, bookNames)
bookAvgRatings, bookNames = calcAverageRating(bookRatings,bookNames)
while True:
print('\n\nWelcome to the EduWra Book Recommendation System.')
print('1: All books average ratings')
print('2: recommend books for a particular user')
print('q: exit the program')
choice = input('\nSelect one of the options above: ')
if choice == 'q':
elif choice == '1':
elif choice == '2':
customerName = input('\nPlease enter customer name: ')
if customerName in bookRatings:
bookList = findRecommendation(customerName, bookRatings,bookNames)
showAvgRatings(bookNames, bookAvgRatings)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Test Data Table 1

Output details of Test Data 1

Test Data Table 2

Test Data Table 3

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