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MBA505 Business Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring Report 3 Sample

Your Task

The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate and develop your knowledge and skill in mentoring and coaching as an important people development technique within organisations. This subject requires you to thoughtfully develop your abilities in coaching and mentoring, and in weeks 8, 9,10 and 12 we will explore styles and techniques in doing this. These skills will serve you well in many facets of your life. To assist with developing your skills, you will be using these skills to interact with your fellow students or others to sharpen your abilities, allow you to observe others and receive assistance so you can learn to work meaningfully with others in the future.

Assessment Description

In weeks 8-10, you will have opportunities to take the role of a mentor, coach, observer or employee through in-class or online discussions and role plays. In week 12, you will be exposed to content to do with the role of coaching in organisations.

To strengthen your understanding of these experiences, you will be required to write a reflection of the experience of your role as mentor, coach, observer or employee of around 650 words. Over each week you will be required to use your experience to assemble three of these reflections as you engage in the week’s exercises, bringing your work to a total for this task of 2000 words.

In writing up your experience of these coaching and mentoring experiences you should reflect on:

• What happened in the interaction, including what aspects went well and what needed improvement,

• How relevant theoretical reading or research you have done applies to the situation,

• What you learned or gained from the experience, and

• Practical actions you could take to improve your approach in the future based on your reading, reflection, experience and observation.

Assessment Instructions

• This is an individual assessment to be submitted via Turnitin.

• You are to write 2000 words, composed of three pieces of 650 words each as follows-

→ One reflection related to your experience of mentoring (covered in week 8),

→ One reflection related to your experience of coaching (covered in weeks 9 and 10),

→ One reflection related to the application of coaching in the workplace (covered in week 12).

• You are expected to include references to strengthen your understanding of the theoretical bases of your work.

• Your writing should be based on very recent experiences only, ie those which have taken place during the in-class sessions or in the workplace during the period of the subject.

• As with all scholarly work, competent and relevant citing and referencing is essential.

The completed assignment of three reflections is due in Week 13 (one week after completion of formal classes). You should aim to complete your work each week during the class or soon after to minimise workload and maximise accuracy and then consolidate and finalise for submission in Week 13.



Organizational mentoring can be related to strategic approach which does assist in developing employee i.e. mentee through pairing them with some more experienced i.e. having more knowledge and experience in context with management and taking effective decision. Present report presents reflective assessment relating to experience on mentoring and coaching. I have made efficient effort to provide explanation relating to acknowledgement and insights of my learning period. For Assignment Help, I have also included discussion relating to learning’s which I gained from experience along with action plan which I would apply for improving approach in future on the basis of reflection, experience and observation.


Mentoring can be specified as positive development partnership between two members or a group managed by mentor so that mentees could be provided appropriate resolution for issues faced by them (Jackson, 2019). I acknowledged that in order to develop bond between mentor and mentee it is necessary that confidentiality, trust and positive expectation should exist so that both does have faith that things are working well between them. During my learning period I got to know that mentoring does act as efficient tool for developing skills within an individual i.e. for mentor as well as mentee. I did not know previously mentoring approach is beneficial for mentor also but during my learning period I got to know it does assist mentor as well in enhancing his skill relating to promotion of diverse culture and application of resources in prominent manner.


Figure 1: Phases of Mentoring Cycle

Even I got opportunity to attain learning relating to establishment of mentoring program and practically applied and got opportunity to assess the areas where I could perform well and which required improvement. I assessed that I do have strong forte at developing stage of plan as I consider strength and weakness of members of my team and requirement of specific project or assignment and develop plan accordingly. However, a variety of issues have been faced by me in implementing same efficiently as I do lack in skills such as coordinating, resolving issues, managing different issues within members etc. I acknowledged that mentoring does assist mentees in provide advice with which they could make their own appropriate decision; thus mentoring does not leads to bounding rather it does promotes freedom to mentees so that they could grow or develop to maximum possible extent (Koopman et al, 2021). The six phases of mentoring cycle are building rapport, contracting, direction setting, progress making, maturation and closure. While analysing mentoring cycle I assessed the role of mentor in detail. I realised that planning stage does have significant role in developing program as one could attain predetermined goal only in case where all significant areas are covered at planning stage. I do have to work on skill relating to development of plans and for same I have indulged practice of developing plans of projects and analyse same so that I could analyse the areas where I do lack. I acknowledged that it includes attaining clear understanding to company goals, vision and mission, motivating mentee, ensuring confidentially at which I was strong and challenging mentees so that they could perform in best way, providing constructive feedback at which I have to work so that I could enhance my capability in same extent (Bush et al, 2018). Overall the learning and experience relating to mentoring assisted me in to ascertain areas I am required to work on which includes providing constructive feedback and providing challenges in constructive manner as both the qualities are necessary to encourage mentees to make out the best possible.

Action Plan:

In order to work on areas on which I am presently weak i.e. providing constructive feedback, I would provide habit of providing written feedback to team members during project and would take review for same to assess its impact on team members. Through practicing same in continuous manner I would be able to not only assess the extent to which I have succeeded in same but would also get to know its impact on mentees. Further, in order enhance skill relating to providing challenges in constructive manner I would work of personal characteristic such as confidence, supportive and other skills which are available in prominent leader so that mentee could trust me and I could successfully present myself in correct manner. Incorporation of these skills within me would assist me to enforce my team members or mentees to perform in best manner and develop their skills to next level in best way.


A variety of models are available which can be applied for providing structure of coaching conversation (Bernard, 2018). However, the model which influenced me the most in GROW model which stands for Goal, Reality, Options and Will. The specified model does comply a linear pattern even though in exceptional circumstances it does require flexibility. During my learning period I assessed the way in which a coach does practically applies this model in order to attain main objectives of an organization. I analysed that the primary stage i.e. Goal does play main role in developing the idea which does enforce to create better experience in future for themselves. As far as I have assessed initially GROW model emphasizes on setting goal and then asses real option which are available to attain same and finally make decision in context with action to be taken for establishment of targeted commitment (Panchal and Riddell, 2020).

During my learning opportunity I got opportunity to apply GROW model practically; it was a new experience for me as I got a chance to learn new approaches. For instance; I assessed that the coach is require to emphasize on interest of client rather that curiosity of coach. Even I attained acknowledgments relating to skills and competencies required in a coach i.e. active listening, direct communication, designing actions, planning and goal setting, powerful questioning. I analysed that I do have strong forte on planning and designing action but I do require working on direct communication and powerful questioning so that I could play role of coach in prominent way in future.


Figure 2: Perspectives of SMART goals

Smart Goals does set up one for success by transforming goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (Whitmore, 2009). It does provide assistance in providing sense of direction along with organizing the way through which one could reach goals easily. I do have basic knowledge of SMART goals concept but through learning’s and acknowledgments of this course I analyzed it real worth that a goal is vague with no sense of direction. Further it can be indulged only through developing SMART goals. I acknowledged that learning is persistent process as it is represented through continue change in performance which is attained through experience. The learning relating to SMART goal approach and GROW model would assist me in future in playing role of coach in form of manager in organization of which I would be part. As through these approaches I would be able to make understand my team how can one assess available real option and make appropriate choice within same for accomplishing goals. Further it would also assist me in developing SMART goals rather than goals having no direction and through same I would be able to achieve within specific time period and revise same if required.

Action Plan

In order to work on skills relating to powerful questioning I will have emphasize on questions which evoke discovery, insights. It is necessary to ask question which are open ended as it does provide greater clarity and new learning to significant extent. Thus, prior asking question I will have to note down same and analysed that would it work as powerful questioning or not. Direct communication does assist in articulating another perspective of client in which he or she is uncertain. I have started working on my communication skills and also participated in personal development seminars so that I could enhance my communication skills overall and make efficient direct communication


It is a bitter fact that organizations do face high competition in constant manner and this trend would be sustained in future also. Thus, these changes have enforced organizational leaders to seek ways through which they could make employees learn adapt and demonstrate right behaviour to be successful (Grant, 2020). During my learning period I assessed role of coaching at workplace. I analysed that it is responsibility of coach to analyse and provide objective prospective on what is working and what is not working. In other words manager is required to take responsibilities as coach so that they could transform employee to perform in competent and efficient manner. During this course I got opportunity to assess variety of role to be performed by manager as a coach i.e. managing, mentoring, counselling, mediation, teach etc so that they could provide intrinsic as well as extrinsic solutions. Prior to this course I was not aware that counselling and mediation are the key roles to be played as a coach at workplace. However, through acknowledging learning attained through this course I got to know about same and assessed that as a manager it is his responsibility as coach to focus on performance and potential by counselling and acting as mediator between employees and goals of company.

A coaching management style is considered less directive in comparison to traditional management style. The reason behind same is manager applying coaching management style has to conduct ‘coaching conversation’ for encouraging employee to develop their own thoughts and action which are more self-directed (Whitmore, 2009). During my learning period I got opportunity to analyse management style of applied by manager of different organization and to assess the extent to which they do indulge coaching style method for management of operations. As far as I have analysed the experienced I gained assessing different management style outcomes of cited approach makes employees feel that they are valued and significant part of organization of team which motivate them to perform in best manner. It eventually results in production of superior performance of employees. This management style would assist me in playing role of manager in future appropriately as I learned the way I have to act in different scenarios and how to encourage employees or colleagues for attainment of predetermined goals. Even I learned the significance of ensuring to let employees know what is expected from them so that they assess their performance goals and accomplish same.

Action Plan:

In order to perform role of efficient manager in future; I have to develop coach mindset so that I could apply coaching style approach appropriately. I have decided to work on different skills such as indulging empathy so that I could deal with others in better manner, keeping helpful attitude; as these can be incorporated only through practice; I will work on these skills in each activity in which I participate and project of which I am part so that I could enhance them to significant level. I will also take assistance of my mentors by taking reviews and feedback about my performance so that I could make changes adequately.


It can be concluded that the whole learning journey was adventurous and it is still continued as I am practicing on areas and skills which require more concern such as confidence, supportive and other skills which are available in prominent leader so that I could accomplish goal of being successful coach and mentor in form of manager. The learning attained during this course would assist me in playing role of manager in efficient manner in organization of which I would be part in future. Moreover, I would able to develop my personality in required manner and perform well at different phases till I reach my main goal. Lastly, these acknowledgements made me realise in order to attain success one has to keep learning in continuous manner even though various achievements or accomplishments have been made.


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