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BUMKT5902 Marketing Management Assignment Sample

Assignment Brief:

You are required to demonstrate your understanding of marketing theory as we have covered in activities and material in class. This assessment relates to the content we cover in Topics 1-5, use these lectures and resources as a guide to what you need to consider in your assessment. You will perform better in the assignment if you are able to integrate marketing theory into your analysis and use academic theory to develop a balanced critique of the marketing environments.

Your scenario for Assessment 1: You are a marketing consultant for a fictional company of your choice (see the Moodle shell to decide which case study you will commit to using for all assessments in this course).

You are required to prepare a 1500 word situation analysis for the company – consisting of an environmental scan and marketing insights – in report format written to academic conventions and of professional quality.

You will need to research the macro-environment relevant to the company, and because it is a fictional company, you can elaborate on some of the micro environmental factors where relevant – you will refer back to these details in Assessment 2 and 3.

You should consult a mixture of key academic journal articles as well as contemporary industry sources to complete your analysis of the macro and micro environments.

Drawing on your research, you will include prominent issues in a SWOT analysis, and highlight important points from the SWOT in a short summary that provides your client with key details to help inform their decision making for the next steps in their marketing management.

In addition to the rigorous research you will carry out and write up, you are also required to develop an info graphic which provides a visual summary of the key findings from your research. There are further resources to help you approach this aspect in the Moodle shell. Include the infographic as an appendix to your report.
Remember, in this assessment you are writing for a ‘client’, so you should also focus attention on writing a professional quality one-page Executive Summary – resources to help to with this are also available in the Moodle shell.

As a guide, you should include a minimum of 8 relevant academic journal articles and 2-3 contemporary reputable industry sources.

Report Structure - Use the following structure to organise your report:

Title page

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Scope of Report – background to company and purpose of report

3.0 Environmental marketing analysis

3.1 Include relevant subheadings

4 SWOT Analysis

5. Conclusion


Case Study

BUMKT5902 - Case Studies for 2020

OPTION 1: Rad Eddie - High-end fashion label

Rad Eddie is a high-end fashion label specialising in organic denim ranges. Established in 2004 by two university friends, Alex and Soni, the label has experienced steady growth and featured in several high profile fashion weeks over the years. At the beginning of 2020, Rad Eddie had an international distribution network, with partners in world-renowned fashion hotspots such as Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. However, the global pandemic of COVID-19 brought a rapid halt to international trade and Rad Eddie’s supply chains and key markets were drastically affected. As the world looks to recover from the impact of COVID-19 and businesses navigate the economic and social realities of a post-COVID global marketplace, Rad Eddie’s owners are now seeking your advice as they look to recommence design, manufacturing and supply/retail of their fashion products over the next few months.

Rad Eddie’s owners are very conscious that one of their key target markets (i.e, young women aged between 20-30 who love to socialise and keep on-trend) have had their lifestyles terribly impacted through such things as the closure of social venues (e.g. cafes, restaurants and nightclubs). This COVID-19 event not only affects how these women spend their time and their money, but a proportion of target market were working in the hospitality industry prior to COVID-19 shut downs. Many are now without incomes, and those who are in employment are very conscious of saving extra dollars due to the uncertainties of the economy at the moment. As many are without their normal social outlets, their need to have new outfits for a special occasion or work functions has decreased.

Rad Eddie’s owners have also established a strong commitment to sustainability over the last decade through initiatives focused on their staff and contractors, and their environmental impact. COVID-19 presents a range of ethical and corporate social responsibility considerations for all businesses attempting to recover their businesses from COVID-19. In some cases, businesses have been motivated to embark on added commitments to sustainability, in other cases; the focus on economic survival will see businesses cut commitments to social and environmental initiatives.



Rad Eddie - High-end fashion label is known for its fashion business by introducing its potential in the context of the macro environment. The fashion business in Australia is growing efficiently and effectively. The current study is to explore the issues faced by the company from the macro environment that has affected the organizational operation and efficiency. It has been noted that the company is responsible for managing the consumer in a better and more effective way. GDP growth has been affected by 1.5% (Baldwin & Mauro, 2020). The company had been widely affected as a result of covid-19 when the economy was in crisis. It has undergone a drastic transformation and it is important to manage a better understanding of the macro and micro analysis of the company. The study is to identify the major problems associated with the industry from the external environment of the business and it is to be used in the study for exploring relevant solutions. It incorporates the fashion industry in Australia in a better way and manages to improve organizational efficiency in a significant way. There is a significant requirement for analysis of the political and economic environment and analyse of the issue from the swot analysis for best assignment help.

Scope of report background to company and purpose of the report

The company produces organic denim and it is more concerned with the management of the target market for young women aged 20 to 30 years. The company has introduced a large supply chain and market for Rad Eddie. It is important to create a situational analysis for the organization. Rad Eddie company is a part of the fashion industry that is growing and moving in a faster way. The company has grown significantly in course of time. It has been noted that the organization needs to manage the efficiency and effectiveness of the sector by managing the product and services (Madsen, 2016). The mission of the company is to meet Australian fashion satisfaction. The organization offers potential support to the consumer across Australia offering a valuable and effective business environment. The organization is one of the largest competitors in the fashion industry. The report is to identify the macro-environmental issues faced by the organization under the current circumstances. The purpose of the report is to identify the organization's lack of proper approach towards 49% young women population in Australia.

Environmental scan and market inside

The strong distribution network of the company will offer it a competitive advantage in the fashion industry and it is important to invest more in the technology for better innovation. It is important to provide a significant contingency planning for distribution networks at the different geographical locations. The innovation will support the organization in improving productivity and utilize the workforce for better and positive outcomes in the workplace. It has been noted that the organization has faced the major challenge of skill workers shortage, high cost of packaging and low-profit margin in the context of the work environment. The impact of COVID-19 remained at the centre of the organizational problems. It is important for the business to manage these challenges in the context of the work environment. There is a significant requirement to improve the process of recruitment and selection and design the compensation policy with unity to manage the cost and quality of the human resource.


It can be said that the fashion sector has a considerable role to play in the management of resources over a period of time and it is difficult for the business to maintain efficiency and effectiveness. The organization is found to have been affected by the shortage of skilled workers, the high cost of managing sustainability and packaging along with the low-profit margin of the organization in the context of the work environment. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown had a negative impact on the organization with high inflation and high cost of borrowing.



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