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PRJ5106 Research Methodology and Data Analysis Report 1 Sample

Assessment 1: Research Plan

1. Students identify an individual research area and discuss it with his lecturer or present in the class (subject to total enrolment).

2. write a research plan with a timeframe

Assessment 1 Detail

Students need to identify an individual research topic, discuss it with their lecturer or present in the class (subject to total enrolment) and then write a research plan with a timeframe. Provide references to at least three research studies, government reports and/or industry reports, using Harvard Referencing. Please note, websites are not acceptable resources for the purpose of the assignment.



Research area

Social Media presence is beneficial for the company in many ways like improving its competitive position and providing new opportunities for their businesses. For Assignment Help, In twenty century, social media interactive and new ways used as tools and adopted by many businesses.

In this research, a growing interest in social media capability and its importance for specific firms is not identified in the current literature. Some researches focus on social media utilization in a broad sense but do not target the firms and companies’ specific capabilities after using social media. This research includes social media's role and importance for various firms using the appropriate methods. This research identifies the gaps in research about social media capabilities and they are used in various firms.


This research purpose is to analyze the social media contribution to different businesses and also determine the business's performance after using social media. This research analysis social media values and how social media benefits are used by companies for their business. Also, this research analyzes the social media impacts on customers' attitudes and perceptions and fills the identified research gaps.

Literature Review

The literature review analysis identifies the usefulness of social media in various businesses and creates research questions.

Social media analytics support company public relations

Tam & Kim ( 2019) define a social media presence as important for establishing brand values and also improving connections with existing clients and creating trust with potential clients.

Social media marketing and firm business performance

Tarsakoo & Charoensukmongkol (2019) define the strategic framework with the spanning capabilities aspects used for the social media marketing capability conceptualization.

Social media value and innovation

Muninger (2019) defines a conceptual framework with a qualitative approach that provides the capabilities to firms in their innovation process using social media benefits.

Social media and digitalization in small business

Olsson & Bernhard (2020) used information and communication technologies and woman entrepreneurship research theories regarding digitalization with the usage of social media.


This research uses a discovery-oriented approach to analyze social media capabilities and how companies and firms use social media in different stages of their business and how social media provide various benefits in the innovative business process.

Research questions

This research includes the following questions:
- How is social media presence important for companies?
- How are social media benefits used by individuals?
- What are the attitudes of Companies and firms toward social media?
- How do social media impact customer purchase decisions and loyalty?
- How do companies improve their customer interaction by adopting social media?

Data collection

This research used an effective data collection approach and collect valuable information and data. This study uses the three-stage process that includes the organizations using social media, interviews of managers from various departments and also involve in social media use, and also the secondary data that includes information from internal and external sources.

Data analysis

After collecting the valuable information that includes retrieval of questionnaires, and responses and compiling the results. Carefully recorded all material like observations, interview transcripts, and secondary data to ensure the interpretations required to perform the qualitative content analysis.


This research is performed to analyze the importance of social media in different firms and companies. This research uses a theory-building and qualitative approach to develop an effective conceptual framework that defines how the company using social media benefits its innovation process. This framework supports the social media application, focusing on collected data from different resources, social media used by the manager for team empowerment, and different activities of the innovation process. Research results include identifying the answer to all research questions and also providing important guidance for social media strategies implementation in organizations to improve innovation.

Time Plan

The time plan includes the various activities that take place during the making of an effective research plan within in given period. In this research plan different activities are taking place that is defined below:


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