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PHCA9521 Global Health and Development Assignment Sample

Due: 8 September

Length: 500 words (Worth 20%)

Background to this Assignment Task

Module 2 introduced the key players in global health progress such as the World Health Organization/UNICEF, Government and Non-Government (NGOs), Global Alliances, Philanthropic(private) Funding and others. It also provided information on where to obtain current information on global health initiatives and current global health statistics.

This task requires students to search the available resources on-line in global health, decide upon one Program/Initiative of interest; summarise key information and communicate this effectively.

This enables peer sharing of information and resources in your group, and the opportunity to view a range of Initiatives/Programs globally.

Assignment Questions for Assignment Help

1. Select a Global Health Initiative or Program from any of the key players in Global Health

2. Write a 500-word document which describes the program; the need and significance of the disease or situation; and outcomes. This will include global health data (statistics) from a range of sources.

3. This task includes the skill of producing a document which translate more complex knowledge and information and communicates it at the level of your fellow post-graduate students and work colleagues.

A minimum of 3 references are required. One reference can be the Website or link to the Program, one to the site where the data was obtained and one which shows the significance of the disease or situation. References are not included in the word-count and there is no need for an Introduction or Conclusion. Do not write this document as a list or in dot points. This task requires you to set out the document in a way that most effectively translates this knowledge to your fellow students.



The purpose of this study is to analyse the importance of the Global Health program to fight Aids and to make people aware of the importance of this program.

Background of The Study

It is observed from a study that there are nearly 38 million people in the world who are suffering from Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is significant to note that this is a disease which is sexually transmitted and one-fifth of the total population in the world is unaware of its consequences. Dr Mike McCune is trying to collaborate with Novartis for developing affordable maiden doses of gene therapy for the affected people. Moreover, this program is being conducted to make the population aware regarding the symptoms, consequences and procedures of treatment for the affected people. The prominent program is Global fund to Fight Aids and the key players of this program are the programming associates and the members of the United Nations and World Health Organisation who in collaboration will be convening this program. The higher officials of both institutions will be responsible to make participants understand the implications of AIDS.

Need and Importance of The Program

Health and well-being are the most important wealth for people. HIV is a virus that demolishes the T-cells of human beings and reduces their immunity of people. Hence, people became weak to fight with diseases and disease prone. Hence, the program is required to make the population understand the implications of HIV-AIDS in the bodies of human beings. This program is important as it will help the students to become cognizant of the action plans to combat AIDS. This program will also help in learning the approaches through which the transmission of the disease can be checked. In addition, the program will give information that human fluids like saliva, tears and urine do not contain the virus, however when fluids are in contact with the blood it becomes infectious (Sherbuk et al., 2020). Moreover, preventive methods like the practice of safer sex and the practise which a person needs to perform after getting HIV positive will be discussed in the program so that people can become more aware regarding HIV-AIDS.

Summarisation of The Outcomes

The major outcome of Global fund to Fight Aids program by the United Nations is to provide information to the people regarding the preventive measures, symptoms and treatment of HIV-AIDS. It is significant to note that due to this program people will come to know that the common symptoms of HIV-AIDS are rash, muscle ache, fatigue along with lymph which gets swollen (Marc et al., 2022). They will come to know that HIV-AIDS is a disease which usually gets transmitted during sexual intercourse, usage of contaminated syringes for vaccination and many more.

Figure: Trends of HIV in Australia
Source: (ABC News, 2022).

The infected mothers will also come to know that their unborn babies can also contract the disease as a result of the body fluids which including amniotic fluids. Blood transfusion and transplantation of organs also lead to contracting HIV. Moreover, In Australia, there are around 28, 180 people who are suffering from HIV-AIDS (NewsGP, 2022). As an outcome of this program, these infected people will come to know that abstinence from having copulation with their partner helps in reducing the chances of HIV-AIDS (Benzaken et al., 2019). Another preventive measure that will be told to the participants of this program is of practising safer sex. In addition, some of the treatment procedures for HIV-AIDS will also be told that will help the infected people to get free treatment facilities from the government. All the participants will be told about antiretroviral therapy (ART) which is a treatment procedure for HIV-infected people (Marukutira et al., 2020). Moreover, Global fund to Fight Aids program will give all the information to participants so that HIV-AIDS can be eradicated from the world.


This study has analysed the background of HIV-AIDS and the challenges that it poses to humans. It has demonstrated what outcomes the program on HIV-AIDS will pose on the participants of the program.

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